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Ismailis through History

by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin Sadik Ali

This volume is a product of authors extensive survey in the way of consulting the accessible source materials, affording religious and political chronology of the SHIA ISMAILI MUSLIMS and their illustrious IMAMS in Islamic history. Compiled with well-balanced scrutiny of primary, secondary and modern sources. Designed with a detailed analysis of the advent and rise of Islam down to the present day in a continuous chronological narrative, this volume focuses the intellectual contributions of the Ismailis in the anal of Islam. It is a comprehensive study on the origin of the Ismailis and their key role to promulgate Islamic message in the world. This volume is neatly split into six major chapters, projecting (1) Arabian (2) Syrian (3) North African & Egyptian; (4) Almut (5) Post-Almut, and (6) The Aga Khans period. of considerable worth and interest of the Appendices: (1) The Image of Mohammad and Islam in Western Countries (2) The Ismaili Rule in Sind and Hind, and (3) Abu Ali Ibn Sina. The main core of book is to explode by the force of evidence from the authoritative references the false propaganda, allegation and factious legends often branded against the Ismailis, and to expose the errors of the sources as well. In sum, this volume inestimably supplies what has been lacking in other books hitherto published, enriched with important details previously unknown. The diligent scholars and assiduous students who were hampered for want of a comprehensive book, will find it a mine of rare information on the subject, enabling them to follow the thread of historical narrative during last fourteen centuries.

780 pages

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Karachi, Pakistan

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