B. Brotherhood

Consider anyone who offers you assistance as your Brother. One who does not care to help you is unaware of the Principle of Brotherhood. He may be your real brother but he is unaware of the true spirit of Brotherhood. Treat him as your Brother, the one who offers you help, because such help is most useful in this life.And remember that your good actions and behaviour impart freedom to your soul. One who is helpful to you during hard times is your Brother. If you have a real brother who does not assist you, he is unaware of the true spirit of Brotherood. He is undoubtedly unaware of the charm and beauty of Brotherhood.

0 Momins, anyone who shows you the Right Path and leads you towards good action is your Brother. Anyone who directs you towards humiliation by leading you to the wrong path is unworthy to be called your Brother, even if he isyour real brother. Anyone who teaches you and guides you to the path of God truly loves you and he is your True Brother.Remember, anyone who misguides you and directs you towards worldy temptations is unaware of the spirit of Brotherhood.Such attitudes can be indirectly taken as enmity and serve the purpose of an enemy. One who guides you to the right path, is your true Brother, because he saves you from the calamity of dangerous paths. Wrong and undesireable actions are always disastrous and degrading. It discredits the reputation.

0 Momins, love for this material world leads one to the wrong path, which is eventually humiliating. Treat him as your real brother the one who guides you to the path of love towards Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) and His Divine Successors. Remember, in this life you wi1l find brothers who will watch your mistakes, faults and shortcomings and they will scandalize you publicly, which is a bitter experience. What hard and pitiful times lie ahead in this life!