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Marriage, Divorce and Succession in the Druze Family: a study based on decisions of Druze arbitrators and religious courts in Israel and the Golan Heights, Lahish, Aharon. , Leiden, p.SERIES: Etudes sociales, économiques et politiques du Moyen Orient ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 474 pp., (1982)
Polygamy and the Druze Family in Israel, Lahish, Aharon. , p.SERIES: J.A.O.S. ; VOLUME: IC ; PAGES: 58-63, (1979)
The Prohibition of Reinstating a Divorced Wife in the Druze Family, Lahish, Aharon. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: XLI ; PAGES: 258-271, (1978)

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