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A Political Study of Egypt and Syria under the Early Fatimids 358/968-386/996., Le Tourneau , (In Press)
Fatimid Policy towards Damascus (358/968 - 386/996): Military, Political and Social Aspects,, Le Tourneau , p.SERIES: JSAI III, (1981)
The Fatimid Visier Ya'qub ibn Killis and the Beginning of the Fatimid Administration in Egypt, Le Tourneau , p.SERIES: Der Islam LVIII ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 237-249, (1981)
The Fatimid Army A.H. 358-427/968-1036 C.E.: Military and Social Aspects, Le Tourneau , p.PAGES: 165-192, (1980)
The Fatimid Conquest of Egypt -- Military Political and Social Aspects - State and Society in Fatimid Egypt, Le Tourneau , p.SERIES: Israel Oriental Studies IX - Arab History and Civilization: Studies and Texts, Vol. 1 ; PAGES: 315-328, (1979)    Download:  node-29163-state and society in fatimid egypt by yaacov lev .pdf 
La révolte d'Abu-Yazid au Xe siècle, Tourneau, R. Le. , p.SERIES: C.T. ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: 103-125, (1953)    Download:  NODE 28187.pdf 

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