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place to stay in london

iam looking for somewhere to stay for about 6months in London as a paying guest
iam very easygoing , good natured person and can fit in a house or flat and for the right place am willing to pay
good rates


Hello if you are really serious about this email me at kelvinmorgan.scf (AT) gmail dot com

Qasidas by Noorullah Shahee

my qasida all in youtube in farsi qasida thanks from all

JK in Germany

Looking for JK in Germany, any idea?

ya ali madad

shahee.duamonajat1 [at] gmail.com 1

Deceived by a Ismaili man

Hi My Name is Kiran Memon . I am one of the non ismaili Muslim who met His highness in nov 22nd 2008 at golden jubilee in Toronto canada. I was the most fortunate girl who got a chance to shake hand with his highness and kissed his hand and took his autograph. I marry to a Ismaili man in March 2010 in scarborough Ontario at nugget jamat khana .and I have a 4 year old son with him. . I was 8 months pregnant when I got married . i am separated now. Can somebody from scarborough jamat khana help me in this matter because my husband can't pay his little boy grocery bills. Iam facing difficulty everyday in my life without a father support to a son who is only. 4 years old. If somebody there to help me regarding in this matter my email address is screen786 [at] Yahoo.ca

check your email please

I am really sorry to hear. Please check your email I sent you my contact information .

You should try calling this

You should try calling this number Phone:(416) 751-4001 and ask them for help.

These are family disputes

These are family disputes very common in the Western World. I suggest that you resolve your difference by arbitration. That would be the fastest and most economical way of resolving the situation. if it does not work, you can use the law of the land that protects by priority the children.

Afghan Ismaili a cabinate Minister

Ya Ali Madad!

Dear All Ismaili Spiritual Brothers and Sisters ,

This is a good news that Afghan President Mr Ashraf Ghani Candidate an Afghan Ismaili as one of his Cabinet Minister.

New Faces Versus Old Structures: Afghanistan’s national unity cabinet (amended)

Labour, Martyrs, Disabled & Social Affairs: Sayed Sadat Naderi (AG)

Sayed Sadat Naderi is the son of the religious leader of one of the main branches of the Afghan Ismaili sect and former militia commander allied with the PDPA (and after 1992 the ‘Northern Alliance’), Sayed Mansur Naderi, also known as Sayed-e Kayyan. (The family’s headquarter is in the Kayyan valley of Baghlan.) Sadat Naderi has a BA in Economics/International Business from the University of London (1999). According to Tolonews, he was on the board of the Afghan central bank. He is also the chairman of Afghan Gold and CEO of SMN Investments, a privately held group of companies active in nearly all of Afghanistan’s main economic sectors – including fuel import and storage, construction, precious metals and gems, security, property dealing, advertising, supermarkets and insurance (also providing coverage for the Aynak Copper Mine). Sadat Naderi was awarded the 2012 Peace through Commerce award by the United States Department of Commerce.

Great work of such unique collections!

Dear Mr. Mumtaz & All who have dedicated their time & Energy in compiling these huge task of great Work! It is truly seems a miracle !
I most humbly Congratulate & wish you all the best success ahead!
I have a humble suggestion, that, If Language translator is put to task specially for Gujrati readers. It shall benefit, who wants to read in Gujrati language!

Vedas were never ever source of satpanthi Ginans

Pir didnot pulled stuff from Vedas and reframed into Ginans. The light comes first then comes The knowledge. The knowledge is no sense without the light. Vedas are just few beginning papers of total spiritual knowledge book. If you live with the older versions, and want to advance into new indepth version, your older version in someway(Vedas) helps you grow up in real spiritual world. Vedas were satpanthi Ginans when it was a living knowledge. Explore living and dead knowledge before jumping into a decision. The light creates knowledge at his will and destroys it at his will
Thank you

Yes however the Quran has

Yes however the Quran has also been called the last Veda in the ginans

Any Ismaili's in Manila

Hi, I doubt that there is a JK in Manila in fact are there any Ismail's and if so then perhaps we maybe enough to form a JK. Not sure what the ITEB guidelines are however if there are a small number us I can male enquiries.

Please email me at kazlalani at gmail.com

Thanks & YAM.

its osam proud to b

its osam proud to b ismailis

Hotels near Dubai Ismail Centre

I am looking for hotels in Jan 2015 near Ismaili Centre DUBAI? Any suggestions?

Jamat Khane closures in Toronto

I heard the council will be closing York Mills and Greenland Khanes at the end of the year as announced.

Reliable sources also tell me that Bayview, and Richmond Hill khanes will close in July. The jamat will be told to stay home or go to other jamat khanes.

Dundas West the only Jamat Khane in downtown Toronto will also be closed in July 2015.

With the pending closures of Bayview, and Richmomd Hill, and DundasWest does the council have sites for daily khane for these khanes or are they being closed in order to say "we don't have anymore weekend khanes"

Does anyone have any further information as to why ALL weekend khanes are being closed in Toronto without a solution for daily khanes. I know some downtown tell me they will stay home as the next khane is too far. Unionville isnt large enough to handle the impact of the closure of Richmond Hill. As well Willowdale isnt large enough to handle the extra jamat from the closure of Bayview.

The closures of DundasWest, Richmond Hill, Bayview have been officially confirmed. YorkMills, and Greenland are closing at the end of the year. Thorncliffe closed with the opening of the ITC-HQ.

YorkMills, Greenland and

YorkMills, Greenland and Thorncliffe are being replaced by the new Ismaili Center which is close by

Dundas West, Bayview, and Richmond Hill

My sources at the council and Imara (maintenance committee have confirmed the following fact)
The following three other khanes will close in July (DundasWest, Bayview, RichmondHill) as well. The Jamat at these three khanes will be instructed to go to other khanes as follows.

Dundas West will be instructed to attend ITC-HQ JK
Bayview will be instructed to attend Willowdale
Richmond Hill will be instructed to attend Unionville.

With kind regards,


wish progress day by day

we like to see progress day by day

Dignified khanes

Please note as per the transition towards dignified sites for khanes the jamat at those khanes are being redirected to other daily khanes. Members of the jamat are asked to please whole heartedly welcome the jamat from the khanes at are being scheduled to close at the end of the year (2014) or in July 2015.

Please understand the khanes are being closed as the rental for these sites is quite expensive as such that is another reason for the closure. Although it is true that the noted khanes will close at the end of the year, and in July as was noted above please understand the council has weighed the impacts of the closure of these jamat Khanes. Attend khanes a bit earlier to ensure you have enough space on big days such as Friday's, chandraat, mijlsis, khushali, etc.

We are all brothers and sisters please welcome those who will chose to attend other khanes other than that which is noted. The jamat's understanding and cooperation is important at this time.

Closing of School Hall Jamat Khanas

Our leaders only just found out that the rental of these sites is quite expensive. It has been 42 years since our establishment in Canada. If the leaders had started working on daily permanent jamat khanas much, much earlier, we could have bought a handful of permanent sites (when real estate was cheaper) with the same money that we have spent for so many years for these sites. Consider the manpower that has been used to run these school hall jamat khanas. Have these leaders ever considered all this? The other Muslim Communities are laughing at us that after all these years, we are still praying in school halls. As far as the Council having weighed the impact of the closure of these jamat khanas, I tend to disagree. The ICT is in a mess. They have hurt the jamati M/Ks of Greenland & York Mills by basically firing them from their positions. Could they not have waited six more months till they finished their term? If they could still keep Bayview, Dundas West and Richmond Hill going till then, what was the problem with the other two?

Closure of School Khanes

You are forgetting that in order to propose it to the council you need a meeting to prepare the proposal, another to accept the proposal, and yet another to read the proposal.

Don't forget a few years back how they shut Greenland, basically with a weekend notice. Dundas West, one of the first daily JKs in Toronto was converted to a weekend khane a few years back.

Bayview is set to close by March -- July at the latest
Richmond Hill will close by July 2015

I heard that the council is looking to close Bayview by March, July at the latest. Jamat will be told to go to Willowdale.

As for Richmond Hill they will be told to go to Unionville. I have been told that the reason is that the attendance from Monday to Thursday isn't a "full-house" so there isn't a need to have them.

We hear about the news from "leaks" from the council as they don't tell the jamat until the last possible minute. The closer of Bayview & Richmond Hill have been confirmed by several reliable sources.


Ya ali madad. Recently I have been feeling very uneasy and am not able to pray or concentrate on any kind of prayers if I am at jamat khana. My gatpat jo doro has loosened and fallen off multiple times. This scares me. I try having niyaz and recite naad e ali. Pls guide me someone, can there be something wrong happening or is it just my thinking? Thank you


yam sis, i would suggest tht dont go on any myths or etc, just relax n if u are too much in stress so start listening some wa'az or ginan before u go to bed, it will give u much peace. Discuss ur problem with Mukhi / Mukhyani n take special duashees from them n do mushkil aasan mehmani ... InshaAllah with time u ll b ok dear... I pray for your Good Health n Fortune n Peace in ur life. Aameen


Ameen n thank u so much


I would like to say, thnks for the providing of latest news an information about our religion.

Hi is there any Jamatkhana

Hi is there any Jamatkhana in Kuwait? contact me skype: damji.kamran


i would just like to say thankyou to whoever is operating this site. You are the ones that are keeping Our ismaili traditions alive. I as an rec student as well as a teacher get all my resources your website. The website has helped me develop a deep insight into Ismaili Tariqah. Please never stop updating it , its much needed in todays world.

May mawla bless you with his barakaat :) Ameen !

About a relation between husband and wife

I wnt to knw if hazar imam made any farman or speech about a relation ship of husband n wife or anything related to it . thank you.

About a relation between husband and wife

share your email address. please ....

There have been many during

There have been many during the Imamat of the present Imam. What kind of Farmans or Speech are you referring to? Sharing the work load? Family and children? Validity of the marriage and family concept?


dear sir


site is escellance ousam

kindly add ginan

piya darshan kaho kesy pain
tajma ya or gur ky jsin

short stay in uk

yaali madad,

i am coming uk in short visit in december 14, pls any budy arange studio flat for rent do i need, pls mail me
on awfmumbai [at] gmail.com.

i am staying uk 13dec to 19 dec


yaali madad

Which Area/City?

Yam, can you suggest which city you're coming?

beta-testing phase


Please advise as to when the beta-testing phase of the electronic library will reach completion. Hopefully, this will provide an enhanced experience in downloading and listening to ginans/tasbihs/etc. which currently takes prolonged periods to download.

Than you,


Beta testing will end next

Beta testing will end next year when we port the website to the next version of Drupal.


I like listening Ginan so plz share app for listening ginan

We'll work on it and you'll

You can ask any functionality and we'll try our best to add it.

Add your request on


We'll work on the apps as requested and you'll have it beginning next year.

books written by alwaez abu aly

Hey guys i would be really really really thankful if someone can help me find books writtend by alwaez abu aly . I am willing to spend if it requires money . My email add is nishaltradingltd [at] @gmail.com and alijariya [at] gmail.com

dubai jamatkhana visit

ya ali madad.myself sahil from india. i am goin to b in dubai from 2 nov to 6 nov.i wanted to visit jamatkhana and the ismaili center can anyone help me with it....mail me on sahilkadiwar96 [at] gmail.com

What does Quran says or is

What does Quran says or is there any Verses in Quran or in Farman that says about a boy / a girl marrying in different religion i.e. in Christian etc

marriage system of ismaili's

is ismaili muslim(boy/girl) marry with other muslims but not ismaili and shia?
boy/girl not ismaili or shia marry with ismaili boy/girl?

Hi dear

There is no problem a ismaili boys or Girls can get marry to non ismaili Muslim it doesn't matter .

Malaysia - MBA at Wesminster International college

Dear All Jamahats in Malaysia, Suban Jan,

I will be starting my MBA at Wesminster International college by end of
November 2014.

I need accommodation close to the college there, Subang jan.

Can any Jamahat family give me a room for rent? please let me know on my
email address, farzana.adell01 [at] gmail.com

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Accomodation with a Jamat host family

Dear Jamat,

I am from Afghanistan and by end of Nov 2014 will be in Subang Jaya for doing MBA at Westminster International college.

Please can you help me to find accomodation for rent witing Jamat community and Jamat host family? please drop me an email incase if there is available, farzana.adell01@gmail.com

I really appreciate it in advance.

thank you

fantastic work

may moula bless you
keep up the good work

If anybody knows Email

If anybody knows Email address of Khizer Hayat

Ismaili Center on Kanis Rd. Little Rock AR USA

A new Ismaili Center recently opened, (about 2 weeks ago),in Little Rock on Kanis Rd. very close to my home. I'm very interested in learning about their traditions, beliefs etc and am happy they have chosen this area of Little Rock to open their place of worship. I wonder if outsiders are allowed to visit during prayers or the worship service? I am a Unitarian Universalist and have very liberal beliefs when it comes to religion. I would enjoy learning more about the Ismaili faith/following.


ya ali madad
i am a member of ismaili.net and i want to post something how could do that any help me for that

new in Qatar

Ya ali madad. I have just moved to Doha, I was really hoping if I could get in touch with ismailis living here. I need to know about jk, who to speak to in regards to the transportation etc

Its looks bueatiful and we

Its looks beautiful and we are truly blessed. Thank you! Maula for being there for us.

Opening ceremony in Toronto

I am in NY - Manhattan from the 8th to the 14th of September. Is the opening ceremony of Hazar Imam in Toronto, going to be shown in JK on Friiday the 12th of September?. Will there be a satellite transmission ?

Thanks Ya Ali Madad

Mumtaj Ishani

You can contact me on mail address parin_hansen [at] hotmail.com or I am staying at Metro Apartment Midtown tel +19177979482

If it is not shown in New

If it is not shown in New York JK, you can still look at the webcast. We will give the links on our main page before the webcast starts on 12th September

want to come to Jamatkhana

On September 5th, 2014 Azam Ali khowaja (not verified) says:
Ya Ali madad
I am an ismaili from hyderabad Pakistan. I have arrived in Montreal two days before and i am in mcgill macdonald campus. I am very eager to come to jk but i cant have any access. Can anyone please help me out by telling me about any bus that can take me from lakeshore road to jk. I will be grateful email address azam_hajani [at] hotmail.com
azam.khoaja at] ail.mcgill.ca

You can put your address of

You can put your address of departure and your arrival and this link will tell you how to go by public transport and how long it will take you. Once in Jamatkhana, you can enquire about people leaving in Beaconsfield and coordinate with them


want to come to Jamatkhana

On September 5th, 2014 Azam Ali khowaja (not verified) says:
Ya Ali madad
I am an ismaili from hyderabad Pakistan. I have arrived in Montreal two days before and i am in mcgill macdonald campus. I am very eager to come to jk but i cant have any access. Can anyone please help me out by telling me about any bus that can take me from lakeshore road to jk. I will be grateful

Information for visiting Ismailis in Rome, Italy

YAM. I live in Rome, Italy, where the few of us Ismailis do not have the fortune of having a Jamatkhana in the whole of Italy. My family is visiting me this September 2014, and we shall be grateful if you could vive us Some important Information regarding the distance from the Airport to the Jamatkhana , and economic hotels or short rentals of apartments availability, and if it is easy to get to the Jamatkhana by public transport, and how to get to the Jamatkhana from the major points in the city. Could you also please suggest Some places where the Ismailis usually go to eat Some traditional Indian meals. I am sure that all this above requested Information Will surely be of help to the visiting Ismailis. Thank you. Annar Thawer

Information required for education in Australia

Dear all YAM. I am Hussain Amjad from Pakistan. I need contact information of Ismaili education board of Australia so that i can get information about further studies in Australia. Pleas assist me. My e-mail address is hussainamjad7 [at] gmail.com
Thank you.

Accomodation Decatur Atlanta GA

YAM, I m Dr Saleem, moving to Atlanta for 6 mnths for postgraduation at Emory Uni, I need place to stay. can anyone keep me as paying guest, my email saleemkhawaja1 [at] yahoo.com

taking out Tasbih in times of difficulty

ya ali madad
i always take out tasbhi but still i feel some thing bad in my mind and nothing is happen good with me always have some problem . but always feel alone tensions , and i always cry .everytime i get negative thought , pls help me what to do .
i will be very thankful .

thanks you

continued try all will be ok inshallah lakhani

pls try all will be fine keep trust on allah everythijng will be well and fine

have faith

Life is never easy and if anything we all know we have our ups and downs, have faith and believe that things will soon change because as time goes no things change. What ever you are facing me and I'm sure many others will pray that Allah give you strength, and balah bimaari dafey kari and nekh umedu puri karey. Ameen.

Eid namaz script

Ya Ali Madad,

Can anyone help me with the Eid namaz script please.

want to convert to ismaili

hi guys i am sajjad from karachi i want to be ismaili plz tell me whom should i contact where should i go and what documents i need to submit and m serious so plz help me i have really set my mind to be ismaili and my reason is the goodness of this faith.

contact nUMBER

Can you Give your Number Or Email................

looking for job

Ya Ali Madad everyone my name is soheb rangara i just recently moved to Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), i am permanent residence of Canada and staying in Canada from last 4 years i am looking for job in Edmonton as i have an experience of working in hotels in India and did diploma in hotel management, as i know there are many hotels of our ismaili brothers so if anybody can help me, i am ready to work in any department as well as if any other job is available anywhere i am ready to start immediately. my number is 7809184428 email :- sohebrangara@yahoo.com.


Dear sir or madam
In my opinion, it would be reasonable to notify the sender that their message has been received and is under study. Otherwise one may send a comment over and over again in order to assure its delivery.
Best regards
Ehsan Norouzi
ehsan_norouz [at] @hotmail.com

Urgent need for accomodation in Copenhagen

Dear all,
Ya Ali madad,
I'm Ehsan, a newcomer to Denmark and in desparate need to find a place to stay for at least three weeks in order to validate my CPR number. The authorities gave me a deadline till August 1st to find a residency address or they will cancel my CPR number.
I am 31, male and from Iranian Ismaiili community. I've been a volunteer teacher in Jamatkhana of Tehran for months, teaching Math and Physics to college students. I graduated in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and have a green card permission to stay in Denmark. I am eager to serve Jamatkhana in any way I am asked for.
I can afford up to 2500 DKK monthly for a place to live. I have tried many sites and groups online but it was of no avail. So I came to Norway to my sister's place in order to avoid high expenses of staying placeless in Copenhagen. However I am ready to be in Copehagen at the shortest notice because I should settle down in Copenhagen before 1st Aug. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have got something on your mind.
Thanks for your time and concern.

Ehsan Norouzi
Email: ehsan_norouzi [at] hotmail.com
Viber: +989125304891
Tel: +4747331977

need help for my son

YAM. I'm farzana nayani from Karachi. My son Amin nayani has arrived Melbourne a week ago. He needs accommodation with Ismaili room mates and also part time job to earn his expenses and fees. Pls if any one can guide him in this regard I will be grateful. His email is engramin25 [at] gmail.com

Ginans - Original scripts

My gratitude for English Transliteration of ginans.
Please provide original scripts-Gujarati, etc also.
I have great difficulty with pronunciation in English only version.
Gujarati versions will help with correct pronunciation and impart meanings clearly.


My understanding the Druze Sect is a branch of the Ismaili,The Ismaili sect has translated the Greek phillosophy,and later it was adopted by the druze sect.We have similar culture,and social behaviour.I would like to know is your holy book is secret and discrete like the Druze and the language you practice in your holy book?


Hello Mahmoud, Druze sect was part of Ismaili faith long ago that had parted ways - same as other Shia sects. Our spiritual leaders' (imam) farman (sayings) are usually in English language but are also translated in other languages. Quran is also our holy book. Are you a Druze? If you are let keep in touch. Write to me at naegcanada at gmal do com.


i am 10 years old n i want to recite idd namaz .there is no audio so i can download.pls

Help Out your Ismaili Brothers & Sisters Around the Globe

Dear Brothers & Sisters, YAM..it has been observed that many of our brothers and sisters are enjoying their life very well living in European Countries i.e. US or Canada and others.. Its the natural habitat that everyone in the World lives for himself or herself..If we talk about Islam and specially Ismaili Islam..it teach us to help each and everyone in every walk of life..Many of our brothers and sisters are living in some societies in the World in very harsh conditions because of economical disabilities or social but they are in very worst lifestyles which has not just been created by themselves but the Countries laws and mismanagement is also the part of that worst living conditions..I would like to invite those Ismaili brothers & sisters who can help their troubled brothers & sisters in such countries Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and all other failed states as they can help them to immigrate to US & Canada the better opportunities established countries..I know many of them have ideal social and economical status but they fed up living in such a society where a single person can not express truth and even far away to struggle for his/her right..I hope all of you reading this script can understand it very well..

Thank You

ismaili help


I live in London ,UK and if there are ismaili brothers or sisters who need assistance here please they can contact us
Not with immigration issues but with accommodation , language , getting around and any other general issues

Help me find my friend

Hi, I'm from Kisumu, living is CA now. I am trying to find a long lost friend fro Kisumu. Her name is Ruksan. Her mother "Sher Banu" was a mid wife there in 1945-1960.
Ruksana was a tall girl with dark wavy hair, She moved to Nairobi in early 70's. Her sister Naseem died at early age, Her brother Afzal died too few years back in London.
I'll really appreciate if some one can help me find my friend,
She would be around 73/74 years old now.
my email address is nsim2000 [at] @gmail.com

virtual jk and social hall

thank you so much for having this...i am ill and currently unable to attend jk physically
Ya Aly Madat

Virtual Jamatkhana

During Golden Jubilee I met a couple in Nairobi, they were posted in the Bahamas for 2 years where there was no Jamatkhana. They also told me that it was a great support for them to be able to connect with their faith in such remote area.

Dari translation

Ya Ali Madad ! Mahr Hussaini from Afghanistan attach Dari book and Dari translation of Imam Zaman addresses


Addris in hong kong


Are there any contacts,ismailis in Brazil. I shall be there for a month starting 26th Jun 2014

finding ginan

Hi ya ali madad. Myself riyaz sutar I m from Australia. I try to find ginan eji sami maa baapa e janam apyo. Can anyone pls find this ginan for me. Will be much appreciated. Pls send me ginan or link on riyazsutar1@gmail.com. I usually from junagadh. Its famous for ginans raag in whole world.
Thanks for waez and ginans. This web site is very much helpful.

require information


My name is Barkatali. I am from India, Mumbai I am married and have a four and a half year old daughter. I am Interior Designer by profession and my wife , Zehra is a Post Graduate in English Literature. We are looking for opportunity in New Zealand. I would like to know if there is any scope for us there in New Zealand. I am also appoint to applying for student visa. I will appreciate if you could help me out with this .I would appreciate if you could intimidate me on possible options. In anticipation of a genuine positive response from you. Thanking you .

My email add : barkatali_m [at] hotmail.com.

Ismailis in Oahu, Hawaii???

Ya Ali Madad,

I am moving to the island of Oahu in Hawaii this July. I know there is
currently not an official jamatkhana there, but I wanted to know how I can
search for any Ismailis living there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much.

Aaliya Uddin

Information about shared accomodation

Ya Ali Madad,
I am from Mumbai and I am pursuing my further studies in George Brown College, Toronto Ontario CA..and will be ariving in toronto at the end of august or start of sep .i would be obliged if somebody shares information whether I can stay with any Ismaili family in Toronto around the vicinity of 6 to 8 miles of my campus.


Regards and Ya Ali Madad,
Zohra Masani
email- masani_zohra [at] yahoo.com
contact no- 91-8879073016


Is there any JK in doha

contact information


Would anyone be so kind to let us know the phone number of London Darkhana Jamatkhana.

Thank you

The shah karim moral and

The shah karim moral and charaters are embodiment of holy quran i love shah karim


Ya Ali Madat

We are pleased to offer accommodation to ismaili students , or any ismaili in London, UK

as part of our khidmat- towards enabling our community to have a better quality of life

you can contact us on sarajj14 [at] hotmail.co.uk
best wishes and prayers

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