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In Press
The Syrian Ismailis at the Time of the Crusades., Mirzah, Nasseh A. , (In Press)
Notes on a Syrian Ismaili Manuscript, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Australian Bulletin of Comparative Religion ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 59-60, (1969)
The Syrian Ismailis and the Doctrine of Metempsychosis, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Milla Wa Milla ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 48-51, (1964)
The Ismailis and their Belief in Universal Divine Order, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Or. Soc. Trans ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: pp.10-22, (1963)
Qadi Nu'man b. Muhammad: `Kitab al-Iqtisar', Traité de jurisprudence ismaélienne, Mirzah, Wahid. , Domascus, p.SERIES: I.F.D. ; PAGES: xxxviii and 174 pp., (1957)

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