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why we are always given 3 chantas?

according to my teachers ,some say that 1st chanta is for soul ,2nd is for mind,3rd is for body .some say that 1st and 2nd is for two eyes and 3rd is for mouth.can anyone please tell me the correct information.

moiz.ashiqali [at] yahoo.com

can higher stage of consciousness can be reached through ibadat?

what is the correct way of ibadat,according to ginans and farman through which one can reach to highest level of consciousness?

moiz.ashiqali [at] yahoo.com


please visit forum section of this website where you can find all the answers you just put here with detail.

Atlanta jamatkhana

pls possible to anyone pls provide company to attend any jamatkhana in atklanta thanks my e.mail is vallilakhani [at] yahoo.com thanks

help to going jamatkhana

iam vallimohammed lakhani staying with my son at 6140 ibdian wood circle south east like to attend jamatkhana meryata or dicater if suitable anybudt and provide lift am very thankfull to attend any j.k thanks vallilakhani I am seniyer of 83 years thanks lakhani


To all those special dedicated brothers and sisters who have come up with this brilliant ideal of virtual khane...

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU KINDLY.

This was such a brilliant idea!

I am in metropolitian Toronto, infact walking distance from the new Wynford Jk, (not open yet!) YET today I woke and am sitting at my desk with my chai and such a blessing to be able to get connected to my faith in so many ways, one of which now you will be a part of. Thank you for your service.

Melodious Recitation of Ginans by Shamshu Jamal

In listening to some of the ginans in this album, I noticed that all the individual ginans (although sung by various artists, male and female), are attributed to Shamshu Jamal. The names of individual artists are shown in the album and should be so recorded per each respective ginan. If the one who posted the album on your site does not have the information, I would be glad to share that with him or her.

Ya Ali Madad I am a young

Ya Ali Madad

I am a young women from Switzerland. I was born sunni but I have grown up around Ismaili. My heart , soul and spirit belong to Ismaili and i would like to become a murid. I need help from someone nearby who has no ties with me so that I can be guided by him in a rational way.

Please contact me if anyone can help.



Seem like you are keen to know about ismailism, i would like to help you in this matter with my pleasure, through email or any other contact.

abu ali waez on canada n those ismailis living in canada

i need abu ali waez on ismaili go on canada or on canada

ameeralinkhilani [at] gmail.com

Abu Ali waez

There are many waez in this website in waez section, I think you will able to find the waez on Canada. I heard that waez many time it is about future of Ismailis from Canada, what roll they have to play during zahurat? I think every one should listen that waez.

Need Ginans of Alidina Jamal

I need ginans of Alidina Jamal. I heard that he was one of the best ginan reciters. Can any one provide me ?


This site is knowledgeable.

nade Ali in gujararti

Dear, I need nade Ali in Gujarati can anybody help me?

Nade Ali in Gujarati

નાદે અલી, નાદે અલીયન મઝહર અલ અજાઇબ,
તજીદહુ ઓવનન લક ફીન નવાઇબ,
કુલ્લુ હમ્મીન વ ગમ્મીન સયનજલિક બી વીલાયતિક,
યા અલી, યા અલી, યા અલી.

Kind Regards

Mehdi M Valji
AITMADI Trading, Oil & Gas Field Supplier
P. O. Box: 25368 | Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates
T: +971-2-621-4640 | M: +971-50-614-8272 | F: +971-2-621-4625
Email: mehdivalji [at] gmail.com , aitmadi [at] eim.ae

house / flat to buy or share

Ya Ali Madat

Iam looking for some ismailis who would be interested in buying /renting or sharing a house / flat in London

It is important that we get on and mutual respect and understanding is very necessary

Living alone in London is not the ideal and to share accommodation with some good ismailis makes it more enjoyable

Iam not looking for a partner ( just to make that clear!:) but simply some decent human beings who have sound ethical and moral ways of being, who are God conscious etc

I look forward to hearing from you

My email is

sarajj14 [at] hotmail.co.uk

IOS or Android APPS

YAM to all,

Just wondering if it is a good idea to develop an ismaili.net APP for all around the world. Or do we have one?

Most of us have smart phones I think we could use some "me time" to listen to ginans or other stuff.

Please suggest and comment.



Super sei Upper

It is unbelieveable collections of Ginans with meanings. For me it is life changing.
All the best to all the people involved in research, compilation and made so easy for us to enjoy the fruits.

Jk in Kashmir

I am wondering if there is a JK in Kashmir and if so where it would be......address or tel number?

Thank you..

AApka sukriya. aap ki site zabardast hai.kai dino se kuch question the thode to solve ho gaye kuch baki hai..
Kya ismaili by birth hote hai. Koi convert nahi ho sakta ??? i m from a small city Etawah (U.P.) India.now a days living in hyderabad .I born in a sunni family .Plz mail me (ud.moin [at] gmail.com)About conversion in to sunni to ismaili

visit forum

For reliable answer for how to convert in Ismailism? Please visit forum section there you will find good information.

Can an Ismaili marry a Sunni?


I am an Ismaili boy who has been going out with a Sunni girl for the past year. We are very serious about each other. Do you think an Ismaili and Sunni marriage could work? Has it happened before? We are both very tolerant of each other's beliefs but would like any kids that we have to have a mixture of the two beliefs. Do you believe it is possible to bring kids up in this way?

ismaili marrying outside religion

As you said you wanted to marry sunni woman and have ever this happened before. i would like to tell my ismaili brother and sisters if ever they get into relationship outside our ismaili religion ,it is better they should think seriously about it.marrying and having children and their upbringing is a very serious matter and not a fairy-tale romantic story.

just think about that where will your kids go? you are cutting from your own roots and parental branches.

think our religion is more than a pearl and so easy and not hard to follow. all goodness exists in it. it is better to think about marrying your own community instead of marrying others as no one is different from other in thoughts and attitude. it is only a matter of time when one falls in love with other person and gets attached. i am sure you will feel the same for your own people when you try to go deeply into their lives.

please dont make mistakes and dont ruin your and your families' spirits.

@ ismaili marrying outside religion

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

After reading your comments I feel sorry that you feel that way. I will direct your attention the The Imam's Family .. they are the leading role in our lives and they have put an example forward for all of us .. Marry anyone if you can carry it with respect and love. Ismaili , Shia , Sunni , Wahabi , Christian or what so ever they maybe. We do believe in one God and its Obligatory in Islam to respect each other and accept each other. Please do not create a difference between among ourselves and accept each other as true brothers and sisters. There is no diiference among ourselves and the Quran emphesises on not creating differences. Please do not post such discriminating comments as its Un Islamic and ethically wrong. I would say that tolerance and acceptance is our faith and please do not derive yourself from your faith. I pray to all the Islamic Umma to unite and not create a difference among ourselves .. Amen "

@ ismaili marrying outside religion

Dear brother,
I think you clearly misunderstood and missed the whole point that my brother was trying to make.He was not trying to create a difference amongst the ummah but he was making him aware of the consequences of marrying outside your sect.In our own surroundings we have seen marriages gone worse and serious family disputes arise due to this decision although I do believe there are a few perfect examples but still you are taking a risk if you think you can handle it. Believe me neither him nor the girl would want to change their religion because everyone thinks he/she is right and they would want their children to follow their sect. If they truly believed that we are same then one of them might have agreed for the children to choose one's sect in the future but as my brother declared they would bring their children as a mixture of both sects. Its in our nature ( human nature ) and both would be dis hearted especially their families if the child follows one religion and this may also have adverse affects on the child upbringing.The risk is your's.if you want to marry go ahead but Only marry others if you think it doesn't matter to you whether to which sect your children would belong to but believve me you would bw conscious about it your whole life.

The second point that you are trying to make about IMAM's life. I would want to clarify it to that Imam's life is not a role model for us. We do believe that Imam is infallible and whatever steps he takes cannot and could not be understood by us. The guidelines that we are to follow are in his Faramins and if we only needed a role model than you contradict yourself with the shia beliefs of the need of an Imam to guide us. The holy prophet's life is the perfect example but it is Imam's faramins that we must follow to lead our lives but not his personal life as we(an ordinary mind) don't know the reason behind the steps and actions in his life because we consider him to be infallible.

thank you
note : (This is what I think and not the general belief of Ismailis. I believe we should refrain ourselves in order to avoid destruction of many lives including the one's coming to this world)


acording hazir imam's 2008 farman and Sir Sultan mohammad sha's book ( islam is relegion of my anccestor) there is no option to compromise our religion.

You will have problems when

You will have problems when your kids grow up and are completely confused about what is faith and what is the Sirat al Mustaqueem. You know that a kid can not have 2 fathers nor 2 religions. You will have to be prepared to loose your children. Are you prepared for that possibility?

Hi. Thanks for your reply.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. It's an extremely difficult situation as I believe she's the right girl for me and I'm the right guy for her. We have a wonderful relationship and it seems like a great shame to throw it all away because of the fact we're different types of Muslims, even though I understand our beliefs and cultures are very different. I'm not ready to loose my kids. It's my biggest concern which is why I haven't yet committed to go further. I wanted to know if there was a way around it so that somehow both faiths could be practiced or if it had been done before and worked out.

I don't know of any case

I don't know of any case where it worked out the way you suggest.

What may work is if she agrees to become Ismailis and that the children also become Ismaili but remember she also has a background and her parents may not agree.

I know of few non-Ismailis marrying Ismailis and converting and their kids are regular in JK and as volunteer. The mother became even more loyal to Hazar Imam than some born Ismailis...

Another case I know is a Sunni girl marrying an Ismaili, within 3 years she was reciting a Qasida in front of the Imam in Montreal and at the next Didar in Toronto, The Imam mentioned in Toronto Farman about the Syrian Qasida he heard from that girl in Montreal.

Thank you for your responses

In Theory if this could work then things may work out but practically I'm not so sure it could.

General Question

Ya Ali Madad , a very close friend of mine just converted out of ismailism unfortunately. On arguing with him he had a couple of questions. I was able to answer few but few of them got me stuck , can you please enlighten me "What is the purpose of Awul Sufra, Nandi and Mehmani, all of which involves money and if a person is poor what is his fault. Thank you very much.

general question

To understand this concept your friend has to go back to time of Prophet Mohamed(SAS) times where these Awal Sufro,Mehmani,Nandi originated. Otherwise his parents never ever tried to teach him Bait ul Ilm.
and he has to understand the Baitul Ilm to understand why our Noor e Paak Khudawind is allowing them till date.
We used to offer such from heart to our beloved Prophet and we cannot stop them now for satisfying whims of others. At time even one date offering was blessed as much as a bunch of dates offered. And what is wrong with this ex Ismaili, when what we accumulate goes to Mowla's good for the world as a whole? We, be rich or poor, will support Him till Day of Judgment. INSHALLAH

Like in all religion, the

Like in all religion, the intention is what counts. If your friend can not understand that concept, there is no use to try to explain to him anything. God is not interested in your money, he decides who will be rich and who will be poor. The only thing God wants is your love and your trust.. neither of which your friend seems to have.

Sat Shabd

I am a new member....How come when I put search for " Sat Shabd"............nothing comes up !

Click here:

Click here:


This is part of Braham Prakash.

Sabd.................alias Braham Prakash.................

Wow...............that was a quick respose.......................Thnx !....................from Toronto

BUT, why do we have to use " captcha" ( don't you have a better word !? ) in reply...................I am already in your system, database !

New Member

Just joined the Heritage Site today Dec 31, 2013. Found it very interesting and informative. Keep up the good job !

Munqabat in arabic text

Dear All
Can anybody send me Qasaid in Arabic and Persian text Please.
ziaullah.baig [at] gmail.com

Restrictions & confidentiality

Ya Ali Madad,

I appreciate that you people has shared such vast collection of our tareeqah. I would like to suggest please don't provide assess of such important information to non Ismailis & keep it assesable for Ismailis only.

Thanks & regards,
Rahim Surani.


How you can tell Ismailis from others?


Like Bohra site - you have to give some info like Muhki name - or intro from existing member -

Is there any Jamath Khan in Abu Dhabhi

YA Ali Madad all
I need to know if there is ay jamath khana in abu dhabhi ? I am here for couple of months and I would like to go to jamath khan if there is any? please let me know


My family and I are going to be in Itally for the next chandraat and would like to know if there are any Jamat Khanas in
Italy, specifically Rome.


ya ali madad

dear ismalia brothers and sisters,

i am living in kentucky usa and i can not find any jk here and i need information about JK and job opportunity in taxas can you give me informmation please call on my skype (saadatmohsini).


Ya Ali Madad:

Dear All,

we are an Ismaili family living in Kentucky USA and we can not find any JK and good job here, please deare spiritual family give me information regarding job opportunities and JK location in Oston Texas USA.


AKU Convocation video


Dear family I need the recent video of the AKU C0nvocation 2013.



Today i saw a website where popular person of the world are graded on their votes and i saw(MHI) Aga Khan on 4th which was very painful for me after that i saw the total count of our Jamat and it was the 10% of total Muslim's or even more than that and then finally i saw from how many votes is (MHI) Aga Khan (is back from the person on 1st rank) needs to be on 1st position and the count was 3667535 and that was much painful to see ,a person can vote 1time per hour then too we don't do if you think you should vote and share this with other Ismaili's please visit

Dear All,

Please log on to this site and vote for Aga Khan and please share this message too.

we love IMAM E ZAMAN

i agre with u but jo tarefo ka mautaj nai usay vote sai kia kam IMAM E ZAMAN sai pocha gaya k ap itnay popular hai to why u r not in politics MOWLA reply k i dont know what is politics so vote karnay na karnay sai thori farq paray ga King of king is MOWLA

Let us not worry about these

Let us not worry about these popularity contests. Hazar Imam is not some fickle celebrity, he is a man of substance. It doesn't matter if he comes in first or last


A.A i am 4rm pakistan can u plz give me a call i want to c0nvert my n0. Is +923085224696

Meaning of a Tasbeeh

YAM Everyone,

I would really appreciate if anyone of you could eleborate the meaning and the significance of the following Tasbeeh which is in Persian (Farsi).

"Ya Rabala Be Garda By Haq e Shah e Mardan"

Moreover, when this tasbeeh to be recited.

Appreciate the answer.


Ya Ali Madad Shah. This excerpt is from an old book, which I am not aware is the same as what you have stated: Ya Rabb Bala Birgada Ba-Haqqe Shahe Marda'n, which I can translate it in English. "O Sustainer Drive Away My Problems, For The Sake Of Maula Ali". Personally, I always recite what Our Beloved Hazar Imam has always guided us that, "When you are in difficulty in a worldy way, for time or work, take your Tasbih, take your Tasbih call: Ya Allah, Ya Mohammed, Ya Ali". Thanks.

The history n meanin of tasbeeh ya rabala be garda

meaning of the above tasbih. Oh Rab remove my calamities in the name of my Master Ali. or O Allah I ask you for your help - please come to my help and I am beseeching you in the name of my Master Ali ! Imam Aga Aly Shah stated that between morning Khane uthapanji and kayamkaranji ghatpath dua if a person is in dire straits and repeats a tasbih of "Ya Raballah be garda, kuwat e parwardigar something ................." 40 times for 40 consecutive days he/she will have that problem solved. This is only to be done when the problem is unsurmountable. For regular problems Ya Aly x 14 and Salwat X 14.

reply to shah

SHAH I dnt know whats the meaning of that tasbih but it was recited in India in jamatkhana when there was heavy rain fall in India

There is a discussion on

Amina the adopted daughter of Missionary Ghulam Ali Shah

Help me find my relatives

I shall be grateful if I can get some information and contact of Amina the adopted daughter of Missionary Ghulam Ali Shah.
My grandfather Zakir Hussain, left two of his children Safia and Mohsin with missionary Syed Muhammad Shah, the father of Missionary Ghulam Ali Shah, in Hyderabad Sind in 1928. May be Ms. Amina, the adopted daughter of missionary Ghulam Ali Shah knows about my relatives whom we are trying to search since many years.
(Kindly refer http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/20699
37. Ghulam Ali Shah, Missionary - page 144
in Ismaili Hero - Ghulam Ali Shah's wife Gulbanu died in 1966 and they had had no children. They had adopted an African girl, called Anisa in 1954 when she was two years old.)
Thank you


Yam.. Is there a jamatkhana in Salt Lake City?

You can search on the

You can search on the following page http://www.ismaili.net/jk/jk.html

about JK search

Thanks a lot,this was a good resource page to find out JKs of the world before applying for colleges for my daughter,thanks for it,May Allah bless ,Ameen

Need HELP .. Please read

I want to suggest some innovative and better for AKYSB & ITREB India but i dont know where to suggest my views and to discuss with whom so guys please help me .... I will be waiting for your help my Ismaili brothers and sisters.

find my ferind mr. akbar ali nourali

Ya ali madad
I am Nouraddin Hassannezhad from Iran, Mashhad.I am Ismaili.I was living in Chabahar near the Gwader city ,Pakistan. I had a friend Mr. AkbarAli Nurali, who is living now in Karim Abad , Karachi.
His name is AkbarAli son of Nurali , his Wife is Hamideh Husseini, & he had 2 children, His daughter Shamim & his son Ali salman.
Now I request of Spritual brothers and sisters who are living in Karimabad karachi , please help me to find my friend or some information about hime like : His phone number,his email address. then send me through my email address:
Nouraddin49 [at] gmail.com
I am waiting for your help .
your Brother:
Iran- Mashhad


Akber Nurali's family are in Toronto Canada I met him 2007


Mobarak deedar to all brothers and sisters in india .
Mobarak Mobarak Mobarak

Mourning for the Ismaili victims in Nairobi

I saw in the newspaper there are innocent Ismaili victims in Nairobi because of the al-Qaeda attack.

I just want to say I mourn with you.

May the Merciful heal your sadness and this sick world we live in.

I am Unitarian Universalist, we respect all faith traditions.

Thanks. Yes so many innocent

Thanks. Yes so many innocent people died there. Two of the kids were my daughters class-mate, the mother of one of them was my wife's friend, all three were lovely persons. My daughter did not sleep the night we got the sad news because she never thought young kids can die and she had a chat with one of her friend with her ipad just a week before her death.

We used to go to Westgate Mall frequently when we lived in Nairobi. We still can not understand why this happened and how people can do this. This is so evil that there is no word strong enough to condemn these terrorists.

Bt we should also recognise that there are good people in this world. many unknown heroes risked their lives to save the people trapped inside the Mall. This barbaric acts of few ended uniting Kenyans of all tribes and also people of all faiths which condemned the act with ONE united voice.

My daughter told me that hundreds of people have given blood to save the victims. She said blood of poor people was given to rich and blood of rich to poor, and blood of Africans to Asians and blood of Asians to Europeans and in this process the unity of mankind was given more importance than the acts of the barbarians. That is the Power of Humanity which is still strong in this sick world.

Information Sharing.

Ijamaluddin zindani from karachi- pakistan, first ever join this web page and find it not only interested but very helpful to our jamat. As Ismaili jamat that is Global jamat and there ismuch mobility trend.
My suggestion is to make more usefull this site that jamat settelled in the different region of the world should share their experience ,opportunities, and some advise about to settelled over their.
For example now many Bohra's brothers are thinking but moving to settelled in different parts of Africa to explore opportunities from pakistan.my email address is : jamalzindani [at] gmail.com
thanks and regards,

jamaluddin zindani.

Ismailis in ZANZBAR

Kokoni Stone Town Zanzibar on house no 1226 Kokoni,
The Rosal Stone Town Hotel
+255752850400 Mobile Alnashir, Rosemin +255765939393
rosalhotel [at] yahoo.com

Paris JamatKhana

I am visiting Paris on vacation from Canada and I found the addresse on this website - thank you. I went to JamatKhana at Paris Palace and a lady by the name of Amina helped me and showed me around - much appreciated! Thank You!
I was shocked to see a teenager texting in Khane during Khane.

Jamatkhana on Moi Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya

Ya Ali Madad. A friend of mine mentioned to me that the above Jamatkhana will be closed soon for congregation, etc. I wonder whether it is true, and I hope not otherwise it will be so sad? Thank You.

It would indeed be a mistake

It would indeed be a mistake to close such a historic Jamatkhana, even Hazar Imam has mentioned this Jamatkhana's importance in his Farmans.


Ya Ali Madad. Thank You. Born in Kenya, I had spent many years in Nairobi my education, my work, etc. I was always attending this Jamatkhana morning/evening known at that time Darkhana Jamatkhana. Even now whenever I am in Nairobi my first and last Jamatkhana attendance is at this Jamatkhana. I do hope it does not close. Thank You.

Austria Ismailis?

As received

yam i am serching for ismailis in vienna Austria i live here since long
time i coudnt finde anyone so plz if there is someone just let me know here
is my number...06605281547...regards from Vienna!!

San Antonio jk

any jk in San Antonio tx?
Does anybody have the address?

San Antonio

San Antonio ,USA
2391 N E Loop 410 #304
Southwest, San Antonio

Any Jamatkhana in Louisville?

Y A M,

Dear all,

I will be shift to Louisville, KY US after few days can anyone inform that is there any JK over there.


Jk in Louisville

What is the closest JK to Louisville kY?

Ismaili in Vienna, Austria

i am from hunza pakistan and i am living here in Vienna Austria...there is no jamat khana but if someone wants to meet up here is my Email...alam.khan [at] gmx.net send me ur number or just call me here is my number...00436605281547...regards

i am moving to lethbridge from usa

i am looking for a room to rent i am 53 year old male want to settle to lethbridge if u can email me at salimok [at] yahoo.com

Moving to lethbridge,Alberta

YAM Salim,
Write to me at docmom [at] shaw.ca with the details

need information:

Dear all,

I have received immigrant visa from US bur IM asked me for the states to select i mam asking for state to have JK and having job please guide me.

Select in USA

Three big jamats in USA are in Huston,Georgia,California and Chicago. If you want to live within community For Job Houston and Chicago are the best.


well i don't know if you are educated if you are, then i think California is best for you otherwise Chicago il, is best to make money.

Virtual Jammat Khana at your site.

i think in vertual JK you insert musical Tasbee accedintly please remove musical ginan & Musical Tasbee becouse we are not reciting these kind of tasbee or ginan in Jamaat Khana.


You are right but the way

You are right but the way this module is programmed, it goes to fetch random files from all of the files tagged as ginans so sometimes ginans with music pops up, it can not be avoided, maybe in a later stage of programing, this flaw will disappear. There will be major changes when we move our data to a new server later this year.


Jamat Khana in Fiji

Is there jamat khana in fiji island

yes there is a jamat khana

yes there is a jamat khana in fiji island, we have fijian jamat in sydney and melbourne jk


Hi I would like to join the jamat khana. I am a devotee of Hazar Imam since last two years. I recite the Dua daily. Can someone guide me to join a jamat khana. I have already converted to Islam.


Khoja wana join a Jamat Khana

I think you need to approach Ismaili Centre in Dubai. You did not mention your present location in UAE. You are a devotee of Hazar Imam (Jee Fida) for the last two years and I pray that May you avail 200 more devotional years in life and May Hazar Imam showers his more and most blessing ever. The last line is not appropriate/pertinent to your post. Thanks


ya ali madad.
We want to move to college station and we are looking for good job or investment opportunity so please if someone can help me.
nurr4u @ gmail.com
thank you.

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