Qalaam-e-Mowla - Translation and Summary

The Immortal Teachings of Hazrat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)
Translated into English by Alwaez Shamsudin Bandali Haji.


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

By the Grace of our Beloved Lord Khudavind Shah Karim Al Husseiny Hazar Imam, l am privileged with an opportunity of presenting before you an English translation of the Holy Qalam Mubarak of our beloved Awwal Imam SAQEE-E-QAWTHAR Amir-ul-Momineen Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.)

l sincerely hope that the Holy Qalam Mubarak should prove instructive, inspiring and beneficial in both material and the spiritual lives, Holy Qalam Mubarak is the eternal teaching of Amirul Momineen Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.) and is indeed a Book of great knowledge and wisdom for one and aIl.

Particularly for our young boys and girls aspiring to gain deeper knowledge of life and religion, Holy Qalam Mubarak is an indispensable Book for them. ln the modern age man’s material life has apparently become unsteady and insecure and it is therefore muddled up with unbearable burden of the daily burning problems. On account of the unending disappointments and misfortunes, man has become a miserable prey of constant frustrations and worries. Being depressed and frustrated combined with his own limited strength and courage to face the situation, man many times becomes exhausted and is unable to combat the miseries of life, Holy Qalam Mubarak is the perfect answer in the bewilderment of man. It shows an easy method to face the emanating evils and enemies of the human lives.

By regular reading of the Holy Qalam Mubarak the reader’s heart and mind will be eased and relieved from the unnecessary and unsolicited burdens laden on our present modern life.

Regular reading of the Holy Qalam Mubarak will not only impart relief to us but it will also fill up our lives with unexpected zest, enthusiasm, patience, endurance, courage, tolerance, humility, contentment, joy and generosity which is most expressly needed in our daily life.

Apart from the above stated great virtues, comforts and benefits it will also bring tremendous DIVINE GRACE (BARAQATS) in our material and spiritual lives from the DIVINE HOUSE of the Lord of the Age and the Master of Angles Amir Momineen Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.) Moreover readers will also attain deep knowledge of the four religious stages i.e. Shariat,Tariqat, Haqiqat and Marifat.

Holy Qalam Mubarak is therefore the most beautiful and glorious gift graced by Amir ul Momineen Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.) to his momins.

Dear brothers and sisters, you are earnestly requested to read the Holy Qalam Mubarak daily and regularly page by page and thus gain boundless BARAQATS from our Khudavind Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.) 'THE NOOR-EN-ALLAH NOOR'-HAZAR IMAM.

Dear brothers and sisters, when you feel you are experiencing confusion in your life do not be discouraged -Never be disappointed but be confident of this most splendid gifted remedy "THE HOLY QALAM MUBARAK". Please read and re-read until it is well understood and digested. As a result of your conscious, regular reading of the Holy Qalam Mubarak you will definitely be enlightened with an endless eternal dignity and glory and you will experience boundless peace and happiness in your life.

Holy Qalam Mubarak is the Book of rare and unique knowledge on the religious stages i.e. Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat and eventually for an achievement of the glorious -high stage of MARIFAT-E-ALLAH.

I offer my sincere thanks to Mahmood Merali, Zainab Ismail, Nargis Mohamed, Naseer Dhirani and Amin Walji for their valued cooperation, and pray to Mowlana Hazar Imam for their health and happiness in their material and spiritual lives Ameen.

May our most Beloved Lord Khudavind 'NOOR-EN-ALLAH NOOR' Mowlana Shah Karim-al-Huseini Hazar Imam with His Most DIVINE GRACE and MERCY shower His choicest Blessings upon our Jamaths all over the world and may our Beloved Khudavind Hazar Imam guide us to 'SIRAT-UL-MUSTAQEEM' and may our Mowla Ali Khudavind HAZAR IMAM SHAH KARIM AL HUSSEINI bestow us with HIS DIVINE HOLY NOORANI DEEDAR


Al -Waez Shamsuddin Bandali Haji
Edmonton, Alberta.
September 1982

A. Truth

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: If you wish to know the IMANDAR (faithful) MOMIN, you can easily recognise him by the way he talks. Anyone who speaks the TRUTH is a TRUE IMANDAR MOMIN. To speak the truth is a sign of true IMAN. Be assured that TRUTH imparts SALVATION to momins.

0 Momins, always speak the TRUTH. Those who lie shall suffer permanently and they shall suffer immensely. Those who wi11 speak the TRUTH shall not suffer. Therefore Momins, speak the TRUTH. Behave 'TRUTHFULLY, because your Religion is based on TRUTH. Remember, these are the Holy Qa1ams of THE SHAH-E-AWLIYA, The Master of all the Angels.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: You should haveABSOLUTE FAITH in these Holy Qalams.The one who isTRUE at keeping a promise is a TRUE FRIEND. The one who keeps a promise is a REAL friend. Keep Friendship with TRUE people. Love TRUE friends who keep their promises. Verily, Paradise is meant for such people.Those who LOVE truth shall achieve it. 0 Momins, lead your lives Truthfully and do not ever commit sins.0 Momins,haveTRUE FAITH and FEAR of God. Behave truthfully in all walks of life.

Amir-ul-Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: Those who are TRUE and lead a TRUE life are appreciated. The Faith of these TRUE persons is also admired and is appreciated by one and all. Everyone appreciates the TRUE PATH and TRUE FAITH. TRUTH is the sign of TRUE religion.

ALLAH is ONE. He is the CREATOR .Mohanmed (S.A.S.)is the Prophet of ALLAH. After the Holy Prophet Mohanmed (S.A.S.), the owner and the master of the Khilafat,is the Amir-ul-Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Believe,0 Momins,that this is absolutely TRUE. Prophet Mohammed (S.A.S.) is the TRUE FRIEND and the LOVER of Allah. Allah is the TRUTH Himself. Those who speak the TRUTH are always protected under the shelter of ALLAH. TRUE persons shall not be harmed because they are the friends of Allah. Allah Loves TRUE persons.TRUE persons are the friends of Allah and there is a constant Divine Shelter as well as constant Divine Blessings for TRUE persons. TRUE people believe faithfully that Allah is present everywhere.TRUE people also believe faithfully, that Allah is seated in the hearts of all existing people in this world. There is a cheerfulness in the mind and heart of the TRUE Momin. Be assured, 0 Momins, that these Holy Qalams are the TRUE DIVINE QALAMS.

0 Momins,Allah is the One and Mohammed (S.A.S.) is the Prophet of Allah. 0 Momins, Mowla Ali (A.S.) is the Amir-ul- Mominin after the Prophet Mohammed. Have TRUE faith in this and accept this TRUTH, since these are the Holy Qalams of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.). Please say the Holy Salwaat.

B. Brotherhood

Consider anyone who offers you assistance as your Brother. One who does not care to help you is unaware of the Principle of Brotherhood. He may be your real brother but he is unaware of the true spirit of Brotherhood. Treat him as your Brother, the one who offers you help, because such help is most useful in this life.And remember that your good actions and behaviour impart freedom to your soul. One who is helpful to you during hard times is your Brother. If you have a real brother who does not assist you, he is unaware of the true spirit of Brotherood. He is undoubtedly unaware of the charm and beauty of Brotherhood.

0 Momins, anyone who shows you the Right Path and leads you towards good action is your Brother. Anyone who directs you towards humiliation by leading you to the wrong path is unworthy to be called your Brother, even if he isyour real brother. Anyone who teaches you and guides you to the path of God truly loves you and he is your True Brother.Remember, anyone who misguides you and directs you towards worldy temptations is unaware of the spirit of Brotherhood.Such attitudes can be indirectly taken as enmity and serve the purpose of an enemy. One who guides you to the right path, is your true Brother, because he saves you from the calamity of dangerous paths. Wrong and undesireable actions are always disastrous and degrading. It discredits the reputation.

0 Momins, love for this material world leads one to the wrong path, which is eventually humiliating. Treat him as your real brother the one who guides you to the path of love towards Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) and His Divine Successors. Remember, in this life you wi1l find brothers who will watch your mistakes, faults and shortcomings and they will scandalize you publicly, which is a bitter experience. What hard and pitiful times lie ahead in this life!

C. Adab - Good Behaviour

Amir-u1 Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: 0 Momins, teach your chi1dren and fellow beings good behaviour, so that they may behave decently in their lives. Remember, your children shall be greatly rewarded for their fine virtues. Parents who have taught their children to behave properly have given the best inheritance to their generation. Well behaved persons are always admired.It is better to associate oneself with well behaved people than with those who have a treasure of gold and who are misbehaved.Well behaved people bring happiness to the hearts of others far better than people of a misbehaving nature.Good behaviour is the most valuable treasure of life. Remember O Momins, these are the Holy Qa1ams of SAHEB-E-ZULFIQAR Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.). While you are at leisure, always make sure that you practice good behaviour. Similarly, during all walks of life, observe decent behaviour so that any person you come accross shall admire and appreciate you. Remember, to possess good behaviour, is a treasure more valuable than gold. Gold will vanish from this world and cannot be carried with you when death comes. But by having good behaviour in life, one can be fortunate to be graced with an audience of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.The meaning of ADAB (good behaviour), is to consider oneself as the humble servant. 0 Momins, recite regularly, Allah's prayers. Anyone who behaves piously and decently in life shall achieve Holy Noorani Didar. A person having good behaviour is glorified with the highly dignified "JAYSA ADAB TAYSA NASIB", which means,"The more decent the behaviour, the more good is secured in life and also the more luck is achieved in life". No one loves those who are misbehaved. Those who are with "ADAB" (good behaviour), stay closer to all. Allah alone is the creator. One should always think about this, and understand the fact that misbehaved persons shall not achieve Holy Didar, and that well behaved persons shall always recognise ALLAH. (AMEN).

D. Charity

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, give Charity as much as you can. To give Charity is a thanksgiving to Allah.

O Momins, do not hoard your wealth. The wealth you possess is by the wish and grace of ALLAH. Therefore, give Charity from what you have.

O Momins, do not worry about the future. Whatever you will spend in Charity, will be spent in the path of ALLAH, and it shall be your savings for the Eternal life.

O Momins, do not ever say I will give Charity tomorrow. To think that way is meaningless.

O Momins, when you give Charity, give with Love and Devotion. Always give cheerfully and with an open heart. If you will give Charity whole-heartedly and with a smile, you shall benefit immensely. The one to whom you will offer help with a smile, he shall be happy with your good gesture.

O Momins, give Charity in good spirit so that the people of the world will feel delighted, and will admire and appreciate your good actions. If, on the other hand, Charity is given half­ heartedly,all the benefits are jeopardized and sometimes even lost.

O Momins, anything spent in the path of Allah is the best action in life. Having immense wealth proves unworthy in life if not spent.Wealth spent in the path of Allah as Charity is worthy.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, if you spend your wealth extravagantly in material enjoyment of life, or even if you build a big house, in the end the result is, that all these material possessions will eventually turn into dust. Charity spent in the right path of Allah is for your betterment in both worlds.

O Momins, the wealth you possess is no doubt earned by the grace of Allah.

O Momins, you should therefore spend generously in charity. Keep what is necessary for your own use. Remember, you have to give an account of your possessions to Allah.

O Momins, Allah has graced you with all the NIYAMATS (GRACE OF ALLAH) and remember that you are the servant of Allah. You should therefore spend your wealth in the path of Allah. As a result of your good actions, you shall be pardoned of your sins and faults on the Day of Judgement.

O Momins, everyone desires the protection of ALLAH-KARIM. All are praying for His Divine Shelter. It shall always be better for a Charitable minded person on whom Allah constantly showers His choicest Blessings. AL-KARIM keeps minimum for Himself. He gives maximum to all. A Charitable person is glorified and his name remains immortal. A Charitable person is much closer to Allah and is loved by Allah. Everyone calls the Charitable person "THE GENEROUS" The destiny of a Charitable Person shines brightly. By giving Charity, "BARAQAT" , that is prosperity, increases. The house of a Charitable person becomes more and more prosperous. Just as a touchstone turns metal into gold, in the same way by giving Charity, Baraqat (grace of ALLAH) increases.

O Momins, give in Charity from what you have. Spend in the name of Allah. If you do so, you shall be admired by the people and Allah will be pleased with you.

O Momins, whatever you love, what ever is dear to you, spend it in the path of Allah. Allah shall reward you manyfold and your name in the world shall remain green and everlasting.


O Momins, anyone who, in the name of Allah,will feed and take care of orphans,will as a result, receive more ROJI (food). Orphans as well as the one who feeds the orphans are merely instruments. The RAZAQ, The Bestower of Roji, is Allah. Allah is The One who gives ROJI to all in this world. Anyone who spends after orphans and bears the expense, will become prosperous and the Roji of such person will increase to a great extent.


An elderly person's weapon is nothing but a"CRY". An elderly person complains to others for any disturbances. Elderly persons are weak; if anyone disturbs them, what can they do? They are obviously helpless. Therefore, if you are able to help them, offer all possible help. Always be very polite and humble to them. If you will be kind and good to them, Allah will bestow His mercy on you. Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i(A.S.) says in His Holy

Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins,give charity and help to people with love and affection in your hearts. By giving Charity, you delight hearts of others. Remember, O Momins, this Holy Qalam Mubarak, that by the love and affection in your hearts, you can delight the hearts of all.

O Momins, Charity in its best form should be Purely in the name of Allah. Charity without obligation is ideal. Charity given with an obligation is not only unbeneficia1 but it is sinful. Give Charity in the name of Allah, for the sake of love of Allah.

O Momins, never think that you are obliging the person to whom you offer Charity or assistance.If you will keep this teaching in your heart, your AKUBAT, that is Life after Death will be glorified .

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: O Momins, by more people joining together for a meal, the Baraqat of food shall increase. Even if the quantity of food is small, you shall experience an immense Baraqat and Satisfaction by having food together. Qaffir does Charity with the aim of Paradise whereas Momin does Charity with the Ishq and Iman (love and faith) for Allah. Such Charity done with a noble heart Benefits the Momin immensely. A greedy Muslim has temptations of this world and eventually loses Faith in Allah. If one loses Faith, how can one achieve JANNAT (PARADISE)? A Muslim without Faith in Allah becomes a non-Muslim.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says:

O Momins, a charitable hearted Faqeer is better than a greedy, rich man, because a Faqeer who has a big heart and courageous mind is "rich", whereas a greedy person's wealth is as good as dust.

O Momins, be courageous, earn good wealth and have a big heart. These are the Holy Qa1am Mubarak of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A. S.)

E. Greediness Reprimanded

When a rich man becomes greedy, his greediness is a curse to him. It is like good food being placed before him and he does not feel like eating it. Whem Mow1a has graced him with all the NIYAMAT (wealth), he should enjoy it and spend in charity in accordance with the Holy Firman Mubarak of Mowla. By the same token, if a rich man does not enjoy or spend in charity, and leaves his wealth after death, he faces hard times in this world and in the next. The wealth of such a greedy person becomes as useless as stones. He neither uses it nor enjoys it, and because of his greediness, his path in the next world i.e.Life after Death, becomes difficult and deteriorates. And what happens then? The greedy man's wealth goes to deceivers and thus proves to be as useless as the stones. Eventually, on the Day of Judgement, a greedy person has to answer to Allah for his disgraceful attitude.

Anyone who has a narrow heart is unhappy. One cannot be happy if one's heart and hands are not open and generous. It is better to make others happy than to please one's own heart.

Amir-u1 Mominin Mowla A1i (A.S.) says:

Have a Big and Generous heart because the Almighty Allah is graciously seated in the hearts of all. Anyone who does not give charity, no doub-t, has a hard and narrow heart. There is always anger in him and that person is constantly quarrelsome. A greedy man, therefore, shall not achieve anything but the curse of Allah. This is because he does not spend in the path of Allah During his life. A greedy person shall not recognize Allah and after death, his soul shall suffer.

Amir-u1 Mominin Mow1a A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: 0 Momins, always give Charity, and to give Charity is NEK-KAAM which means Good action of life.

F. Temptation

Amir-u1-Mominin Mow1a Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalams: Those who are tempted by wealth are never satisfied in their hearts, even if the wealth of the whole world is given to them. Their eyes remain thirsty of seeing more and more wealth. A remedy for this situation, that is, a remedy for tempted eyes is the graveyard. When the sand of the grave yard goes into the eyes of the person having temptation, then and only then, does his temptation subside. A tempted person ruins himself. The heart of a tempted person remains as that of a beggar's. As a result, a tempted person loses his reputation. A tempted person is totally untrustworthy and therefore no one listens to him. He discredits his own next seven generations. The life of a tempted person is totally disgraceful. A person having temptations ruins both lives, that is, the life of this world and the eternal life. A person who lends money with the temptation of gaining high interest, feels miserable, in case the principle and the interest is unpaid. Even if he decides to sue the debtor, he remains disturbed. The mind of a tempted person always remains at unrest. He has no peace of mind and lacks happiness in life. Even the great physician, Luqman, attempted to cure a greedy and tempted person’s fire of the heart but could not extinguish it. This is because the love of a tempted and greedy person for this material world is extreme. The remedy for such persons is with MURSHID QAMIL, the SHAH AND PIR. If such persons surrender to Him completely, then the MURSHID QAMIL can cure their hearts. A tempted person is always humiliated but he is unaware of the fact. He is degraded and loses his spiritual dignity. His greediness and temptations keep him away from doing good deeds in life. As a result, a tempted person sinks day by day. It is the most deplorable state of his 1ife.

Amir-u1 Mominin Mow1a Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Beware of persons praising someone for the sake of gaining material benefits. Such persons have temptations in their hearts. One should say SHUKRAN LILLAH (THANKS) to Allah when anything is received. Never praise anyone except Allah. Never keep temptations in your hearts.

People who are tempted with this world are unhappy. The only remedy for them is to avoid temptation.

0 Momins, when you find your life-boat involved in a storm, better direct it towards the shore. Anyone who directs his life- boat towards the right direction, that means avoids temptation, will never be unhappy. He will be every time gay and cheerful.

0 Momins, avoid temptation and greediness. Perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and do a charity. Bad actions discredits the name and the reputation. By good reputation becomes good.

By good actions one can know ALLAH. ALLAH-SUBHAN is in the hearts of all.

0 Momins, understand this most important factor and respect all people. If you will act in this way, ALLAH-RAHEMAN will be pleased with you and shower His DIVINE GRACE upon you.

G. The Mind

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, do not follow what your mind says. You will find immense peace and happiness if you will not obey your mind. Anyone who will follow these teachings shall eradicate all misfortunes and hardships in life. The mind looks for quarrels and disputes. If it is ignored, one can rest at peace, which is a great advantage. Moreover, one can then direct the mind towards Allah. Your mind is very arrogant and follows Satan. Both are most undesirable, and make your mind move fast.

O momins, if you wish to be kind to yourself, discard arrogance from your life. Have fear of Allah. Do not act wrongly. If you will follow these teachings, then you will positively achieve Jannat, that is Paradise. When your mind overrides you and drags you out of your ways, it proves that it has overpowered you. One should, therefore, threaten the mind and tell it to have fear of Allah. Tell your mind, that no doubt at present, it is your Kingdom in this material world and shall remain so till you will be severely punished. Over and above, you shall be deprived of Paradise, (Jannat).

O Momins, anyone who surrenders to the mind is an enemy of Allah. The Spiritual Life, the Akhirat, of such persons shall be ruined. Therefore, do not follow the Napak, Impure mind. Your Impure mind shall lead you to destruction. Remember, O Momins, your mind is your enemy. Do not follow what your enemy says. Follow the Holy Firmans of Allah, so that life in this world and the next, shall be prosperous and secured. All your misfortunes will disappear if you will follow the Holy Firmans of Allah.

O Momins, do you know that a sensible and intelligent enemy is better than an ignorant friend. This is because an ignorant friend brings immense unhappiness in life. You should not forget that your mind is the most ignorant, and if you will follow your mind, you will be defeated. If you will delay in pushing out your enemy, i.e.your mind, you will be defeated. If you will continue to tolerate your enemy's acts against you without counter acting, then your enemy, i.e. your mind, will have a complete victory and control over you. Anyone who runs away from his lower self, can eliminate vices such as greediness and temptations. Such a person can live a peaceful life. A fortunate person of this category shall never be unhappy in this life.

O Momins, discard greediness and temptations in life. Do not follow your enemy. Do not follow what your mind says. The Almighty Allah says: If you will act in a right way, then you will achieve jannat, Paradise.

O Momins, keep away from your mind and you shall be greatly benefited. If you will protect your self from your mind, you will never get hurt. If you come across a wild ferocious tiger, you run away. Thus, you have saved your material body and you are safe in this material life. Similarly, anyone who keeps away from one's Self, his ship shall safely reach across from all the troubled waters. He will reach his Spiritual destination. Anyone who shall follow ILM', Knowledge, shall be benefited Eternally. If you will follow the ignorant enemy, i.e. your mind, you shall not benefit at all. If you will keep yourself blind by ignoring 'ILM', the Knowledge, then your fate is fatal and disastrous because you are led by the ignorant mind. The ignorant mind takes you to a dangerous ditch, which is disastrous. So, do not listen to your enemy, i.e. your mind, and keep away from it. When your enemy, that is your mind, tells you anything, think wisely and seriously. Do not accept what it says. Be wise and control your Mind and on the Day of Akhirat you shall achieve Eternal Peace and Happiness - that is a Haqiqati Khushiali.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: Wage a war against Kaffir. Your Mind is a great Kaffir. Take this important teaching in your life. Any Momin who shall control his own Mind shall achieve a great victory of both the worlds. Anyone who surrenders to his own Mind will positively suffer miserably in this and the next world.

H. Politeness - Humility - Sweetness - Shame

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

The root of Faith (Iman) rests on the following:


A person having no shame is an imperfect faithful or imperfect Imani. Anyone who does not have the above said three virtues in Life, can be assured that the Faith has not touched the heart of that person. Shame is the Shelter of Man. Having Shame in life results in all fault being covered by the Shelter of Shame. Always consider this principle: THE LESSER THE SHAME, THE LESSER THE FAITH.Anyone may be at fault and if he is ashamed of it, nobody shall point out his faults. Anyone who makes a mistake, and feels ashamed of it,and repents for the mistakes being committed will result in all his faults being covered.


Humility is your best friend in Life.If you are humble, your humility shall help you in your difficult time. Anyone who falls into the grip of an unkind person, and then talks to him with humility,His humble talk shall give relief to him. By Humility he shall always be respected. Humility is a light in your life. Your life shall be enlightened with humility. People who come across you and find you humble, shall be delighted to meet you. All will mark your good behaviour and humility, and they will be satisfied with your humble nature. Humility therefore, is the beauty of life. If you will be humble ALL people shall respect you and offer you a better seat and position. If you will choose to take a lower seat, you will be liked by all. Be humble and you will be very much respected by people who love those who are humble. Remember, everyone desires to take the side of the scale that stays downwards. Man is upgraded by his humble nature. You always respect and salute people with your hand and that hand is called ‘THE RIGHTHAND'. The right hand is liked by people. You also eat meals with your right hand. You will be greatly benefited if you will not keep arrogance in your mind. Your life shall be happy, and you can live a long and happy life, if you have peace and happiness in your heart anyone who will come across you will be delighted and happy.

O Momins, do not be harsh to anyone in your life and always be humble. Be soft as silk, since silk lasts long. Keep your heart humble and delicate.

O Momins, you have seen how green and tender the grass is. Keep your heart soft, tender, and delicate like the grass. Do not be hard and tough like a big tree in the jungle. When there is a storm, a big and hard tree collapses soon but the tender and delicate grass stays safe and sound. Even the wind and storm cannot harm the tender and delicate grass.

O Momins, be soft hearted; keep your heart tender and soft like butter. You know that pure butter is excellent. When food is cooked with pure butter, it tastes delicious. Similarly, a delicate heart and mind gives happiness to all. It gives peace and contentment to our body, mind and heart. A narrow-minded person is hard and tough to others. Thus he has lots of enemies.

O Momins, if you will talk politely to others, you will be able to capture the hearts of people. A king can tie the hands and legs of people who live in his country, but he cannot tie the hearts of the people. Anyone who knows how to speak politely and sweetly will make all people his friends. These are the Holy Qalams of Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Anyone who talks politely and softly is liked by one and all. Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: I have shown you the HAQIQAT, the real facts. Anyone who speaks sweetly and politely has gained immense benefits in life.Anyone who speaks politely and humbly is blessed by the Almighty ALLAH. Talk politely with all people and you will please all. Remember there is Almighty ALLAH in the hearts of all. Therefore, if you will please their hearts, the Almighty Allah will shower His Choicest Blessings upon you. Be kind and polite to all and you will experience, that all will become your good friends. In your daily life you always come across your fellow brothers and sisters, so always be humble, polite and soft to them.A merchant who knows how to talk sweetly finds that his trade increases, his business expands and he can do good business. This world is like a bazaar. Speak politely to capture the hearts of people. In the hearts of all people, SAHEB RAJO, Our Lord Khudavind, is seated and if you have desire to meet SAHEB RAJO-Khudavind, you have to be humble, soft and polite with all your fellow brothers and sisters.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, Treat others as the elders. Think yourself as being small. Anyone who understood this high and great principle of LIFE, has known the Truth and has expressed the beauty of RELIGION.

I. Ignorants and Fools

Ignorant people and fools do wrong things in their lives. They are apparently misguided. The one who misguides others SINKS and the one who follows wrong advice also sinks. Ignorant people and fools call wrong to right and pure to impure. In this manner ignorant people and fools waste their precious time of life and they waste the benefits of the religion. Those who do not have ILM (knowledge) and do not understand MARIFAT-E-ALLAH are ignorant. For certain they cannot talk on the matter of MARIFAT-E-ALLAH since they know not the TRUTH. The angels do not write their names on the list of MARAFATIS. An intelligent and pious young boy is far better than an ignorant elder person. An intelligent young boy will bring other fellow beings towards the right path whereas an ignorant elderly person will sink anyone who will come across him. Anyone who understands MARIFAT-E-ALLAH is intelligent. To Almighty ALLAH age and or wealth are insignificant, he who has knowledge is dignified and respected.

A king who rules his country with ignorance may ruin his country. In the same manner, you are the king of your own heart. The one who listens to his notorious mind is ignorant and foolish. Anyone who does wrong and thinks wrong as being good should bear in mind that the life he lives is a dead life. When a well wisher gives good advice which he thinks is bad, then it would mean that he is deceiving himself. If an ignorant person gets wealth, it becomes a sign of danger to other people. If a king rules ignorantly, it is better if a burden of heavy rock is placed on him. His ignorance shall give troubles to all. If a ruler of a country is ignorant, he will surpass a drunkard. A drunkard drinks alcohol and does wrong. He loses his senses. He also loses his dignity and respect. A bad ruler of the country sinks and his guide is the SATAN.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Beware of the people who endeavour to please you with their empty talks. They fool you.There was an ignorant person who offered sacrifices and said prayers. Once Satan came to him and told him that he has a message from Allah for him. Satan had brought a donkey with him and said to the ignorant. Here is a ride for you to reach to MAIRAJ. He rode on the donkey but he was taken to the bazaar. The ignorant was humiliated since he was misled and fooled by the sweet talk of Satan.

Amir-ul-Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Do not be ignorant. Ignorance does not pay. Ignorant people are not respected in this world. Ignorant people are not dignified in the next world. No one would prefer to associate with ignorant people in AKUBAT. Therefore, O Mornins, if you wish to be benefited in both the worlds - the material and the AKUBAT­ Listen to "ILM"- the Holy Firmans and the Holy Ginans most attentively and consciously. Attend MAJLISES of ILM GINANS. Attend the Prayer House daily and you shall positively achieve a true ILM -Knowledge of the NOOR -THE LIGHT OF ALLAH.

J. The Charm and Significance of Ilm - Knowledge

Religious Knowledge is very important for human beings. Anyone who understands the meaning of Religion is great. Any Person having knowledge of Religion and guides other towards the right path, is the head of the group. A person without ILM (Knowledge) leads life like an animal. One can only realize the importance of learned teachers in their absence. Just as the Captain steers a ship safely, in the same manner, Teachers guide the people. Teachers are the leaders and they are able to show a right path to all their fellow beings. Teachers have studied Religious Scriptures which are revealed by the Almighty Allah. They are the fools who do not understand the value of Rubies. If by chance Rubies are received by fools, they would not retain the rubies with them. Also they are unknowlegeable of the value of the precious Rubies. When the learned teacher leaves the material world, ILM or Knowledge, disappears from there. A person who is ILMI (knowledgeable) can only re-enlighten the ILM (Knowledge) in the life of people. It is hard for a person to gain knowledge, if he does not have a sense of understanding in his heart and mind. Teachers are capable of leading those who are backward in their life. Just as the moon shines among the stars, teachers are the leaders that shine among the people. Stars are large in number but the moon however, is highly developed, and it shines brightly in the sky. In the same manner, teachers who guide the people shine among the people. Teachers are capable of swimming across the shore themselves but they can also take many people across with them. Ignorant people are unknowlegeable. They are like stones; they ruin themselves and take many lives to risk. The associates of ignorant people sink miserably.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, always remember the Holy Prophet Mohammed (S.A.S.). Those who convey his Holy Messages and teachings to others are, no doubt, the friends and lovers of the Prophet (S.A.S.). They are the true friends of the Prophet (S.A.S.) since they always convey his teachings i .e. THE HOLY HADITHS to the people.

O Momins, follow also the Holy Messages - Firmans of the Prophet's (S.A.S.) successors. If you do, then you shall achieve great peace and happiness in life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in his Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, by reading the Holy Quran, the heart is enlightened. Momins feel happy by reading Holy Scriptures. Read the Holy Quran and understand the true meaning. Read always and you shall be emancipated from the worldly temptations. Temptations give great pains and dissatisfaction in one's heart.

O Momins, always read the Holy Quran and listen to the Holy Firmans of ALLAH. If you do not get an opportunity to listen to the Holy Firmans, then remember the Almighty ALLAH and His Prophet Rasul (S.A.S.) each and every moment. Holy Qalam is the remedy of pains of the heart. Read the Holy Qalams and you shall be cherished with happiness. By reading the Holy Qalam, your heart shall be filled with the DIVINE NOOR and it shall become Noorani. Lo! A totally dark, and unhappy heart will turn NOORANI. So quickly by reading and listening to the Holy QALAM Mubarak, you will be amazed to mark the difference. There is a remedy for all diseases and remedy for the unhappy heart in reading the Holy Qalam Mubarak regularly. Therefore O Momins, always read the Holy Qalam Mubarak and remember the Holy Qalams with love in your heart.

O Momins, the love of ALLAH shall enlighten your heart.

O Momins, whatever good literature of Religion you read, it should be remembered by the heart. Anything that is written in the Book stays in the Book. One can only answer the subject matter of the Book if the heart already does it. You might even forget what was spoken by you, but you can soon remember what is treasured in the heart. Those who have faith in the heart can achieve salvation, but those who keep faith merely by tongue, shall positively go to HELL. The AA'LIM: If a teacher commits a small sin, it is considered as a major mistake, because the AA'LIM shows the path to others. Therefore, he is not supposed to commit sins. Those who are knowledgeable should be very careful in their life and should try not to commit SINS. AA'LIM -Teachers are just like MILK. Milk can be spoiled soon. Therefore teachers have to be more careful in their daily life not to commit sins as far as possible.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: Teachers and Preachers are always admiring ILM (Knowledge) and they reach out to the people. However, if they boast of their ILM (Knowledge), they would in fact be abusing it. By boasting about their knowledge they apparently cannot become superior. Those who are truly knowlegeble will always say, I know very little of ILM (Knowledge)". Such a fine virtue is well honoured and dignified by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH in both the worlds. In order to glorify themselves, some people wear super dresses and big decorated turbans. Others adopt DARWISH dresses to exhibit themselves and feel proud and arrogant. To boast with arrogance of ILM Knowledge is unworthy. It would sound better if one will say “My father was great” and exhibit himself humbly in the societies.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak:

O Momins, what is ILM -KNOWLEDGE. Anyone who has ILM knowledge has overcome MAHADAN. A great day -the day of Judgement is overcome by him. His soul will be freed and he shall not have to give an account because the bright light of ILM Knowledge is already enlightened in his heart.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, remember it is the great day of all days and that is the MAHADAN, The Day of Judgement. It is on this day your father and mother, your brother and sister shall run away far from you. Even your son and your wife will not come near you. Therefore, Momins, True AA'LIM teachers remain strictly 'PARHEZGAR' devoted to the principals of Religion and as a result of this PARHEZGARI, they are graced by the AL-MIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, The teachers have a treasure of knowledge and people can learn the True Path from them.Therefore, teachers and preachers should not become arrogant but they should always have humility in their lives. Because they know the secret of the right path, they can see better and they should therefore go on that safe path and guide their fellow beings to follow the same right path. It means the teachers and preachers should follow the right path and direct their fellow beings to follow in the same manner.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, where your elders meet for important discussions, such meetings and the conferences are the FORTS of the life. If you come across the information of private conferences, DO NOT TAKE ELSEWHERE ABOUT IT TO ANY BODY. Remember, this is very important teaching. These are the Holy Qalam Mubarak of "SAHEB-E-ISRAR" -The Knowledgeable of all mysteries of creation Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.). O Momins, Please say the Holy Salwat;

O Momins, if you are sensible and intelligent, do not talk about the private matters of meetings and conferences. Do not tell the secret matters to any body. ALMIGHTY ALLAH has created you as the' PERFECT MAN', therefore, remember, these most important teachings of Mowla. Also remember that all your secrets are as good as the most precious diamonds and Rubies. Do not pass them over to ignorant fools.

The HOLY word -ISM-E-AAZAM is Divine and it is the MARIFAT of the DIVINE NOOR OF ALLAH. ISM-E-AAZAM is Unique and the exceptional Holy Name of ALLAH. It is incompatable with any other good actions and/or deeds. Anyone who has taken ISM-E­ AAZAM and performed IBADAT BANDAGI well his IMAN shall always remain unshaken. The holy ISM-E-AAZAM is most graciously given to a few selected and deserving Momins and by IBADAT BANDAGI, the souls of the Momins shall positively become one with the NOOR of ALLAH - it is the origin and the final destination of the SOUL. Any person who will ignore the Holy ISM-E-AAZAM is bound to get lost in the Eternal world. The Holy ISM-E-AAZAM is the NOOR, THE DIVINE NOOR OF ALLAH and without the NOOR, the Light of ALLAH, the soul is bound to get lost.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalams: O Momins, LISTEN TO THIS HOLY QALAM MUBARAK. Remember the teachings of the Holy Qalam. These teachings are for the momins to whom MURSHID-E-QAMIL (Hazar Imam) has graciously given the Holy ISM-E-AAZAM.

K. The Unjust - Zaalim

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, injustice is darkness of Life. By injustice, the IMAN, which is a spiritual Light, turns Dark and as a result of injustice darkness will prevail in life.

O Momins, do not be unjust. If you will always be JUST to your fellow beings you will find the spiritual Light, the IMAN, will shine in your heart.

If a person is unjust his sins in daily life are increased. As a result of this adverse situation the most valuable spiritual asset, the IMAN, becomes dull and consequently downfall comes in the life of the UNJUST PERSON.

O Momins, downfall comes to such an extent that it becomes unbearable for him and also it becomes difficult for him to rise again in 1ife .

O Momins, it is better to be injured with the sword than to be injured and punished by one own's wrong actions because the wound of sword may heal any time but the loss done by one's bad actions is unrecoverable.

O Momins, if anyone is burned by fire-burn or mauled by the tiger or even injured by an elephant then such injuries can be redressed but the damage done to oneself by one's own bad actions is unrecoverable.

O Momins, the life of an unjust person become's short and his death occurs immaturely because of the sigh of the victimised persons. And then what happens. Lo! the victims laugh on the unjust person. The unjust dies miserably in this world.

O Momins, injustice takes an unjust person towards destruction and he is eventually destroyed. Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: O Momins, the unjust shall die miserably for sure. Do not be unjust to your fellow brothers and sisters. Be just and good to them. If you will be unjust to them take for granted that all the pains of miseries will come to you and you will suffer great deal. O Momins, these are the Holy Firman Mubarak of "SHAH DULDUL ASWAR" THE DIVINE RIDER OF THE HORSE "DUL DUL."

0 Momins, ALLAH knows everthing. ALLAH hears the cries of the victims and the Almighty ALLAH protects the rights of the oppressed and innocent victimized people.

O Momins, have a fear of ALLAH. The unjust person will not achieve any good in his life because of the curse of ALMIGHTY ALLAH on him. ALLAH will not send His Grace and Divine Blessings upon the unjust person.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, it is true that one reaps what he sows. If one has planted mango he shall reap mangoes and anyone who has planted AMLI (sour seeds) shall reap sour fruits. It is therefore clear and natural that every action of life whether good or bad has its effect. Bad shall reap bad and good shall reap good rewards.

O Momins, an unjust person shall positively be punished in his life. An unjust person leaves this world immaturely. An unjust person labours for the material benefits but Lo! He carries sorrows in his heart. The sorrow is of such a nature that it cannot be redressed and, then it becomes TOO LATE for him to rectify his blunders.

O Momins, an unjust person regrets in his life and even after death he will blame no one but himself and will constantly say to himself regretfully “AH WHAT A PITY.” Why have I acted so wrongly. ALAS, I am leaving behind all the wealth which I cannot carry with me and now I shall have to suffer and bear the eternal punishments for misdeeds committed in my life".

O Momins, those who are bad are frightening. Unjust are bad people because they have no fear of ALLAH in their hearts. Do not become unjust or undesireable, or a bad person in your life.

O Momins, keep away from unjust people. The hearts of unjust people are hard like stones. Their hearts have become hard like stones because of their misdeeds. They are harmful so do not go near them.

O Momins, always look for a good neighbour. Good people do not commit wrongs. Adversity befalls on sinful and wrong doers, therefore keep away from bad neighbours.

O Momins, those who are hard by nature and talk bitter, they are unclean by heart from their birth. They shall be eventually ruined.

O Momins, listen to this advice and always remember it in your life.DO NOT HURT ANYONE'S HEART by harsh talk, always speak gently, sweet and pleasant words.

Those who are pleasant and good are fortunate in this world. Allah's Blessings are showered upon good people.

O Momins, no one likes to eat sour or bitter fruits because they are sour and bitter. O Momins, bitter fruits however are much better than bitter and harsh words. O Momins, do not hurt your fellow Brothers and Sisters hearts. Those people who are blesses are on the right path and they speak good words and are pleasant to their Brothers and Sisters.

O Momins, never be harsh. Harsh people are on the path of destruction and they eventually destroy themselves.

L. The Significance of Justice

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, a just king will impart good justice and as a result of this he will rule his country for a long period. Contrary to this, an unjust king will impart bad justice and as a result of his bad justice, his regime will perish prematurely.

O Momins, humility comes by justice and life proves to be worthy by humility. A king who imparts good Justice, his wealth will increase. By Injustice, life is ruined.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH has created the universes and by Allah's grace a king is able to rule his country. It is therefore a sacred duty of the king to rule his country with justice and also he should impart good justice to his people. If a king fails to give good justice and becomes unjust, eventually he will be ruined. The shelter of the just and good king is commendable and the DIVINE shelter of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH is the most graceful. Under the shelter of the just king, people will have a feeling of joy and happiness and they will also prosper.

O Momins, in the same manner, you are the ruler of your own body. It is your duty to impart Justice to your self by understanding what is HALAL and HARAM, what is PURE and IMPURE.

O Momins, if you will keep a check on your life,your body will enjoy peace and happiness.

O Momins, always remember that this world belongs to Almighty ALLAH. Therefore, you should not hurt your fellow brothers and sisters, but you should love them most sincerely. Anyone who behaves in this manner is noble and just.

O Momins, beware of Satan's tricks which are malicious. Satan acts as a thief in man's life.

O Momins, expel Satan from your heart so that your body can be pure, prosperous and fruitful.

O Momins, remember always that THE DIVINE NOOR -THE DIVINE LIGHT OF ALLAH shines ever bright in the hearts of the just persons.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, injustice of the king is intolerable but if anyone is deceived by the people, it is very painful. A king may not ruin anybody unnecessarily, but people may; such an act would be disgraceful.

O Momins, follow the HAQ -The Holy Firman of ALLAH. It is THE RIGHT PATH. If a kind person tells you what is just and right, listen to his good advice attentively, and accept it cheerfully. Whether your friend or your enemy, a layman or a preacher gives you good advice, accept it. It is a useful weapon of your life. Take it without looking at the person or his status. Anyone who tells you "HAQ" -THE RIGHT you should accept his noble advice without hesitation.

O Momins, to listen to a good piece of advice is as good as to follow a principle of religion.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, do not overeat food. Overeating brings miseries of the heart. Ignorance comes by overeating. Intelligence and knowledge diminishes by overeating. Do not ever overeat or else you will lose the power of right thinking. Obviously, no one can live without food but eat just enough for living a healthy and good life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, always remember this important matter. NEVER EAT HARAM. Anything which is not your right, DO NOT TOUCH IT. you cannot do IBADAT BANDAGI if you will eat HARAM food. Anything which is earned dishonestly is HARAM.

O Momins, if you will eat the right food, earned by Honesty, your heart will blossom with the DIVINE FRAGRANCE and you will experience your life as sweet and worth living. Those who will eat HAQ-KI-ROJI -Food of Honest earnings,they will enjoy the sweetest, the best and the most charming fruits of their life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: O Momins, Beware and remember in your life that The heart is enlightened with the DIVINE LIGHT, if anyone eats 'HALAAL-ROJI' -Roji earned with honesty. Anybody who will eat HARAM food or dishonest earnings, his IMAN and his heart both will be totally dark.

O Momins, there is a DIVINE LAMP within your heart and if this lamp is extinguished, your IMAN will not be the same. IMAN is THE DIVINE NOOR -The LIGHT -and if there is no light then what happens? Thieves come out to steal the valuable treasures. There are five terrible thieves: BAD ACTIONS, GREEDINESS, ANGER, TEMPTATION and ARROGANCE. These terrible thieves will steal your DHARAM -A DIVINE TREASURE from all directions of your life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, eat only HALAAL Roji -Bread and Butter earned by honesty.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, Dignity and Honour are both achieved by the grace of ALLAH and those who are graced with such Blessings, they should never commit blunders by hurting their fellow Brothers and Sisters. Those who will behave and act in the right manner, they will be highly exalted by the Almighty ALLAH. Even the masses will follow their advice and orders most willingly. Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: by imparting good JUSTICE, honour and Glory comes into life.

M. The Material World

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, this material world is full of sorrows and pains. There is terrible lamentation everywhere in this world. You will find people sad and always lamenting about their own daily problems. Take off the cotton pad from your ears. In other words, discard ignorance and do not keep deaf ears towards the cries and happenings in this world and you will find a terrible condition of people who are constantly suffering. Look at the piece of wood; it makes a noise. It is the cry of the wood while being sawn with the blade. Look at the stone. When it is hammered it makes tremendous noise. It is also a cry of the stone. Look at the flowing river. There is a continuous noise of the flow.

O Momins, this life in the same manner, passes away like a flowing river. A cry of human life is also so deep and shocking.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, they are the misguided people who are satisfied and happy with this material world.

O Momins, those who have a deep craving for this material world, they are in a deplorable state.

O Momins, imagine a man in a desert looking for water. A man in a jungle walks for miles in search of water and he eventually finds a mirage. At first he feels so happy since he thinks he has found a river. But when he arrives close to the mirage he is disappointed to see the mirage full of sand, which looked like water from the distance. The sand of mirage looked like water due to the light of the sun. It was a great disappointment for him because he did not get water. He could not quench his thirst.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, this material world is made of dust. Even the wealth of this world is nothing but the dust. But alas! you look at all these as Gold, Silver and Rubies. O Momins, undoubtedley your vision is absolutely faulty.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, a thirst of wealth is more acute than the thirst of water.

O Momins, a thirst of water can be quenched easily but, the thirst of wealth remains unquenched forever. Keep the total wealth of the world at the disposal of a man and even than he will not be satisfied. His cravings for wealth will be even deeper and increased till the end of his life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, those who have a deep craving for the wealth, their lives end with an unquenched thirst of the wealth of this material world.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, people in this world feel proud and arrogant due to their wealth and they tend to make a show with pomp and pride. They boast before others of their wealth and valuable possessions.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubartak: it is absolutely futile to make such a show. What is going to happen to the wealth man accumulated when he dies? He will not be able to carry anything with him and nothing shall come with him when he leaves this world.

O Momins, only those who feel joy and happiness in maintaining their IMAN (FAITH) are on the right path. They are the glorified eternally who can seriously think and consider the TRUTH. The IMANDAR -MOMINS are far superior than the BE-IMANIS or the FAITHLESS. The unfortunate people run after this material world and forget their Creator-The Almighty ALLAH. People with such behavior are misguided and they will never reach their destination. They will become totally stranded in the eternal world (cycle of rebirth)

O Momins, trust ALLAH. He alone shall fulfill your hopes and desires. Anyone who thinks that a man can fulfill his desires, he will no doubt be disappointed in his life. Look at the shadow of a man. It follows him as he moves and Lo! it disappears instantly when he enters the house.

O Momins, do not depend on those who themselves are dependent on their wealth.

O Momins, rely on ALLAH alone. He is the INDEPENDENT, the Compassionate and the Merciful. Those who have a deep craving for this material world shall achieve nothing but sorrows in this life because their desires, hopes and ambitions will never be fulfilled during their life. Even the black hair on their heads may turn white due to all the worldly temptations and worries, but their life's ambitions will not be fulfilled. Lo! by the time their life will end, all their good actions of life shall be blemished. Apparently, their bargains being materialized from bad to worse because they barter their religion, their faith and Iman for the material world which is artificial. It turns eventually into dust.

O Momins, peole who have a deep craving for this material world, what are they going to achieve after all? They come in this world and achieve disgraceful results in the end. What a fruitless result of their intelligence.

O Momins, people who have a deep craving of this world are no doubt doing an unprofitable business because they barter gold and silver which means their religion -Faith and Iman for the futile -the material world, which is not going to help them in AKUBAT -the Eternal, Life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, sacrifice your material, worldly possessions and sacrifice your life for your Religion, and in return earn an everlasting capital for your AKUBAT. This material life is transitory and mortal. This world will not always be with you. It will desert you anytime; therefore sacrifice your material life for the sake of Religion -the AKUBAT -for the ETERNAL Life.

O Momins, if you are able to take care of your AKUBAT -the ETERNAL LIFE, you should consider yourself as the most fortunate, but if you find yourself in love with this material world much more than your AKUBAT -the ETERNAL LIFE, you should take it for granted that it is your great misfortune. Most fortunate are those who think high of AKUBAT -who have sincere love for their Religion. Unfortunate are those who love the material world much more then their religion; when they die and leave this world it eventually proves to be useless to them.

O Momins, always remember that this material world and all its gains are but for a transitory period. The ETERNAL LIFE is FOREVER and it glorifies the lives of the Momins.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: O Momins, if you wish to be very well gifted do not be hypnotised by this world. Do not love this mortal world more than your AKUBAT -the ETERNITY.

O Momins, the obedient and sincere woman loves her husband and their children will become noble and fortunate. But this world is like a unfaithful woman. This world (the unfaithful woman) has never maintained one master. This nasty world discards her master in moments and associates with another master. This unfaithful world plays tricks again and again. Beware of this nasty woman (THE MATERIAL WORLD).

O Momins, do not be negligent. Do not be hypnotised by this unfaithful woman (the material world). Otherwise, you will be in despair and you will be greatly disappointed.

O Momins, those who have amassed their wealth and do not spend for the good cause or do not utilize or enjoy for their own innocent pleasures, they will repent. Look at the unfortunate bees. Bees engage in tiresome labour and produce a lot of honey they cannot enjoy their own honey. Because of this, bees are constantly rubbing their hands.

O Momins, obviously this world in not meant for you permanantly, then why are you not earning for your AKUBAT? Do not be fooled; do NOT misuse the golden time of your life.

O Momins, have you ever noticed that those who are hypnotized with this world, they are not at all happy at heart. They are constantly burdened with worries, and the burden of worries increases day by day in their lives. Their worries never reduce. Such people are undoubtedly dazzled with this world and they have been blinded. They are always sad and unhappy and as a result, True happiness does not touch their hearts.

O Momins, keep away from this treacherous world. Those who love this world they will not gain true benefits from religion.

O Momins, people unwisely drink ALCOHOL (SHARAB) and steal somebody's money and articles. Some people charge heavy interest. These are the worst things in life. They are lovers of this nasty world - all their wrongs produce hardships and miseries for them in both the worlds.

O Momins, always bear in your mind that the Holy name of ALLAH is the sweetest of all. Remember ALLAH every moment you breath. Those who prefer to remember ALLAH are true FAITHFULS - IMANIS -True Momins. Momins are never bored or tired of remembering the sweet name of ALLAH. This is the proof that they are the true Momins and the True Lovers of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, it is a very serious and wrong and at the same time a most undesirable thing to break the religious rules. Drinking ALCOHOL, stealing money and/or articles which belong to others and to charge heavy interest -all these are the bad actions. Those who are doing such bad actions, the DIVINE LIGHT -THE NOOR shall not be visible on their faces. They are breaking the sacred rules of the PAK-DIN -a Holy Religion. Those who earn their bread and butter dishonestly will be disgraced before the ALMIGHTY ALLAH because they are wrong- doers. A tummy is an enemy of man. It is a fact that for the sake of selfish motives people do many wrongs. Also because of selfish motives people do many wrongs to the fellow brothers and sisters. It is also because of selfish motives people lose the rare opportunity of earing the benefits of AKUBAT. Their lives are miserable.

O Momins, there are people who are not rich and they have many children, they are compelled to work hard and unfortunately as a result of this their mind and body remains constantly at unrest. Anyone who has already fulfilled all obligations of his life and does not have worldly worries is happy. Because he is not worried in his life therefore he can easily remember the Lord Almighty ALLAH. Two swords cannot stay in one sheath. One cannot love both this world and the next. Where there is no fear, there is peace of mind.

O Momins,this transitory world is full of adversities and hardships. Where can you find happiness and peace in this world?

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, today a man is enjoying happily -and next day he hears that one of his beloved one is dead and as a result of bad news he is terribly hurt. A Spiritual Khushiali - (happiness of the AKUBAT) never vanishes. It multiplies daily it develops day by day and stays ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, imagine for a while when a child is separated from his mother and father, it becomes painful to both mother and father and also the child is terribly pained of the separation. Their hearts keep on hurting constantly and it remains incurable. In case a child dies, father and mother are much pained. The terrible blow is unbearable for them, tears are shed continously from their eyes. The wound in their hearts are never healed. The wound heals only when their physical death occurs.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: A Man desires to have everything in this world but it becomes impossible for him to achieve everything he wants. Man is never at rest. Man can achieve peace and happiness if he discards greed in his life.

O Momins, do not hope and rely on others. Discard too many desires from your heart and you will feel peace and happiness and the charm of life. Man becomes disappointed when his desires are not fulfilled.

O Momins, avoid greed to achieve peace of mind. Desires of achieving worldly possessions never end.

Amir-u; Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: Art and Industry can bring fortunes. It is the Key to Success. Wealth comes in life and also disappears but Art and Industries are like deep wells, and waters of such wells never reduce.

O Momins, if you will be friendly and love this world you will be disgraced. Your temptation of this world will make you blind. This world is dazzling but it is artificial. It is faulty and transitory. If an ignorant person thinks he knows everything, it is his fault.This world is like a blind man who claims he can see around and everywhere. No doubt it is a faulty notion.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, do not be an intimate friend of this world. This world will desert you and leave you alone one day. If you will live a long life, your friend (the material world) will eventually desert you and even if your friend (the material world) will continue, its life longer than yours, apparently, you will not be surviving in this world. What a wrong friend this material world is.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, whichever path you may choose to go, think positively and seriouslyon this matter. How one would dare keep friendship with an unreliable friend? Well! Think over this and ask to yourself -what shall I gain eventually by being a friend of the unreliable -the material world for which I laboured-I drudged and sacrificed the most precious time of my life and its end and final results?

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy QalamMubarak: O Momins, listen to me, listen to our Holy Firmans -The Qalam Mubarak. If you will listen attentively with your sincere heart you will not commit a blunder in your life.

O Momins, mark this material world. It changes continuously. This world is for a transitory period and temporary for everyone, whether he may be a King or a layman, no one is happy in this world.

O Momins, awaken! If you are young -you should achieve benefits of religion. Practice IBADAT BANDAGI and keep the garden of your life ever-green.

O Momins, they are the misguided who are disclosing secret to a wrong person. Remember, O Momins, a wrong person will lead you nowhere but to the wrong direction - and it is a disastrous path and you will eventually suffer.

O Momins, do not disclose your secrets to a wrong person. These are our Holy Qalam Mubarak.

O Momin, follow the Holy Qalam with love and faith.

O Momins, they are the misguided who love this material world much more than their religion. For sake of this unreliable friend (the material world) misguided people ignore their religion.

O Momins, remember that you have taken birth in this world for a specific reason - that is to earn AKUBAT. But, what are you doing instead in your life? You are losing AKUBAT for the sake of your unreliable unreal friend and it is this artificial material world.

O Momins, those who are misguided they should be left to their own fate, because there is no remedy or cure of their IGNORANCE. ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY has already left them alone and they shall not see the RIGHT PATH -"SIRAT-AL-MUSTAQEEM".

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins,there is a remedy and a cure for a blind person but there is NO CURE for one whose heart has become blind and dark. Even if the most learned and experienced physician LUQMAN[1] will treat a person having a blind heart yet his heart will never be cured.

N. Significance of Ibadat and Good Actions - Aamal

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, those who ignore prayers are not perfect in their IMAN (FAITH). Apparently they are hypnotized with this material world and as a result of this they cannot think of their AKUBAT -The Eternal Life.

O Momins, wake up every morning (PARODIE) and you will be immensely benefited. Those who wake up early morning (Parodie) for IBADAT BANDAGI they benefit themselves in their life.

O Momins, do not miss the time of ZIKAR'- IBADAT BANDAGI. By IBADAT BANDAGI the heart is purified and is enlightened with the ROSHANI -'THE NOOR.'

O Momins, with the Spiritual light and the power all difficult tasks of the life becomes smooth-clear and easy. The Almighty ALLAH bestows His Divine Grace upon those who perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly.

O Momins, IBADAT BANDAGI performed in Private -BAIT-UL­ KHAYAL is the most advanced IBADAT.

O Momins, IBADAT should be performed purely for the sake of the LOVE OF ALLAH. IBADAT should never be performed for material glorification.

O Momins, IBADAT is accepted by the Almighty ALLAH if it is performed with the Spiritual Love and it is the most superior IBADAT.

O Momins, those who are fortunate of having a long life and have regularly performed IBADAT BANDAGI, their life from the beginning to the end is considered an angelic life. It is the most graceful life and of the divine qualities.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH through His boundless mercies has showered His Divine Grace on NABIS (Prophets) and appointed them as the heads of masses. In the same manner those who will follow the paths of Nabis, they will be fortunate enough of achieving the DIVINE GRACE.

O Momins, perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and you will be highly honoured and loved by the Almighty ALLAH in both the worlds and for any reason if you have not performed IBADAT BANDAGI in the past life, AWAKEN NOW and wake up always early morning (PARODIE). It is incumbant upon you to perform IBADAT. BANDAGI daily and regularly.

O Momins, this material life is passing away very fast and the time of life which is left over will also pass away fast as well .

O Momins, AWAKEN NOW. You are in a slumber. Your life is ending in ignorance.

O Momins, your life is a dream and this dream will not stay long. Scrutinize your life - the way it is passing. It is passing away incredibly fast.

O Momins, be ALERT and perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and do good actions in life.

O Momins, there are people in this world who are positively fortunate beings. They are the people who are earning a Spiritual wealth to great extent. Unfortunately there are also people who waste their most precious time of life and they lose their own Spiritual assets already earned.

O Momims, enlighten your GRAVE with the' ROSHANI'-the power of IBADAT BANDAGI. These are the Holy Qalams of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A. S.) .

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, AWAKEN! AWAKE and perform IBADAT BANDAGI. Say your prayers regularly. By the power of IBADAT your Grave will be highly enlightened. O Momins, the night is so quiet, serene and dark. If you will perform IBADAT BANDAGI at night, your grave will be enlightened with the' DIVINE LIGHT.'

O Momins, awake and perform PRIVATE BANDAGI of BAIT-UL- KHAYAL. Do not show your IBADAT to people. It is the BATIN - PRIVATE BANDAGI.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, BATIN BANDAGI is highly commendable. It brings ROSHANI-Light in QABAR-the GRAVE.

O Momins, those who are performing IBADAT BANDAGI, they are the TRUE LOVERS, TRUE MOMINS of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. The Momins who are performing IBADAT BANDAGI regularly, as a result of this THE LIGHT -ROSHANI is visible on their faces. IBADAT BANDAGI performed during the nights imparts ROSHANI next day on the faces of the Momins.

O Momins, on the Day of Judgement some faces will be found black (DARK) and also there will be faces enlightened with the NOOR -DIVINE LIGHT'. Later the group who had performed IBADAT BANDAGI with love and devotion and with the purity of the heart during their life on earth the ALMIGHTY ALLAH will fulfill all their NEK-UMEDS -their noble desires of Life. They will be highly rewarded with all the Spiritual benefits by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, night follows day. During the day you should look after your worldly affairs and at night you should remember the Almighty ALLAH -the most Beloved. He is the Creator and you are His Humble servant. People say we have to earn our living and where to find time for IBADAT?

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Firmans-Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, you should remember your Beloved Creator ALLAH at MID-NIGHT-(PARODIE). This is an important time for BANDAGI-you are not doing worldly business at this time.

O Momins, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.) achieved Holy "ME'RAJ". It was due to IBADAT BANDAGI performed regularly by the Prophet (S.A.S.) at night..

O Momins, you could also achieve "ME'RAJ" of the same category if you will discard filth and malice of this world from your heart and perform IBADAT BANDAGI with the purity of heart.

O Momins, wake up all nights regularly and perform IBADAT BANDAGI with the proper concentration just as Prophet Muhanmad (S.A.S.) performed IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, you can also achieve ME' RAJ-SHARIFF of the same category and the Holy Noorani Didar of your Beloved Creator-the Almighty ALLAH, if you perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly every night.

O Momins, there is a great significance of the NIGHT. The whole world is asleep during the night but Pirs, PAYGAMBARS and the SAINTS all have been glorified Spiritually for they performed IBADAT BANDAGI during the nights.


O Momins, if you also wish your name to be recorded on the listing of ASHIQS -THE LOVERS OF ALLAH -you should perform IBADAT BANDAGI every night regularly.


O Momins, all people have Love in their hearts but where the Love shines of the Mashooq Khudawind- the Almighty ALLAH is the Love of the superb category. It is the great heart where the LOVE of ALLAH shines and those who have LOVE for the transient material world their hearts are disturbed like a sunk ship in the stormy ocean.

O Momins, LOVE for ALLAH will take your Life-Ship to its destination -a safe place to the abode of Peace and Happiness - which means to an ETERNAL PEACE.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, LOVE flows in all hearts. Without LOVE the heart becomes sad; but O Momins, if you wish to become a TRUE LOVER of MASHOOQ-ALLAH there is a sure way for it -it is the IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, IBADAT BANDAGI has to be performed by breathing. It is the BATUNI BANDAGI of BAIT-UL-KHAYAL.

O Momins, if you wish to have the DIVINE GRACE of ALLAH you should say ZIKAR1 -BANDAGI every moment you breath.

O Momins, if you will fail to perform IBADAT BANDAGI even for a moment what will happen then? Your mind and your heart will be sad and frustrated.

O Momins, when you are performing ZIKAR-IBADAT BANDAGI­ always be assured that you are presenting yourself before the Almighty ALLAH and when you are missing to perform IBADAT BANDAGI you are expelled from the Holy Huzur of the Almighty ALLAH. To be expelled from the' DIVINE SHELTER' is disastrous.

O Momins, if you wish to achieve Paradise keep away absolutely from committing sins. Paradise (JANNAT) is meant for those who are PURE-SINCERE and clean at heart.

O Momins, there is an absolute purity in Paradise. Paradise is well perfumed and its Fragrance of AMBAR is exceptionaly sweet. It is the unique Spiritual fragrance.

O Momins, if any person who desires to enter the Palace of a King, he has to be very clean. But if he is unclean and his feet are dirty with mud and the filth he will not be allowed to enter. the Palace. In the same manner no one can enter the Paradise if he is unclean at heart.

O Momins, Paradise is studded of Rubbies and Pearls and also it is highly perfumed Spiritually and its fragrance is extremely sweet.

O Momins, anyone who commits sins and has a filthy heart apparently he will not be entitled to enter the Paradise.

O Momins, refrain from committing sins. Follow sincerely the Holy Qalam Mubarak- the Holy Firmans of the Be1oved Mashooq - ALLAH and perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly.

O Momins, those who have performed IBADAT BANDAGI with Love and Iman and also believe in Oneness of the Almighty ALLAH with understanding and with the pure Iman in the Hearts, they will be dignified in the ETERNAL world by the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, keep away from 'HARRAM' -dishonest earnings. Always eat HALLAL ROJI and follow the Holy Qalam Mubarak.

O Momins, take care while you are in this world. Even the HALAL ROJI-Honest Earnings has to be spent with courtesy and consideration.

O Momins, on the Day of Judgement all these matters will be accounted including how HALLAL ROJI was utilized in the life.

O Momins, ensure therefore that your HALLAL ROJI is also spent wisely.

O momins, do not misuse at all your HALLAL ROJI.

O Momins, tears shed in LOVE of ALLAH are great and glorified. Your tears, shed in LOVE of ALLAH will impart you immense peace and happiness, and eventually all your good desires and ambitions will be fulfilled by the Almighty ALLAH,

O Momins, if you will have a cravings of ALLAH'S LOVE, your heart will be enlightened with the "NOOR"-ROSHANI. It is a great fortune to have a desire of the Holy Noorani Didar in the heart,

O Momins, your heart is like a mirror and if you will keep your heart clean and pure you will be the most fortunate in your 1ife.

O Momins, AWAKE! AWAKE! Do not have a slumber of ignorance; keep the love of ALLAH in your heart perpetually evergreen and everliving. It will bring prosperity for you.

O Momins, ALLAH will protect you against your enemies and also against the inconsiderate people. ALLAH will protect you from persecutors (zalims). ALLAH will always protect you and He alone will be your PROTECTOR.

0 Momins, it is because of ALLAH’S LOVE in your heart you will not dare to become disobedient of the Holy Firmans. You will not drink SHARAB -ALCOHOL -because you LOVE ALLAH. You will also not charge high rates of interest to people.

O Momins, those who are Firman Bardari -Obedient of Holy Firmans -their faces will be found shining with the 'NOOR'- DIVINE LIGHT and there will be peace and happiness in their hearts. They will be contented by heart because they followed the Holy Firmans.

O Momins, Firman Bardar -Obedients -are the fortunates in their life. They will not do any wrongs. All their actions will be noble and of good nature.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH most Graciously keeps His Divine Seat in the hearts of the Momins. The heart of the Momin is a temple of ALLAH.

O Momins, there is a lamp in the hearts of Momins. ALLAH'S DIVINE NOOR shines in this lamp and the rays of the "NOOR" becomes visible outwordly on the face of the MOMINS. These Momins are the true obedients and Firman Bardari of the Khudavind Pak Parwardigar -the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, beware of doing wrong actions. Wrong actions are like thieves.Wrong actions steal all the Spiritual treasures. But these thieves dare not to come near the true Momins. These nasty thieves run far away from the true Momins because the Great King of all the Kings -the Almighty ALLAH has His DIVINE seat in the hearts of the Momins. Heart of the Momin is an abode Of Peace. Heart of a Momin ever lives AABAD -prospered -safe, peaceful and contented. Heart of a Momins remains day and night happy and cheerful. Momins of this catagory achieve Holy Noorani Didar of ALLAH in their own hearts. (SUBHAN-ALLAH).

O Momins, there are many religious obligations which have to be fulfilled in life but there is one which is greater and very important, which must be fulfilled any how and it is to one's debt.

O Momins, payout your debts. Do not keep the burden on you.

O Momins, these are the Holy Firmans -Qalam Mubarak of the Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) SHAH-E-AWLIYA-the Lord of all the Angels.

O Momins, pay Dasond with Love and Faith.

O Momins, if you will pay Dasond you will find immense BARAQAT (Prosperity and Progress) in your life.

O Momins, while you offer Dasond-Tithe-offer with absolute faith, love and sincerity of heart, consequently all your possessions and assets will become HALLAL -PURIFIED.

O Momins, have faith on ALLAH and all your ambitions will be well secured. To remember ALLAH is the best of all.

O Momins always rely on ALLAH. Leave all your problems to ALLAH and say your prayers regularly.

O Momins, pray to ALLAH and say with humble heart: O My Beloved Lord, do according to thy will. O My Lord you will do everything what is good for me. O My Lord I trust thee immense1y.

O Momins, if you will say prayers in this manner, be assured all your good ambitions-NEK-UMEDS-will be positively fulfilled.

O Momins, by good wholesome and healthy food the body gets sufficient nourishment and becomes healthy.

O Momins, your mind needs the sound, sweet and beautiful Spiritual music.

O Momins, the Holy name of Mashooq Mowla is the best nourishment for your mind. It is the best weapon to kill your EGO -Arrogance is your greatest enemy. Remember the Holy name of ALLAH and recite the Holy Ginans and with these weapons your enemies -EGO -Arrogance will be killed..

O momins, your good friend is the DEEN-DHARAM. Religion is your most admirable friend. It is your religion by which your soul achieves Salvation. O Momins, say your prayers regularly. Perform IBADAT BANDAGI as directed by your Beloved Lord. Do not drink SHARAB -ALCOHOL. Do not take high interest. By your good deeds you will be graced with Salvation.

O Momins, if you wish to experience the beauty of Religion then follow the Holy Firman of Mowla Khudavind and also attend all religious ceremonies with Love, Devotion and Faith. It is like a ship in the ocean. Religion is like the most peaceful and calm sea and one can cross it to attain their destination. But, O Momins, there is one great obstacle on your way and that is TEMPTATION. If you keep temptation in your life, you will miss the benefits of your religion.

O Momins, do not deceive any person. It is due to temptation that one tends to deceive others and as a result of this bad vice the deceiver turns to ignorance. He becomes ignorant of the true DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.Those who have followed Religion sincerely and truly, they have no doubt fulfilled their sacred duties and achieved a great deal in their lives. They are good friends of Religion. They have realized the futility of this material world. Only those people will know the TRUTH and experience the beauty of Religion; they are Blessed by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Blessed people have in their life picked the Rubies -benefits of Religion. Blessed people have discarded stones and the dust which is the perishable material world.

O Momins,it is through the religion that one can have the true recognition of the NOOR-THE DIVINE LIGHT OF ALLAH.

O Momins, love for this material world is nothing but love for the dust and the perishable matters.

O Momins, the whole creation and everything else within the creation, including the NIYAMATS and also the achievements of the CHAWD-BRAHMANDS - Great Fourteen Universes, all shall eventually perish. They are all but- perishables. The ALMIGHTY ALLAH is the MOST HIGH and the MOST UNIQUE. He is OMNIPRESENT.


O. Significance of Good Deeds

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, those who are doing good deeds their lives are worth livng and also their life-span expands and those who are doing wrong deeds their lives shortens.

O Momins, in order to reap the best fruits in life one should do good deeds and if anyone is not doing good deeds his life becomes a waste.

O Momins, always do good. Do good even to those who have harmed you. Pray for them and also help them.

O Momins, if you will act in this manner you will create an excellent impression upon them and to many other fellow beings and consequently you will be upgraded Spritually and you will be considered as an exalted and superior to those who are wrong- doers. If you tend to do any wrong postpone it. If you postpone doing wrong actions it will be in your interest and you will be safeguarded from disasters. Your safety is an asset of your 1ife.

O Momins, to delay and or postpone doing wrong actions is as good as doing right and good deeds. So when your mind tends to do any wrong actions postpone it and you will be saved from calamities.

O Momins, by the Grace of ALLAH those who are fortunate to be wealthy and are using their wealth for the welfare of their fellow beings, verily those people have earned great benefits in their lives. They are the most fortunate because they have diverted their minds and hearts towards the right path.

O Momins, when you find anyone has done wrong to you do not take revenge against him. Do not take his wrong actions on your mind and by your such ideals and good attitude you will be dignified in this world and also in the next world. Contrary to this if you will talk about this to others you will be considered differently by the people.

O Momins, give good advice to those who are in need of it. A person who gets good advice -will be benefited and you will be rewarded by the Almighty ALLAH for your good actions. Anyone who will act in a right manner, he will reap the best fruits in this world and also in the next world.

O Momins, always have a craving for ALLAH'S BLESSINGS. Pray to Almighty ALLAH for what is best for this life and for the eternal life. By prayers and good actions ALLAH-the Almighty-the Merciful and the Compassionate will shower His Divine Blessings and His Divine Grace upon you. He alone will make your life bright and prosperous.

O Momins, those who are doing good deeds, their hearts become enlightened with the' NOOR-E-RABBANI' (the DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD) and every breath of such noble persons becomes "NOORANI". A breathing of these noble persons has a touch of the DIVINE NOOR OF ALLAH. Noble persons of such a catagory are constantly protected in their lives by the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, remember ALLAH every time you breath. The Almighty ALLAH is the DIVINE and the Merciful.

O Momins pray regularly with LOVE in your heart. Pray with absolute faith-IMAN in the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, if you will offer sacrifices in the name of ALLAH, out of sheer LOVE for Him, your heart will become Spiritually more powerful and your IMAN-FAITH will be unshaken.

O Momins, by your offerings and sacrifices, for the sake of the LOVE of ALLAH, your IMAN-will be absolutely purified. Your LOVE and IMAN on Hazarat Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) and on His DIVINE successors AA'LE NABI- AWLADE ALI will be considerably increased and it will also become unshaken.

O Momins, you will be showered indeed with the DIVINE GRACE and also HAZARAT BIBI FATIMA TI ZOHORA JANNATE KHATUN will grace you in AKUBAT.

O Momins, separation is painful. It is like a fire. Fire of the separation is much more painful than the fire of Hell. Those who have a craving for ALLAH'S Holy Noorani Didar, they will dare not commit sins. They always have a fear in their hearts lest they will be separated from the DIVINE NOOR of the Almighty ALLAH. For the true ASHEEQ of ALLAH, separation from the MASHOOQ (the Almighty ALLAH) is extremally painful.

O Momins, those who have a love for the Almighty ALLAH, they are the most fortunate beings.

O Momins, leave all your problems of this world and the problems of life of the next world to the Almighty ALLAH with your deep faith and devotion on Him. It is the sign of a true Momin to surrender absolutely to Him.

O Momins, your life, your body, your children and your IMAN are all priceless gifts to you from your Beloved Lord-the Almighty Allah. Therefore, O Momins, leave all your problems with an open heart to your Beloved Khudavind -the Creator.

O Momins, surrender yourselves absolutely to your Beloved Lord. He is the Master of the Creation. He is the Lord of the Universes. He graced you the life. He gives you ROJI-DAILY LIVING.

O Momins, do not say your prayers for the achievements of the Material World. Say prayers purely out of LOVE for the Beloved Mashooq-the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, if you offer prayers for the sake of the material world, ALLAH will fulfill your ambitions but all such achievements are the temptations of this material world.

O Momins, even if one has achieved Paradise, so what? Without the Beloved Mashooq -ALLAH, a True Momin -ASHEEQ, is lonely. Without the Beloved Mowla, the ASHEEQ's life is miserable.

O Momins, constantly pray for the LOVE OF ALLAH.
O Momins, pray intensely for ALLAH'S HOLY NOORANI DIDAR.

O Momins, KHALAS-BANDAGI -pure, innocent and sincere Bandagi is great; a Bandagi without any selfish motive is the most excellent and the greatest of all prayers. The Dignity of Momins is high and exalted and the Momins achieve Holy Noorani Didar of Allah.

O Momins, you will obtain anything from ALLAH you ask from Him, but your such ambitions (umeds) will be all your temptations. Even you have achieved Paradise, so what! It is just like a Lady without her Beloved husband is miserable. The Life of a Momin -his wealth are all of a high catagory because Momins, have achieved the DIVINE GRACE OF ALLAH. Because of the most high DIVINE Grace, from the lower stage the Momins became most fortunate to attain the true Religion -ISLAM. Momins have been upgraded to the higher Spiritual grade through ALLAH'S religion-ISLAM. If anyone has earned tremendous wealth in life- so what? It is an insignificant achievement compared to ALLAH'S Grace that the Momins have been accepted in ALLAH'S religion - ISLAM. In the life of Momins an acceptance in ISLAM is of the highest dignity and it is all due to ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE. People accumulate Gold and Silver and tremendous wealth in this life and then they forget the Almighty ALLAH-the Creator- LO! when the DIVINE GRACE of Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.) showers upon the misled people they become Momins; they become true friends of ALLAH.

O Momins, follow the path of the Prophet (S.A.S.) and you will be showered with the Blessings of ALLAH.

O Momins, the Prophet (S.A.S.) destroyed “KUFRA"-THE UNTRUE ENTITIES and enlightened a Religion -ISLAM. The Prophet Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) is the Crown and the Head of all the Prophets.The Prophet (S.A.S.) is the DIVINE and the PURE through the NOOR-E-PANJTAN PAK (say Holy Salwaat, O Momins, ALLAH HUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADIN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD).

O Momins, remember ALLAH and His Rasul-Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.), and achieve The DIVINE Grace of ALLAH. O Momins, IMAN can be perfect by the purity of heart. Momins will not speak lies because they have the Pure and the perfect IMAN in their hearts. Momins will not do wrong and they will not be jealous because there is a "NOOR"-“IMAN" in their hearts. A Momin’s heart is pure, clean and sincere. Momins tend to perform IBADAT and all their NEK-UMEDS (good wishes) are fulfilled by the Almighty ALLAH. If you wish your heart to be pure, clean and sincere do not be dishonest. Do not speak lies and as a result of your NEK-KAMAI-good actions and the best virtues darkness of the heart will disappear and the' NOOR' -DIVINE LIGHT OF ALLAH will shine in your heart.

O Momins, by good deeds your prayer is accepted as the BEST­ prayers.

O Momins, always be KIND, HELP the orphans and the needy people and your name will be dignified. Through good actions one's heart is cheered and delighted. Discard ignorance and retardness and you will experience that-Beloved Mashooq-Mowla is everpresent in your heart and He enlightens His DIVINE NOOR ROSHANI within your Heart.

O Momins, Friday nights and Saturday morning are the BARAQATIS. These are the better times for travelling.You may perform ceremonies on these BARAQATI days. These are the Holy Qalams of Shah Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

O Momins, it is the sacred duty of all Momins to perform IBADAT BANDAGI, regularly.

O Momins, please everyone as far as possible and make their hearts happy. Be kind to all.

O Momins, do not talk much as it is very harmful for IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, keep your temparament cool, calm and peaceful. Keep yourself happy and also endeavour to make others happy.

O Momins, never hurt anyone at all -this is a part of IBADAT.

P. Patience and Thanksgiving - Shukranas

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, convey Happy Tidings to yourself if you have had patience in your life.

O Momins, anyone who keeps patience in life verily, he is graced by the Almighty ALLAH. The one who has patience he will achieve success in his life.

O Momins, keep patience in your life. Even if someone harms you, do not take revenge but keep patience. By the real virtue of patience you will eventually succeed over the person who has done harm to you.

O Momins, whenever you are in an unfavourable circumstances or you are involved in any difficulty at that particular time keep absolute patience. By the good virtue of patience you will be able to overcome your difficulties very soon.

O Momins,the Almighty ALLAH helps His friends. Those who keep patience are the friends and the lovers of Almighty ALLAH and ALLAH loves most those who have patience in their hearts. The Almighty ALLAH helps them at the time of their difficulty Because of the patience in their hearts. Be associated with the TRUE Momins and learn from them to offer sincere thanks (SHUKRANAS) to the Almighty ALLAH. TRUE Momins keep patience at all times and during all circumtances in life.

O Momins, whether there is favourable or whether there is a difficult time of life, both are the NIYAMATS -A GRACE OF ALLAH TO YOU.

O Momins, do not talk to anybody about the hard times of your life. This is a sign of a MOMIN. Momins are able to act in this manner by their good virtue of PATIENCE.

O Momins, those who will keep patience in life, they will be highly rewarded by the Almighty ALLAH. O Momins,it is likely that series of difficulties may surround you in your life but even at such critical times keep patience and be assured that favourable time will soon follow after the hardships. After the hard times follows the good times which gives great comforts.

O Momins, anyone who has suffered and experienced hard times in this world, they will be entitled to achieve Paradise in AKUBAT.

O Momins, if anyone wishes to have a remedy of the frustrated and disturbed heart, he should be regularly saying his Prayers. During the prayers one should pray to Almighty ALLAH: O My Beloved Lord, I am offering to THEE my most humble and sincere thanks (SHUKRANAS) for all that THOU ART doing for me. I say SHUKRANAS for THY DIVINE GRACE and BLESSINGS.

O Momins, say SHUKRANAS -thanks regularly to The Almighty ALLAH in all circumstances-whether it is favourable or Unfavourable time of Life. Continue to offer sincere thanks (SHUKRANAS) to ALLAH.

O Momins, immense wealth and assets, sons and daughters in one's life, the more closer, the more it is experienced as burden on the heart and it is the wish and the absolute will of ALLAH to whom to give life and when to take away the life of a man in this world.

O Momins, those who are suffering in this world they are not necessarily bad people. Such people may be of high dignity before the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, those who are able to control themselves, they are the people in whose heart rememberance of ALLAH constantly continues. These people are far better than those who are wearing expensive dresses and adorn themselves with precious stones and ornaments and yet they do not have LOVE for ALLAH in their hearts.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH does not look at the dresses whether one wears silk dress or a dress made of jute.The Almighty ALLAH likes purity and sincerity of the heart.

O Momins, if you will control your SELF and your mind you will experience immense happiness. Avoid doing wrongs. Do not commit sins. Eat HALAL ROJI earned with honesty. By honesty your food and your clothings will be purified and when pure food and clothing are utilized in life, they impart a great satisfaction.

O Momins,by eating pure food (HALAL ROJI), the volume of good actions in your life will increase which will give you an added PEACE and SATISFACTION in your heart.

O Momins, your ROJI -will surely come to you. Have boundless faith in ALLAH.

O Momins, rest assured, that on each grain of food there is a mark of your name, which is meant for your ROJI. It is already destined for you and you are positively going to eat that food (ROJI) without fail.

O Momins, the millions that you are hoarding become a burden to you rather than blessing, if that wealth is not used for a good cause in the life. ALLAH gives ROJI to all in this world.

ALLAH gives ROJI without fail. So why should one be dishonest? Why should one look for the HARRAM- ROJI (DISHONEST EARNINGS)? Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, have boundless faith in ALLAH. ALLAH provides ROJI to all in this world and He will provide for you as well-ALLAH is your CREATOR. If you will keep an absolute faith in ALLAH your HOME will be full of 'BARAQATS'-with an abundance of fortunes and to such an extent that you will be in a position to entertain guests everyday at your home. You will be prosperous and you will gain so many other achievements in your life.

O Momins, say thanks -SHUKRANAS -for what you have already received in your life from the Almighty ALLAH. Do not beg for anything from others. Maintain your prestige and self-respect. The Almighty ALLAH is the Master of the Universes. ALLAH is the Merciful and the Compassionate. He alone will provide you with ROJI and all your necessities.

O Momins, if you remain satisfied with what you have received from the Almighty ALLAH your name will be dignified and the Almighty ALLAH by His Divine Grace will respect you- and He will reward you.

Amir-ul Mominin Mow'la Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, keep a King-like heart. Whatever you have received from the Almighty ALLAH consider everything as ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE. They are all NIYAMATS fortunes and Blessings from HIM. They are all for your good. But contrary to this, if you continue to complain your life will become miserable.

O Momins,in this material world there is happiness and unhappiness as well.Why should anybody take unhappiness in life? Since you are already receiving what is destined for you then why are you demanding above your destiny?

O Momins, ALLAH gives you ROJI (food). ALLAH by His Divine Grace also gives you Life. You are, no doubt, the most fortunate being. You should therefore, from the depth of your heart thank and say SHUKRANAS DAY AND NIGHT to the Almighty ALLAH for what you have received from Him. If anybody pays you and also provides you food regularly, he expects you to labour for it. The Almighty ALLAH provides you ROJI regularly -He gives you Life and also protects you in your daily Life day and night and what does ALLAH expect from you? SHUKRANAS- THANKS -JUST THANKS from the depth of your heart.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH with His most DIVINE Grace showers His Blessings upon those who say SHUKRANAS -offer sincere thanks to HIM.

O Momins, offer sincere SHUKRANAS, day and night deep from your heart to ALLAH; but if you will fail to do this you might be deprived of the NIYAMATS -'GRACE OF ALLAH'. Why are you not satisfied with what ALLAH gives you? You ask for more and more daily. You want every thing- all the wealth of the world.You worry day and night and you do not enjoy your food. You do not dress well due to your unnecessary worries and your life eventually ends miresably. ALLAH has graced you with NIYAMATS - all the NIYAMATS -gifts -and bounties. Inspite of ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE upon you, if you will not offer SHUKRANAS to Him, your unthankfulness -undesirable attitude will take away all your BARAQATS from your life. While you have opportunities to say SHUKRANAS -Thanks to ALLAH -if you did not care to do so; eventually you will have nothing but regrets in your life, when all your NIYAMATS -BARAQATS fortunes will be taken away because of this unthankfulness which is an undesirable attitude of Life. In this life you will be graced by the Almighty ALLAH -and at the same time also you should perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly. And if you will fail to fulfill your sacred duties then what Will happen? ALLAH-The Almighty who has showered His Grace upon you and gave you the most valuable and worthy LIFE -ALLAH will take away your life. As a result of this you will obviously be deprived of good fruits-good results of your life.

O Momins, always bear in mind that after sorrows there will be happiness (KHUSHALI). There is a remedy for all difficulties and unfavourab1e circumstances. There is comfort and happiness after hardships. Explain this to your mind and to yourself. This material world is a Paradise for KAFFIRS. But for the Momins, this world is like a prison. However many comforts one may have in life, it is like a drop in the ocean when it is compared with the HAQIQATI -KHUSHIALI OF AKUBAT.

O Momins, at times one may have to face hardships in this world but, eventually Momins will positively be highly rewarded with immense happiness of Paradise in the next world. Momins will achieve Haqiqati Khushiali and the HOLY NOORANI DIDAR in the Eternal Life.

O Momins, when you happen to see a religious and pious person in difficulties, take it for granted that his difficulties are due to the DIVINE GRACE OF ALLAH. But, when you find a hypocrite in adversities, assume that his difficulties are as a result of the wrath of ALLAH because of the misdeeds he has done in his life.

O Momins, NABI AYUB suffered immensely in his life. His wholebody became diseased due to terrible worms which accumulated in his body.

O Momins, be assured that this was a DIVINE GRACE ­ "RAHEMAT" for AYUB NABI. FIRON opposed Hazarat MOSES therefore FIRON sunk into serious and grave difficulties. His major difficulties arose because FIRON was cursed by the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins,if any person harms you -KEEP SILENCE. A person who acts in a wrong manner will eventually be ashamed of his bad actions. By your silence and patience you will not lose anything but wrong doers will be disgraced and ashamed badly.

O Momins,keep this Holy Qalam Mubarak as a great treasure in your heart and remember it constantly.

O Momins, avoid anger. Do not be angry on anybody. Extinguish the fire of anger in your heart and be afraid of the wrath of ALLAH.

O Momins, on one occassion a maid servant by her negligence dropped a bowl of hot porridge on the MUBARAK FACE of Hazarat Imam Hussein (A.S.). O Momins, do you know what Imam Hussein (A.S.) did? Hazarat Imam Hussein (A.S.) instantly controlled his anger and offered a most beautiful gift to his maid -the gift he offered her was FREEDOM -she was made AZAD - FREE from slavery.

O Momins,under any circumstances do not be angry. Always keep calm, cool and patience. Have tolerance and you will have satisfaction in your heart. Offer SHUKRANAS- Thanks to Almighty ALLAH. Be assured Almighty ALLAH will remove all your difficulties in your life.

O Momins, bear in mind that your body and mind will experience an immense peace and happiness if you offer SHUKRANAS. Offer thanks to your creator -the Almighty ALLAH. Say SHUKRANAS with each and every breath you take in your life.

O Momins, once your good habit of saying SHUKRANAS to ALLAH is formed -as a result of this all your IBADAT BANDAGI, will be positively accepted by the DIVINE Grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

Q. Old Age and Death

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, be careful and remember that black hair of your head has now turned to grey. It is a message of the Angel of Death. His message states that now you should be prepared for your departure from this material world. The message also states that you have to leave your present home and that your new home will in the GRAVE. The message of the Angel of Death also states that you will have to leave your present home at any time either in the morning or in the evening and then you will sleep in the grave. Your OLD AGE gives you a warning that NOW is the time to awaken and earn Spiritual Treasures-IBADAT BANDAGI (DHARMIC BENEFITS). YES! NOW IS THE TIME to fulfill your religious duties. Remember, while you had black hair you were young and in a slumber of ignorance. It was the period of the dark night of your life, that is the life of ignorance. Since your hair has now turned grey, your time in this world is very short. So you are in your old age, you are now in this world as a guest. Old age is a disease. It is not an ordinary state of life. Old age is full of extra-ordinary problems of various diseases. In this state-do not be tempted with your material life. If you make a blunder and become tempted by this world, you will gain nothing but insignificants and futiles. Even if you gain anything of this world all your gains will be for others and not for yourself. The grey hair of your head is the sign of your move and departure from this world. Remember old age is an injurious and terrible disease. From young you become old and in old age you catch a lot of diseases. As a result of this you are no longer at rest and peace.

O Young fellows, do good actions as much as you can during your young age because you will not find your vigour and youth once it is lost. You will never regain the most valuable time of your life-YOUR RADIANT YOUTH.

O young fellows, once your young age is gone you will become old; and in old age you will live like a guest in this world and you will have to leave at anytime. Old age is a terrible and miserable time of life. One cannot do anything in old age. Old man cannot hear with the ears; old man cannot see with the eyes. Their memory weakens; the charm of life is much reduced in old age. During old age one cannot even perform IBADAT BANDAGI.

O young fellows, AWAKEN: your vigourous young age will soon pass away. Enjoy the innocent pleasures of your life and give generously in charity, give the benefits of education, knowlege and experience to your fellow beings and help them sincerely as much as you can. If you do so, then you will have gained all the good things in your life and also you will have earned AKUBAT. If you will follow the right path you will have indeed won the VICTORY in your life.

O young fellows, once the Golden period of your youth will be over and if you will not gain benefits of your Life then you will regret tremendously, but later it will be too late for you to rectify your mistakes when your young age will have passed away.

O young fellows, the water of river passes away and it never turns back; in the same manner your youth will pass away and it will not come back.

O young fellows, perform IBADAT BANDAGI during your young age. IBADAT BANDAGI performed during the young age helps tremendously in the later life. Remember, this time of your life is most precious -it is much more precious than anything else in this world: one cannot buy even one breath of life for all the wealth of this world. Imagine just one breath of life at the cost of all the wealth of the world! Time and Life are so precious.

O Momins, say TAWBA, say from the depth of your heart say "YA ALLAH I repent".

O Momins,your sincere repentance will be accepted by the Most Merciful-the Almighty ALLAH. Say TAWBA from the bottom of your heart and your TAWBA will be considered as your best Spiritual acquisition.

O Momins, you can positively gain Paradise -the real JANNAT -HOLY NOORANI DIDAR -by saying Tawba from the depth of your heart before performing IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, dignify your old age -ENLIGHTEN your old age -Do not darken it by committing SINS. It is through the DIVINE LIGHT THE NOOR that your heart will be enlightened with DIVINE ROSHANI.

O young fellows, you always slept too much during the past nights. AWAKE -Now, awake and earn Spiritual treasures for the life to come. Perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly every night or else ALLAH will be angry upon you for your negligence.

O Momins, be aware that old age is inevitable. Under no circumstance can old age be avoided. Old age comes ever so quickly in one's life.

O Momins, it is necessary to remind yourself regularly that old age is inevitable and that it comes quickly in ones life. Remind yourself of this important point often. Now look at the angel of Death. He has already come and knocks upon your door. Do not be careless in performing your religious duties.

O Momins, do not think the angel of Death is far away from you. You should be assured that he is very close to you.

O Momins, have a fear of ALLAH'S wrath and anger.

O Momins, if you wish to please ALLAH always do good to your fellow beings. If you will do good for others, if you will do good actions -DIVINE LIGHT -"THE NOOR" will shine in your hearts. If you want to impart yourself with the most instructive teachings then REMEMBER DEATH. To remember death seriously imparts the best of teachings to one's SELF. After all, everyone has to make their HOME IN THE GRAVE, where no friends, relatives or beloveds can come to meet you. Any person who has sincerely realized this truth will not under any circumstances act in a wrong way. He will endeavour not to commit sins. He will not act against the Holy Firmans of ALLAH. He will live in this material world as a guest -or a temporary resident.

O Momins,Waez-teachings (Ginans and Holy Firmans) have appealed or not can be proved when you find -person who gives importance to his religious duties.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, the moment a baby is born in this world, he instantly recieves the message of the ANGEL OF DEATH.


O Momins, anyone who takes a birth in this mortal world, DEATH comes to him unfailingly.

Amir-ul Momimin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, If any person has sincerely and consciously accepted and truly believed that he has to die one day then he would not become hypnotized at anytime by this material world. He will not feel joy and happiness in this life but he will work intensely and extensively for his ETERNAL LIFE -THE AKUBAT. He will strenuously work for progress of his religious life and fulfill his religous obligations (that is: Holy D'ua, Dasond, IBADAT BANDAGI and to obey Holy Firman Mubarak of Beloved Hazar Imam).

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, disobedience and ignorance of the TRUTH is not a joy of life rather it is the darkness of Life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, while you are out of town, your conscious will say it is not the HOME -Sweet Home. Then why do you love this material world -why are you so attached to this mortal Life? Who told you that this world belongs to you? It is not your country. It is not your land. It is not your HOME.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins,if you sincerely accept and truly believe that YOU HAVE TO DIE ONE DAY AND FOR SURE, you will not be arrogant you will consider this life as nothing but a dream - A DREAM OF AN ABSOLUTELY UNREAL NATURE.

O Momins, DEATH IS A MUST -DEATH IS INEVITABLE. No one can stay permanently in this world. THINK OVER AND OVER AGAIN seriously and your ARROGANCE will not remain and your worldly futile ambitions will greatly reduce.

O Momins,if you do not remember your DEATH seriously then what will happen to you? Darkness will penetrate into your heart and mind just as a bright sword becomes rusty if it is not sharpened regularly. In the same manner both your heart and mind will become DARK and RUSTY.

O Momins, if you desire to see the DIVINE LIGHT -ROSHANI in your heart REMEMBER YOUR DEATH -REMEMBER it at all TIME -while you are seated and while you are standing. Remember your death. REMEMBER YOUR DEATH EVERY MORNING AND EVERY EVENING.

O Momins, CHECK YOUR DAILY LIFE, CHECK YOUR DAILY ACTIONS. If you are alert and remain awakened in your life you will not tend to do wrong -you will now strictly follow Hazar Imam's Holy Firman Mubarak.

O Momins, motionless and stagnant water becomes dirty. A flowing river and its water remains clean. In the same manner your awakening and awarness of your DEATH will purify your life considerably.

O Momins, by remembering DEATH your heart will be much enlightened.

O Momins, during each and every breath of your life remember YOUR DEATH, because, one day your sweet Home in this perishable world will become barren and THE GRAVE will become your FINAL HOME.

O Momins, take this for granted, that you have to eventually live in the GRAVE and some other persons will come to stay in your present HOME. This is the TRUTH. Anyone who endeavours sincerely and consciously to understand this TRUTH, Amir-ul Muminin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says, his heart will be greatly enlightened with the ROSHANI, THE DIVINE LIGHT.

O Momins when you believe and accept sincerely that ONE DAY you have to die, you will definitely do more and more NEKI­ Good Actions to benefit both LIVES-THE TEMPORAL AND THE SPIRITUAL LIVES. Both lives will then become beneficial, your status will be sound and secured, and this will take you towards the supreme goal-THE PARADISE -JANNAT where DEATH does not come. IT IS THE REAL JANNAT -The Holy Noorani DIDAR of the NOOR-EN-ALLAH-NOOR.

O Momins, the angel of DEATH takes away the Souls of all in this world but fortunate people are those who know 'HOW TO DIE BEFORE DEATH COMES'. Anyone who had experienced this unique practice through IBADAT BANDAGI, he will EVER LIVE (IN THE HAQIQATI KHUSHALI) in the ETERNAL WORLD. His Spiritual NOORANI HOME is unperishable. A Perfect Momin, knows HOW TO DIE BEFORE DEATH COMES. It IS THROUGH THE IBADAT that one can achieve this high glorious Spiritual Standard. Through IBADAT BANDAGI one can reach the DIGNITY OF A VALl (SAINT) or THE PERFECT MOMIN. These are the Holy Qalams of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, it is only at THE DIVINE SEAT (HOLY TAKHAT) OF ALLAH where DEATH DOES NOT COME. ALLAH is everywhere. There is no place where ALLAH'S PRESENCE DOES NOT EXIST. Everything is within the Almighty ALLAH and He is within everything. He is present within and outside everything. Anyone who gets into UNION WITH THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH in a state of supreme Spiritual LOVE AND DEVOTION. He is "LA-MOWT"­ DEATHLESS. He will even LIVE PEACEFULLY IN THE ETERNITY. He will LIVE ETERNALLY IN THE PARADISE (A REAL JANNAT) with the BELOVED MASHOOQ -BELOVED MAHABOOB -THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Please say a Holy SALWAT:

R. Good Company and Good Friendship Both Praiseworthy

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, if by chance you come across a reliable and good friend and you have had his good company even for a moment you should consider yourself as the most fortunate being. Company of a good friend brings good luck. The company of a good friend achieved even for a moment that moment is a gracious moment. It is the most worthy moment of life.The moment when PAK Qalima is said from the depth of the heart even Kaffir turns as Momin. This moment is the greatest moment. The moment when 'TAWBA" (Repentance) is offered to the Almighty ALLAH from the bottom of the heart, all sins of the lifetime are pardoned by the Merciful Master -the Almighty ALLAH. One of the most unique and the greatest of all moments is the moment when the most sincere love of ALLAH flows from the heart of a Momin. At this unique moment a Momin becomes one with the "DIVINE NOOR" of ALLAH and the Momin achieves emancipation from the Shackles of millions of rebirths (SUBHANALLAH). This is the greatest of all moments.

O Momins, it is of the utmost importance to have a good and trustworthy friend and his good company. If you can have a good friend and his good company you will apparently be saved from bad people and their bad company.

O Momins, if you have achieved the good company of a good friend, you will positively get BARAQATS (FORTUNES) through his friendship and consequently you will not be victimised by the influence of the bad people.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, keep a good friend and His good company. As a result of this, bad influence from your enemies will not affect your life. Bad people and the evils will disappear from you. Devote every moment and dedicate your heart to Almighty ALLAH. The Almighty ALLAH is seated within your heart.

O Momins, an attack by a friend is much more painful. It is unbearable. A friend throwing even a flower on his friend is much more painful than the attack of stones from an enemy. Because a person who throws a flower on his friend is deeply concerned of his friend who threw flowers on him. He seriously thinks that why being a close friend attacked me even with a flower. In the same manner being a Momin if he commits sins (NAFIRMANI OF MOWLA), it is intolerable. It is against the wish of ALLAH. In spite of undesirable actions by the devotee, the Almighty ALLAH -The Merciful, and the Compassionate gives "ROJI" -food even to sinners.

O Momins, associate with your friend in accordance with his spirit of good feelings and LOVE. If he loves you most visit him often and if he does not love you much do not go to him very often.

O Momins, The Almighty ALLAH is the merciful, he is the Compassionate. A devotee performs prayers, but even if he is unable to say his prayers in a perfect manner as desired by the Almighty ALLAH, ALLAH with His Most DIVINE Grace, accepts his prayers generously. So why should you not LOVE the Almighty ALLAH -the Great. He is the Merciful. By chance if you have a good and trustworthy friend give your heart to him. Because your friend will prefer and appreciate it. If he is remembered by you in your heart, your Beloved friend considers your heart as good as his sweet home.

O Momins, your most Beloved and trustworthy friend is the Almighty ALLAH. Keep your heart a sweet Home for your Beloved and trustworthy friend -the Almighty ALLAH. The heart where PAK PARWARDIGAR"ALLAH exists it becomes PURE, DIVINE and GLORIFIED.

O Momins, a heart without the existence of the Almighty ALLAH is nothing but EARTHLY CLAY -which has no significant values.

O Momins, separation is painful. If a brother separates from his brother, it hurts both brothers. Due to the separation their hearts become impaired. uneasiness enters their lives. Feelings of ageing are experienced by them.

O Momins, do not make friendship with a person who breaks or discontinues friendship in a while. Be a good friend of the Almighty ALLAH. ALLAH is always and at all times with you. He is the DIVINE and PURE. He is the RABBAL JALLIL -THE ENLIGHTENER - THE "NOOR" -THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, if you wish your Religious Society to be stronger, then you should be more friendly with your fellow Brothers and Sisters -who are the Lovers of Religion. Do not associate with those who do not have a Love for Religion. Do not keep friendhsip with those who have no "IMAN" -FAITH in Religion. Keep a good friendship with Momins, and associate with them because Momins are like sweet flowers. You will enjoy their association: you will also be greatly benefited in life by their association. Momins will impart you with the Sweet fragrance of Spiritual Flowers -that is the LOVE OF ALLAH AND LOVE OF HIS BELOVED PROPHET RASOOL KARIM (S.A.S.) (ALLAHUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADAN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD). If you will associate with those who have no faith in ALLAH you will not gain Spiritual benefits in Life, on the contrary you will feel bad, and smell undesirable odours of disbeliefs -lack of faith and no love for ALLAH in their lives. It is better for you to associate with Momins -Brothers and Sisters and be on good terms with them. Be friendly and communicate with them to strengthen your Faith. Follow your Religion -join with your fellow brothers and sisters in Religious ceremonies. Advise your fellow Brothers and Sisters to follow up Religion in the same high Spirit. All fellow Brothers and Sisters will watch each others performance of prayers and IBADAT BANDAGI. By such discipline and practices, Religion will flourish day by day.

O Momins, be more friendly with those who are by heart closer to you, you will find increased BARAQATS in your life.

O Momins, always be very very kind to your FATHER, MOTHER, SISTERS AND BROTHERS. Be kind also to your relatives. Help them whenever they need your help. These are the Holy Firman Mubarak of the Almighty ALLAH. The Almighty ALLAH says anything spent for this good cause will be considered as 'NEKI'-act of kindness.

O Momins, also help orphans, needy people and those who seek help from you. Help them with deep feelings and with a generous heart. All your good services in these directions will be considered by the Almighty ALLAH as an act of kindness and ALLAH will reward you immensely. Whatever act of kindness and good services are offered by you to your FATHER and MOTHER will serve as a great asset for you in AKUBAT -The Eternal Life. There are boundless obligations of your Father and Mother on you. You should never forget their obligations. Keep these Holy Qalams in your heart. If you look after your Father and Mother, if you serve them from the bottom of your heart, you will be highly rewarded by the Almighty ALLAH in this world and also you will be glorified in the next world. Your good services to your Father and Mother is an act of kindness. It is your earnings for 'AKUBAT'. It is an Eternal treasure for yourself. Be very very kind to your Father and Mother. Respect them highly. Tomorrow, your son will follow in the same manner. Your good manners and good behaviour will positively reap good fruits for you. Your son will give you love and affection in the same Spirit you have been offering to your Father and Mother. If you will follow whole-heartedly these Holy Qalam Mubarak of "SHAH-E-KAWTHAR" Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) you will gain similar spirited Love, affection and kindness in future from your son. Anyone who gives you good advice is your good friend and a good companion. He is indeed your well wisher. Because you were unaware of the good things of your life and your well wisher showed you the Right Path, he gave you good advice and good teachings, he is indeed your true friend and companion.

O Momins, when anybody shows you a Right Path, it is proof that you have a good companion.

O Momins, if you wish to have the most admirable and the best company in life associate wholeheartedly with the Holy House of AA'LE NABI Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) (ALLAHUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADAN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD).

O Momins, be associated wholeheartedly with the Holy House of AA'LE NABI Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) and you will find the “SIRAT AL MUSTAQEEM".

O Momins, if you have a good friend -an intelligent friend, by your association with him you will also become good and intelligent. An intelligent person likes to associate with an intelligent friend and thereby both can learn and gain knowledge from each other.

O Momins, ALLAH is the most intelligent. ALLAH is the most knowlegable than all the creation. He is the Perfect. If you will LOVE ALLAH and become His true Lover, ALLAH will grace you with his DIVINE BLESSINGS, you will know the mysteries and gain tremendous knowledge.

O Momins, if you wish to have PEACE and HAPPINESS of the heart, if you wish to have cheerfulness in your life meet your fellow Brothersand Sisters.Your heart and soul are with theirs and their hearts and souls are with yours -you are all one and united. When you meet each other be proud, feel happy, feel joy and love them. Love them to such an extent that just as Lovers meet their beloved one's. When a friend meets a friend there is a glowing Light of Love and affection in their eyes. There is a current of happiness in their hearts. There is a smile on their faces. Their hearts broaden. If you become a friend of a good person, maintain this friendship. Keep a lasting friendship for the sake of pleasing Almighty ALLAH. The Almighty ALLAH likes your accepting the friendship of good devoted friends. Look at the good friendship between milk and water. Milk accepts water as a good friend. They are friendly to such an extent that when milk warmed up -milk burns itself up to protect the water. Milk evaporates and extinguishes the fire to save the water from burning. In the same manner a real friend should help his friend at all times. Look at the good Spirit in which water and milk meet. Milk and water mix so well. Love your fellow Brothers and Sisters in a similar Spirit. Help each other at the time of adversity- and behave like TRUE MOMINS. When you are united ALLAH is pleased with you. ALLAH showers His Choicest Blessings upon you. ALLAH also protects you. Therefore strive to achieve this dignity of such fine Spiritual standards. A Pure and Clean Heart is a remedy for curing all inner diseases. Meet your fellow Brothers and Sisters daily and you will experience benefits from the Garden of LOVE, which will be evergreen in your heart. These are the fruits of Brotherly and Sisterly LOVE in your life. This garden will flourish and stay green if it is watered regularly. This would mean you should meet your Brothers and Sisters regularly.

O Momins, if you will say ZIKAR regularly your body, mind and Soul will become highly enlightened with the DIVINE Light of the NOOR of ALLAH.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, intelligence and ability shines in one's life if one whose origin is of a higher category. A crow cannot learn to speak but a parrot can; this is because of the Grace of Almighty ALLAH has been showered upon the parrot. In birds also whose origin and the influences of the past is of high category such birds have intelligence and the ability in their lives. In the same way, the Prophet (S.A.S.) and the Prophet's (S.A.S.) Holy Progeny are the most superior to all human beings.

O Momins, attend all Religous Majalises and listen to the 'ILM' (Knowledge). If you will do so, ignorance and the darkness from your heart will disappear; by your attendance of Religous Majilises, your heart will become PURE and Clean like a mirror. As a result of this purity and cleanliness of heart you will be in a position to visualize the Holy "DIDAR-E-HAQ" -HolyDidar of ALLAH. Consequently your RUHANI will achieve 'ASAL VATAN'. ASAL VATAN is your original Spiritual Destination. O Momins, these are the Holy Qalam Mubarak -Holy Firman of SHAH-E-ISARAR Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) -the Omniscient and the Knowledgable of all the DIVINE MYSTERIES -Please say a Holy Salwaat (ALLAHUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADAN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD).

S. Bad Company Condemned

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A,S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mumbarak: O Momins, Death and the pains caused by Death could be tolerable but the sufferings and the pains caused by bad Company is unbearable and the most intolerable.

O Momins, do not expect love from the people of the world. Love of the people of the world is not helpfull. Allah alone Loves you most. This world cannot give you as much love as Allah. Allah loves you boundlessly.

O Momins, in this world you will find everywhere disregards, disobedience, annoyance and one has to bear all for the sake of this world. You think your wife and children are your close and beloved ones, but infact they are not obedient to you. In most matters of your daily life they upset you, make you angry and disregard you for nothing. This is the proof that they are not obedient to you at all.

O Momins, those who advice you and direct you towards the wrong path, they are the deceivers and they betray you. Do not follow them. If you make a blunder and follow their undesirable wrong path, you will have to sufferimmensely.You will face misfortunes in your life. So do not make this blunder. It is because of wrong advice and wrong DIRECTORS you follow wrong paths and consequently the misfortunes come to you. Therefore be wise and sensible and follow Divine Teachings.

O Momins, if you have an enemy and he has never attacked you, this may give you an impression that he is your friend and you may think he is your brother. Once you will be friendly with your enemy and you will go closer to him he might do you harm. Your enemy can do you harm in any way he desires because you will be under his influence at this point and he will rule over you.

O Momins, you are bound to be misguided by your bad friends. Do not be misguided by such wrong people. Do not ignore your worldly duties and obligations. If you will ignore your worldly duties you will become a slave of this world, and you wi11 tend to ignore your Religious duties. You will lose your Eternal Spiritual Kingdom, the Akubat.

O Momins, beware of Bad Company. If a bad person comes to you treat him as Satan. Satan will guide you towards the wrong path and consequently you will have to face constant troubles and misfortunes.

O Momins, keep away from bad company. Do not associate with a bad person. Even if you sit close to him you will be affected in your life. If anyone sits close to a basket of charcoal he is bound to get afflicted with black spots and dark blemishes.

O Momins, you have to check the origin of a person, whether he is from a bad or lower origin. If he is of a bad origin he will not remain faithful to you and he will not remain on the right path. Friendship with such a person is bad friendship. People of this category will prove to be unfriendly. They are miserably degraded from their high position and they will not hesitate to disobey the Religious Institutions.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, if a branch of a tree is curved, its shelter will also be curved. In the same manner any person who is not of noble origin will not deal straightforwardly.

O Momins, take these teachings as the truth.

O Momins, anyone who will follow the right path all his tasks will be fulfilled. Contrary to this, anyone who will follow the wrong path, the tasks of his life will remain incomplete and prove unaccomplished.

O Momins, beware and keep good company. Keep friendship with intelligent and sensible people. If you will do so you will never be materially or spiritually disturbed. Contrary to this if you will associate with the irresponsible unintelligent and stupid people you will be a great loser in this and the next worlds. If you keep bad company, people will call you an unintelligent or bad person because of your bad company. For example, while a ship is surrounded amidst the stormy ocean, as a result of this, the boat man constantly fears of being sunk himself with his boat, in the same manner a friendship of a bad person is very risky and at the same time it is also dangerous. Be afraid of keeping bad company. Bad friends will hurt your feelings anytime even on small matters. If you keep bad company you will have to remain in constant fear and your heart and mind will not be at ease.

O Momins, do not assist an undeserving person. If you will do so you will be doing an injustice to yourself. Whether you assist physically or you help financially to any deserving person, you will be at a full advantage but if you will assist an undeserving person, you will be at a great disadvantage.

O Momins, choose to be alone than to associate with a bad person, because if you will associate with a bad person, you will learn and adopt bad habits. You will gain nothing from him but bad things. Keep a good company and you will gain knowledge and good advice from him.

O Momins, by chance if you cannot find a good friend, then remain alone. It is better to stay alone than to associate with bad people and their bad company.

O Momins, there might be a few irresponsible immature young boys. Their company is most dangerous. Such irresponsible youngsters might take you to a wrong path and as a result of their undesirable company one can ruin ones own spiritual life.

O Momins, follow the Holy Firman Mubarak of Mowla. Perform Ibadat Bandagi as per Divine Order. Follow exactly in accordance with the Holy Firmans of ALLAH.

O Momins, do not follow Holy Firmans half-heartedly. Follow up whole-heartedly with love and true devotion.

O Momins, beasts of jungle run away from people and people also keep away from the beasts. Both the people and the beasts do not agree with each other. Bad habits are like the beasts of the jungle. Discard bad habits. Adopt good habits and do good to all. Behave nicely with people in your daily life. Meet with your fellow brothers and sisters. Fortunately, you may come across a good, decent and religiously advanced person who can change your life. While you will keep on digging stoney soil you might find some day, priceless jewels -diamonds -a very fine and decent religious person and by his good company you can highly glorify your life.

O Momins, keep yourself alert. Be careful before you associate with people, lest bad people might lead you to wrong direction. To distinguish what is good as what is bad one needs a sense of judgement and good intelligence.

O Momins, among the groups of people you may find dangerous bad persons who could be SATAN. In case anyone robs your material wealth, you can earn it again but if your IMAN -FAITH is robbed by the SATAN how will you recover the IMAN?

T. Know the People

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, judge all people and you will find vast differences between them. They will be different in their conversation. A person with whom you talk may be right, or he may be wrong.

O Momins, if you will use a sense of judgement, you will easily know the facts. A person whom you come in contact with may be worthy or he may be unworthy of keeping an association with him. Endeavour to know people and deal with them accordingly. If you will deal carefully with them, you will be happy throughout your life.

O Momins, you should also judge the intelligence of a person with whom you come in contact. Judge his nobility by his talks and actions. Judge his heart. If there is any malice in his heart, you will soon know by the way he talks and behaves.

O Momins, people who are noble will talk good and pleasant and those who are low, they will talk indecently. Those who are noble they will guide you to follow the right path and they will tell you to have a fear of the Day of Judgement.

O Momins, do not follow bad people. 'If you follow them, it will result into disaster. The wrath of ALLAH will befall upon you if you follow bad people.

O Momins, noble people prefer to associate with other noble people. If you wish to know the habits of a person, look at his friends and their behaviour. His behaviour will resemble that of the company he keeps.

O Momins, look also at the actions of a person. A good and noble person will not harm anybody. He will not harm himself either, and he will not speak a lie. A bad and indecent person will speak lies because he is shameless. Indecent persons will not be ashamed to do wrong.

O Momins, the nature and the origin of the person models his life. Anyone who is of good nature he will do good deeds in his life and in case if he will commit sins and faults he will regret for his faults immensely.

O Momins, a branch of the tree grows in accordance with the origin of the root in the same manner children becomes like their father and mother. Children' s behaviour will be formed in their life which depends on how thier father and mother behave. Pigeons will give birth to pigeons. Snakes will produce snakes.

O Momins. it is by the actions and the behaviours that each individual life is moulded. anyone who desires and has an ambitions to gain material wealth, he will gain wealth in his life and if he has a desire to achieve AKUBAT he can positively achieve AKUBAT -A Glory and the dignity of the ETERNAL life is achieved by fulfilling religious obligations.

O Momins, anyone who will keep love of ALLAH in his heart, his name will be recorded as the true lover and friend of ALLAH.

O Momins, do watch the interest and the hobbies of a person and also watch what he prefers. What are his likings. If he has a love for the material gains, he will be valued accordingly. Anyone who is found he has a love for AKUBAT, he will also be valued accordingly.

O Momins. it is the Holy Promise (KOL) of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) that those who desires and have a craving of Holy Noorani Didar of ALLAH -life of such Holy person cannot be valued with this material world. His life is unique and priceless.

U. Minimize Gossiping

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, the beauty of a talk shines when it is presented precisely and effectively. A talk, if it is expressed thoughtfully and meaningfully proves to be the best talk. Talk should be clear and explicit so that no person from an audience turns to ask further explanation unless the question is of the utmost important nature.

A lengthy talk becomes boring and unpleasant to listeners. A precise talk proves convincing and it is superb. Therefore avoid lenthy talks. O Momins, follow the Holy Qalam Mubarak and form a habit of presenting short and meaningful talks. By giving short talks obviously you will be able to avoid mistakes. Anyone who talks more, makes more mistakes and eventually he will have to regret for his mistakes.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) the master of the UNIVERSES says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, talk less as less as you can and you will not regret. Keep these Holy Qalam Mubarak in your heart.

O Momin, be assured that most of the difficulties and adversities arise by much talking.Man has to talk in life anyhow and his talks can be either good or bad.

O Momins, ALLAH has given you a tongue to say "ZIKAR", the Holy name of ALLAH.

O Momins, therefore remember ALLAH every moment, every time you breathe. Do not participate in bad talks. By participating with bad people difficulties and misfortunes comes in life. Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: O Momins,for safety adopt safety dress. But do not make your safety dress dirty. This would mean do not direct your tongue towards bad talks. Do not direct your legs towards the bad and wrong path.

O Momins, if you will follow this Holy Qalam Mubarak, all your difficulties and misfortunes will disappear from your life. Do not talk bad. Do not act wrong. Do not go to a wrong place. This is the way to protect your selves. If you will protect yourself in this manner you will safeguarded.

Anyone who controls his tongue is safe. He is absolutely safeguarded.

O Momins, talk always with humility. Be humble. Do not talk bad of anybody. If you will refrain yourself from talking ill of others, as a result of your good virtue all people will love you and any person who is loved by all the Almighty ALLAH do not send calamities to him.

O Momins, silence is the superb virtue. Therefore keep control over your tongue (speach)and develop your power of concentration. Keep yourself silent and listen to others. If you will talk more you will encounter more and more obstacles. Look at the birds, BULBUL-MENA and Parrots.These birds are encaged because they talk a lot. Otherwise they do not do any harm anything to those who trap and imprison them.

O Momins, it is to your benefit safety if you can control your tongue or Speech. Talk only what is absolutely necessary. Avoid unnecessary talks. Think of angels, they are at absolute peace because they have controlled their tongue.

Qaramin and Qatbin are the two angels who write all the Actions of the human beings. Obviously they will not write anything if you will keep silent. When you will keep silent your body will be in harmony.

O Momins, you are the master and the ruler of your own body. You live in your body. But your stay in your body is not permanent. For this reason you should remember RAB-UL-AA'LMIN, ALLAH -the creator.

O Momins, tie your tongue. Just as thieves are tied up, tie your tongue and you will be able to rule your body.

O Momins, you have to pass through the way where you cannot find food and drinking water. For this reason carry food and drinking water with you.Your spiritual nourishment is good AA'MAL (actions) and IBADAT BANDAGI for the achievement of JANNAT-paradise-The Holy Noorani Didar of the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, back-biting is very bad. Those who do not do back- biting to others they are safe. Those who do not do NINDA (back- biting), they have verily achieved MARIFAT-E-ALLAH.

O Momins, those who have known ALLAH and have an understanding of His DIVINITY and also know that human beings are the intimates of ALLAH, since all souls are created from His DIVINE NOOR, they will not talk ill of anybody. They will on the contrary do good everything possible for their fellow brothers and sisters and all others in general.

O Momins, keep silent. Since many difficulties and obstacles arises by unnecessary talks, anyone who talks more is positively punished to a high extent. Look at the drums and the musical instruments, how they are treated. The one who talks less is respectfullly crowned. O Momins, be kind and humble to all and talk less as far as possible.

V. Jealousy

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, Jealousy creates a perpetual fire within the heart of a jealous person.

O Momins, anyone who is Jealous of others his life is disgraceful. A jealous person punishes himself because he creates a fire of jealousy within his own heart. When a jealous person finds anyone happy and prosperous he feels jealous of him. There is a curse of ALLAH on the jealous person because a jealous person wishes misfortunes for others and good fortune for himself alone. As a result of his wrong thinking misfortunes befalls upon a jealous person. A jealous person is never happy. He is never at ease, even for a moment. A jealous person adopts adversities and unhappiness for himself.

O jealous fellow if you are sensible then why do you take upon on yourself all these undesirable and unnecessary pains that make you feel unhappy? With the terrible fire of Jealousy you burn your heart constantly, which is totally unprofitable to you.

O jealous fellow think for a moment that in this world all sorts of enmities between fellow beings can be reconciled and unity created among them but the enemity created out of jealousy cannot be reconciled under any circumstances.

O jealous fellow, if somebody murders a person there is a chance that a friendship can be created with the relatives of the victim but there is no end to enmity created by jealousy. A jealous person harms himself considerably. A jealous person degrades himself badly by his jealous nature. A jealous person burns his own heart by the fire of jealousy, just like a meat- pie burns on the fire plate. Jealousy is extremly bad and therefore a jealous person proves himself a bad man. To be jealous means to destroy the happiness of one's life and to take over undesirable and unnecessary pains in exchange. A person whose face is uncharming and also unfortunately if he has bad habits in his life. such a person is apparently in a pitiable state because of these two deplorable miseries. But by good fortune if one of the miseries turns good and his complexion becomes better some people might be prepared to LOVE him but if both misfortunes the uncharming face and the bad habits, still remains in him then naturally he would be miserable in his life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, jealous persons will much regret on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT and particularly if any person who had been jealous of the Beloved ones of ALLAH, such a person will suffer and will be disgraced on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT. On that Great Day of Judgement a jealous person will see in his heart a fire of jealousy. Jealous person will be in a pitiable state on the Great Day of Judgement. Prophet Muhanmad Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) and His DIVINE PROGENY, PAK AA'LE RASUL, are the Most Beloved of ALLAH. Anyone who feels jealous of AA'LE RASUL he will be eventually doomed.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Murbarak: O Momins, discard absolutely JEALOUSY from your life. Avoid anger. Do not hurt the hearts of Momins. Keep this important Holy Firman -Qalam Mubarak -in your heart.

O Momins, if you will not listen this Holy Qalam Mubarak and if you will still become jealous of your fellow brothers and sisters, if you will keep anger in your heart, you will always be unhappy. There will be constant pains day and night in your heart and as a result of this, this world, this marvellous world created by ALLAH will be hard and narrow for you. Your life also will be narrow and miserable.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, do not commit sins. Even if one Performs IBADAT BANDAGI for one thousand years such a vast and great IBADAT is insufficient to redress the loss which comes by one major sin. Anyone who commits a major sin disobeys ALLAH. As a result of this such person destroys all the Spiritual treasures earned during his life time.

O Momins, perform IBADAT BANDAGI daily and regularly. Do not commit even one sin in your life.

O Momins, if a little portion of copper is mixed with pure gold, what will happen then? All the pure gold will be discoloured. It will be dark.

O Momins, discard jealousy completely from your heart. How long are you going to live in this world? Prophets and Pir- paygambers also had to leave this mortal world. This world is nothing but a dream of your mind.

O Momins, BEWARE Beware -and do 'NEK-KAMAI' (good actions). Do good to all. There is a day for you when you will quit this world. Do not talk sarcastically to anyone. You know it is very painful, very very painful to whom to tell sarcastic words. Do you know sarcastic words are even more painful and hurting than the injuries caused by a steel weapon.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, injuries caused by steel weapons such as daggers, swords and arrows, can be treated and eventually cured. But if anybody is addressed "NUGRO" or being without the "MURSHID QA'MIL" (The Spiritual Master -The Divine Authority), it is fatal and disastrous. A loss of such major blunder cannot be tolerated and cannot be redressed.

W. Courage

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, be courageous. To keep up high spirit of courage in life is the sign of IMAN -A TRUE FAITH IN ALLAH. Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, anyone who keeps up a spirit of courage, the Almighty ALLAH by His boundless mercies and beneficience showers His choicest Blessings upon the courageous person. There is a positive sign of PERFECT IMAN to whom and where The Almighty ALLAH showers His Blessings and bestows His Divine Grace.

O Momins, peace and happiness are achieved absolutely by the Divine Grace of ALLAH and thereby mind and body enjoy contentment and all NEK UMEDS -best desires of the momins -are fulfilled. Consequently wealth, prosperity and Baraqats comes into the life. A courageous person has an anxiety for the material progress. He makes tremendous special efforts to achieve success and even if he makes a remarkable progress and gains a lot he still thinks and feels all that insufficient due to his vast and great courage. And if a courageous person achieves success in the Religious matters he can positively gain further higher stages due to his courage and ideal cravings. Anyone who has a fervent desire of having the GRACE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH such a person of this great category is highly courageous.

Contrary to this any person who makes an effort to gain ones name and fame in the societies by such efforts he carries a burden of anxieties for himself and eventually his life ends with miseries and disappointments.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, whoever wishes to have upliftments, high respects and the reputation in life he should create a high spirit of courage. Courageous person is much admired. The Almighty ALLAH also makes tasks easier for the courageous person. The Almighty ALLAH bestows upon him His Divine Mercies and showers His choicest Blessings. Allah knows better about the how courageous a person is and ALLAH bestows upon him His Divine Grace.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, the human head is a significant part of the body because the spirit of courage flows from the head and it is because of this the mysteries in life are retained. Maintain the mystery of your heart and you will experience the DIVINE Beauty through the power of ZIKAR-E-ALLAH which has been most graciously Graced to you by the Divine Authority.

O Momins, have a high spirit of courage. Perform ZIKAR - IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and you can behold enthusiastically within yourself joy and the Bliss of the Holy Noorani Didar of ALLAH.

O Momins, whatever you visualize in ZAHIR or BATIN, the KHUDAVIND-E-HAQ exists within all beings. It is the NOOR of the PAK-PARWAR DIGAR -His Divine Light -THE NOOR -that shines within all and also everywhere.

O Momins, there is not a space or even a particle where ALLAH does not exist. He is OMNIPRESENT. Then why are you going far away in search of HIM? You have to be in Union with Him. Annihiliate your EGO, live within Him and you will experience the DIVINE MYSTERIOUS OF THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH

O Momins, the king NAWSHERWAN became prominent and he was known as the just king because he was imparting good justice to his people. HATIM became known in the world as the leading philanthropist by his charities. RUSTAM, by his tremendous high spirit of courage gained a good name and great fame as "PAHELWAN" (the stong man) in the world.

O Momins, all these achievements were made possible by the above personalities through the spirit of courage. Without the courage, this could not be made possible.

O Momins, look at the horses. They can win the race. It is due to a spirit of courage. The army by the high spirit of courage can capture vast lands and fulfil their desires.

O Momins, look at the divers. They dive so deep into the sea and bring up the priceless and most valuable real pearls. In the same manner, O Momins, you should make all endeavours with all the spirit, courage and enthusiasm to earn the spiritual treasures that are the benefits of religion.

O Momins, those who adopt a spirit of courage in life and follow the principles of religion and at the same time fulfill their sacred duties, such people are highly glorified with the spiritual status and they gain a dignity of "VALI" -THE SAINT.

O Momins, look at the elephants. By courage an elephant goes ahead and hits the strong fort and also it is courage by which a smaller lion jumps on the elephant and kills it suceessfully. A man by his courages is also able to kill the powerful and ferocious lion. Courage is a great energy and power.

O Momins, Mowla Raja by His Divine Grace and Power keeps His religion enlightened.

O Momins, Prophet Muhammed (S.A.S.) established the religion "ISLAM" by his great courage and faith. Because of His courage and faith the Almighty ALLAH showered His Grace upon the Prophet (S.A.S.) and the Prophet (S.A.S.) achieved victory over all the religions of the world.

O Momins, the Divine Light -"THE NOOR" -existed before creation and eventually "THE NOOR" has manifested in this world.

O Momins, any one who follows ISLAM with love the LIGHT OF GOD enlightenes within his heart.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, I have completed this Holy Qalam Mubarak and have said this Qalam includes four Tariqas (Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat and the Marifat) for the betterment and benefit of the people.

O Momins, read this Holy Qalam Mubarak regularly. Read this Holy Qalam Mubarak to your fellow brothers and sisters and follow the Divine teachings conscientiously.

O Momins, each and every word of this Holy Qalam Mubarak will enlighten your heart and will impart you with "MARIFAT-E- ALLAH"-the Knowledge of God. Anyone who follows the Divine Teachings of this Holy Qalam Mubarak will benefit greatly in his Life.

O Momins; "MARIFAT-E-ALLAH" (the Knowledge of God) is the most supreme of all achievements. In order to achieve it refrain from wrong doings and perform ZAHERI and BATUNI BANDAGI regularly. Every moment you breath, remember ALLAH THE CREATOR.

O Momins, say SHUKRANAS twice every moment you breathe. It is your most sacred duty to say SHUKRANAS - THANKS TO ALMIGHTY ALLAH -because it is by His DIVINE GRACE and boundless mercies that you are able to inhale and exhale your breath. The very process of breathing in your life is due to ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE and it is a great Blessing for you.

O Momins, discard all wordly temptations.

O Momins, without your Beloved Mowla Mashooq everything else is artificial. Always be in a state of spiritual and Divine Love with your Beloved Khudavind-E-Haq. Be careful, there will be temptations everywhere in this world. So, refrain yourself from these worldly temptations and through ZIKAR and IBADAT BANDAGI you will be fortunate of beholding the Holy Didar of ALLAH.

O Momins, if you are fortunate enough to behold the Holy Didar of your Beloved Khudavind, then everything in this world will come to you at your disposal. This world will be under your obedience.

O Momins, ALLAH is the LIGHT of the HEAVEN and the EARTH and the “LA -MAKAN"- the Divine NOORANI ocean is boundless. There are Great mysteries in between the "LA MAKAN"and the "PATAL" (the Creation underneath the earth).

O Momins, everything that is visible and or heard, whether it is ZAHIR or BATIN, within everything and everywhere Khudavind is present. ALLAH IS THE OMNIPRESENT- engrave this TRUTH in your heart and understand the meaning of this Holy Qalam Mubarak.

O Momins, ALLAH’s mysteries are in the batin. Achieve benefits through IBADAT BANDAGI. The Almighty ALLAH with His Divine Grace imparts knowledge. ALLAH manifests Himself as the Guide. ALLAH manifests Himself as the Supreme Spiritual Lord and inspires spiritual instructions. When ALLAH is pleased, He showers His Divine Blessings upon the Momins and the Momins gain vast and deep spiritual knowledge and experiences.

O Momins, ALLAH is THE FIRST. He is the Last. He is ZAHIR and He is in the BATIN. Look anywhere and if your heart is pure and sincere, you will behold DIDAR-E KHUDAWIND HAQ -the ”DIVINE-LIGHT" -"NOOR OF ALLAH".

O Momins, ABANDON your EGO. ABANDON the idea of "I". In reality, "I" is non-existant; you are non-existent but ALLAH ALONE EXISTS EVERYWHERE.

Cultivate your thoughts to this high level and visualize the UNIQUENESS of ALLAH'. Become yourself' FANAH' -within HIM. ANNIHILIATE yourself WITHIN HIM and you will have an unusual experience that ALLAH alone exists. He is the UNIQUE -HE is the absolute DIVINE NOOR. HE is the 'NOOR-EN ALLAH NOOR'.