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Heritage FIELD Announcements

WARO in Virtual JK - Submit your recitation.

Would you like a Waro in the Virtual Jamatkhana?

Submit your recitation of Dua, Ginan, Qasida or Tasbih with your city name, and we will add the best recitations from each city. For Ginans and Qasidas,

Preference will be given to items that are not already in the Audio Section. Accepted formats are 11khz, 22khz or 44khz mp3 files. Please send entries to heritage@ismaili.net.

Jamatkhana Closures due to Covid-19

All Jamatkhanas in Canada are currently closed as of March 13, 2020.

More info on other jks:


MAIN SECTIONS - For Easy Navigation of Heritage FIELD

Here's a page where we have gathered some of the MAIN SECTIONS IN ISMAILI.NET New Heritage FIELD database-driven website.

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