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Virtual Jamatkhana

2007-Golden Jubilee Portrait 01 - Prince Karim Aga Khan

Did you know?

Three times Dua was compulsory even before Pir Sadardin wrote his Asal Dua. Pir Shams mentions the 3 times Dua in his work named Chaoud Ratan written long before Pir Sadardin's time.

This online Virtual Jamatkhana is a place for ismailis to connect with their faith when a physical Jamatkhana is not nearby. The recitations and other featured media change every time you enter. Includes Dua, Tasbih, Ginan, Qasida, Speech, Waez, Images, announcements and a social hall chat room.

First Dua

Dua - 20097:26


Shkhranlillah tasbih with ginan preface - 20085:11

Words of the Imam

10 Nov.85 President's Dinner Part a - 19853:27


Aadam aad nirinjan - 9:00


Khudawanda tu Sultane karimi - 20074:28

Second Dua

Dua v04 - 20087:23


Senior Life - 81:24


Quranic recital

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