C. Adab - Good Behaviour

Amir-u1 Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: 0 Momins, teach your chi1dren and fellow beings good behaviour, so that they may behave decently in their lives. Remember, your children shall be greatly rewarded for their fine virtues. Parents who have taught their children to behave properly have given the best inheritance to their generation. Well behaved persons are always admired.It is better to associate oneself with well behaved people than with those who have a treasure of gold and who are misbehaved.Well behaved people bring happiness to the hearts of others far better than people of a misbehaving nature.Good behaviour is the most valuable treasure of life. Remember O Momins, these are the Holy Qa1ams of SAHEB-E-ZULFIQAR Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.). While you are at leisure, always make sure that you practice good behaviour. Similarly, during all walks of life, observe decent behaviour so that any person you come accross shall admire and appreciate you. Remember, to possess good behaviour, is a treasure more valuable than gold. Gold will vanish from this world and cannot be carried with you when death comes. But by having good behaviour in life, one can be fortunate to be graced with an audience of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.The meaning of ADAB (good behaviour), is to consider oneself as the humble servant. 0 Momins, recite regularly, Allah's prayers. Anyone who behaves piously and decently in life shall achieve Holy Noorani Didar. A person having good behaviour is glorified with the highly dignified "JAYSA ADAB TAYSA NASIB", which means,"The more decent the behaviour, the more good is secured in life and also the more luck is achieved in life". No one loves those who are misbehaved. Those who are with "ADAB" (good behaviour), stay closer to all. Allah alone is the creator. One should always think about this, and understand the fact that misbehaved persons shall not achieve Holy Didar, and that well behaved persons shall always recognise ALLAH. (AMEN).