H. Politeness - Humility - Sweetness - Shame

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

The root of Faith (Iman) rests on the following:


A person having no shame is an imperfect faithful or imperfect Imani. Anyone who does not have the above said three virtues in Life, can be assured that the Faith has not touched the heart of that person. Shame is the Shelter of Man. Having Shame in life results in all fault being covered by the Shelter of Shame. Always consider this principle: THE LESSER THE SHAME, THE LESSER THE FAITH.Anyone may be at fault and if he is ashamed of it, nobody shall point out his faults. Anyone who makes a mistake, and feels ashamed of it,and repents for the mistakes being committed will result in all his faults being covered.


Humility is your best friend in Life.If you are humble, your humility shall help you in your difficult time. Anyone who falls into the grip of an unkind person, and then talks to him with humility,His humble talk shall give relief to him. By Humility he shall always be respected. Humility is a light in your life. Your life shall be enlightened with humility. People who come across you and find you humble, shall be delighted to meet you. All will mark your good behaviour and humility, and they will be satisfied with your humble nature. Humility therefore, is the beauty of life. If you will be humble ALL people shall respect you and offer you a better seat and position. If you will choose to take a lower seat, you will be liked by all. Be humble and you will be very much respected by people who love those who are humble. Remember, everyone desires to take the side of the scale that stays downwards. Man is upgraded by his humble nature. You always respect and salute people with your hand and that hand is called ‘THE RIGHTHAND'. The right hand is liked by people. You also eat meals with your right hand. You will be greatly benefited if you will not keep arrogance in your mind. Your life shall be happy, and you can live a long and happy life, if you have peace and happiness in your heart anyone who will come across you will be delighted and happy.

O Momins, do not be harsh to anyone in your life and always be humble. Be soft as silk, since silk lasts long. Keep your heart humble and delicate.

O Momins, you have seen how green and tender the grass is. Keep your heart soft, tender, and delicate like the grass. Do not be hard and tough like a big tree in the jungle. When there is a storm, a big and hard tree collapses soon but the tender and delicate grass stays safe and sound. Even the wind and storm cannot harm the tender and delicate grass.

O Momins, be soft hearted; keep your heart tender and soft like butter. You know that pure butter is excellent. When food is cooked with pure butter, it tastes delicious. Similarly, a delicate heart and mind gives happiness to all. It gives peace and contentment to our body, mind and heart. A narrow-minded person is hard and tough to others. Thus he has lots of enemies.

O Momins, if you will talk politely to others, you will be able to capture the hearts of people. A king can tie the hands and legs of people who live in his country, but he cannot tie the hearts of the people. Anyone who knows how to speak politely and sweetly will make all people his friends. These are the Holy Qalams of Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Anyone who talks politely and softly is liked by one and all. Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: I have shown you the HAQIQAT, the real facts. Anyone who speaks sweetly and politely has gained immense benefits in life.Anyone who speaks politely and humbly is blessed by the Almighty ALLAH. Talk politely with all people and you will please all. Remember there is Almighty ALLAH in the hearts of all. Therefore, if you will please their hearts, the Almighty Allah will shower His Choicest Blessings upon you. Be kind and polite to all and you will experience, that all will become your good friends. In your daily life you always come across your fellow brothers and sisters, so always be humble, polite and soft to them.A merchant who knows how to talk sweetly finds that his trade increases, his business expands and he can do good business. This world is like a bazaar. Speak politely to capture the hearts of people. In the hearts of all people, SAHEB RAJO, Our Lord Khudavind, is seated and if you have desire to meet SAHEB RAJO-Khudavind, you have to be humble, soft and polite with all your fellow brothers and sisters.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, Treat others as the elders. Think yourself as being small. Anyone who understood this high and great principle of LIFE, has known the Truth and has expressed the beauty of RELIGION.