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Jk in Louisville

What is the closest JK to Louisville kY?

Ismaili in Vienna, Austria

i am from hunza pakistan and i am living here in Vienna Austria...there is no jamat khana but if someone wants to meet up here is my Email...alam.khan [at] gmx.net send me ur number or just call me here is my number...00436605281547...regards

i am moving to lethbridge from usa

i am looking for a room to rent i am 53 year old male want to settle to lethbridge if u can email me at salimok [at] yahoo.com

Moving to lethbridge,Alberta

YAM Salim,
Write to me at docmom [at] shaw.ca with the details

need information:

Dear all,

I have received immigrant visa from US bur IM asked me for the states to select i mam asking for state to have JK and having job please guide me.

Select in USA

Three big jamats in USA are in Huston,Georgia,California and Chicago. If you want to live within community For Job Houston and Chicago are the best.


well i don't know if you are educated if you are, then i think California is best for you otherwise Chicago il, is best to make money.

Virtual Jammat Khana at your site.

i think in vertual JK you insert musical Tasbee accedintly please remove musical ginan & Musical Tasbee becouse we are not reciting these kind of tasbee or ginan in Jamaat Khana.


You are right but the way

You are right but the way this module is programmed, it goes to fetch random files from all of the files tagged as ginans so sometimes ginans with music pops up, it can not be avoided, maybe in a later stage of programing, this flaw will disappear. There will be major changes when we move our data to a new server later this year.


Jamat Khana in Fiji

Is there jamat khana in fiji island

yes there is a jamat khana

yes there is a jamat khana in fiji island, we have fijian jamat in sydney and melbourne jk


Hi I would like to join the jamat khana. I am a devotee of Hazar Imam since last two years. I recite the Dua daily. Can someone guide me to join a jamat khana. I have already converted to Islam.


Khoja wana join a Jamat Khana

I think you need to approach Ismaili Centre in Dubai. You did not mention your present location in UAE. You are a devotee of Hazar Imam (Jee Fida) for the last two years and I pray that May you avail 200 more devotional years in life and May Hazar Imam showers his more and most blessing ever. The last line is not appropriate/pertinent to your post. Thanks


ya ali madad.
We want to move to college station and we are looking for good job or investment opportunity so please if someone can help me.
nurr4u @ gmail.com
thank you.


Mr Budhawani where you at right now well here in chicago lot of opportunity is available you can invest in txai business, or if you have less money to invest then think about UPS store to open to shipping whole of the world lot of other thing you can do here in chicago if you can handle cold over here in winter time is death vally in chicago but still people live here.if you want to make buck i will suggest you it is nice place to live rest is on you.

I want to bcome member of this site

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ya ali madad,

Can i become member of this site?

Looking for Old friend

Need contact information for Meher Engineer an Ismaili living in Port Moody Canada.or Any info of her children Navroze,Shenaz and Farhad.



i am amit satani from gujarat india, i come london 10 day in sep 2013 for bussiness visit. require for p g for london. pls cantact awfmumbai [at] gmail.com


My friend Amit write good English so we understand you What is P Q for London.


Hi Rasool,
YAM, I believe he is asking for PG accommodation. its PG not PQ :)



thanks Aqil.

Jamat Khana in Vienna, Austria????

YAM. Someone please let me know if there is a Jamatkhana in Vienna, Austria? or any Ismailies living there. Please send info at rizsamnani [at] gmail.com. regards, Rizwan

email address of president ismaili national council for canada/

hi my name is ali rahim and i wondering if i can get email address or contact info of the president sahib ismaili national council for canada or email address of contact info of the ismaili council for Toronto i have to get an important information from them......kindly help me in this regard........you can email me or write to me here......roslx_glove [at] hotmail.com is my email address.

yaa ali madad

hello hru saab momino ko yaa ali madad muje korea mai apne ismailies family ka contact chahiyeh ager kohi ho to muje contact kare mera id hai irfanmomin1981 [at] gmail.com skypy ka id hai mominirfan plz reply me
thanks u
god bless u every 1

London or Paris

Looking to stay as a paying guest with a Ismaili family in London or Paris.

Arsh.azim -at] yahoo.com


I am a sunni musslim from Arusha in Tanzania and I live closely to our city JK and fomer AGA KHAN SCHOOL. In the early seventies I was schooling with many Ismail brothers and sisters. Its my feverent to contact any of them who studied at Arusha Secondary school espesialy PARVEZ POPAT AND AMINSULTAN HASSANALI . I am now in Dar es salam my contact address is e.mail rabiasimba [at] @yahoo.com phone +255 715219899 or +255 717098750 ALLAH HAFIDH

Ismailis in Bangkok.

YAM. I am looking to speak w any Ismaili in Bangkok re life there. Pls contact me at rizk [at] live.ca.

JK in washington


Wish to go to JK in washington DC but am a senior and do not drive . Could anyone advise address and phone # so that I can make arrangement to go for prayers.

Jamatkhana in Kuwait.

YAM. Could someone please let me know if there is a Jamatkhana in Kuwait? If not then is there someplace where everyone meets for Dua?Please send me the info on zahra_lo [at] hotmail.com

momin komno itihas

does any one noe how to get a book on momin komni itihas online
Or free pdf download

learning ginans

yaa ali madad i am from pakistan... I am blind i could not find braille books in pakistan so i want to learn farsi ginans please tell me anybody know about ismaily braille press in pakistan.... Cell no +923119535551.. Nizam.

Searching for an extended family member in knoxville


I am searching for a family from Nagpur and settled in Knoxville.Any info will be appreciated.


I can get you the info. Send an email on abdmalik45 [at] gmail.com. I have lived in Nagpur.

Reg info

Hi ,

Tried to contact you via e-mail you provided but have received no reply.




coming from PAris

Y Ali Madad

I am planning to visit LA in 7th May 2013 for 12 days, If anyone can guide me how can I utilize most of my time and which are the top places.

Thank's a lot.


Dear Remtola Mustapha,

Were you able to visit LA?

Jk in china?

I was wondering if anyone is aware of JK's in Beijing or Shanghai,china.
If so please let me know at altaf@piranigroup.com
Thank you


we can not get audio ginans

Audio waez error

Can some one please check audio waez. When I try to listen to them, all waez are getting repeated again and again.

Thank you

Ya ali madad Please peciso

Ya ali madad

Please peciso the giryazari tasbih tasbih and pray that the morning after the first dua.


Visiting France

I am planning to visit France in Mid June 2013 for 6 days, If anyone can guide me how can I utilize most of my time and which are the top places where I can go, also is there any tour for Aiglemont ?

Thanking you


Sana, can you email me at: saliyat2005 [at] yahoo.com


Dear I am from Pakistan and my email is sarwar49 [at] gmail.com

Ya ali madad I'm from NEVERS

Ya ali madad

I'm from NEVERS (it's about 2h from Paris), but my Parent's are living in Paris. They are not working, so they have more time to show you many places in this wordeful town.

This is his email, you can write to him.


REMTOLA Mustapha


I am suni muslim and i want to become ismaili is it possible if it is then Reply me

Becoming an Ismaili

Of course, it is always possible to become an Ismaili? Where do you reside Sohail? and Why do you want to become an Ismaili?

contact any near ismaili

contact any near ismaili council or jamatkhana



Kalam e Maulana Abdus Salam sas

I need farsi manuscript of Maulana Abdus Salam sas kalam
Thanks guys


Please add meaning of all parts of dua on the website.

Meaning of Dua

Ya Aly Madad! I hope these electronic lines find you in a sanguine mood. I can share an english version of pdf book defining the MEANING OF OUR CURRENT DUA.. However, you need to prove that you are an ismaili! Live Long
get me on 00923126042032
Shahbaz Aly Hunzai,
South Waziristan, Pakistan


Bismillahi Rehmani Rahim
In the name of Allah the most beneficient the most merciful
Ya Ayuhal Rasool Balighma unzil ilaik mi Rabika wa illamlam tafal
fama balhagta risallata hu yasimuk minnas
Oh Prophet deliver to the people what has been revealed to you from
your Lord, and if you did so Allah will protect you from the people


Peace be on you my dear brother, i from Russia and cant to talk english very well yet, but could you find me all ismaili namaz(praying,salat)? I looking for this, but i cant to find our namaz. Please can you send me ismali namaz(praying,namaz) with english translation? Thank you)

JK in Brazil

Is there a JK in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

it does not look that there

it does not look that there is any JK there.

The JK addresses available on this site are on this link


Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

Hazar Imam mere Mowla Karim Aga

I would love to know the who sang the Geet "Hazar Imam mere Mowla Karim Aga"

Thank you for this site

Though I am not a Muslim, I am interested in understanding this religion. It is difficult because there seem to be many, many different perspectives within the faith (just as there is with the other religions). I found so much information here and so many useful links such that a lot of my preconceived notions about Islam have been changed. I am always grateful to learn. It was also organized in such a way that I didn't feel like I was being lost in a maze. I was able to make sense of everything.
Thank you for making this information available to everyone.

Ismaili Travel

Is there a such thing called Ismaili Travel? How do Ismailis from all over the world meet each other or don't they ever cross each others path?

I have always been fascinated in traveling to parts of world like China, Tajikistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Northern Pakistan to meet with non khoja Ismailis to discover how they practice Ismailism...has anyone ever done that?

saliyat2005 [at] yahoo.com

tasbih waez ferman

Navroz Mubarak to you all for bringing this precious treasure into our lives @ a click of a button
The strength,uplift of spirit is fantastic even after just a few mins of listening
May ALLAH Always Shine His Beacon To Unearth This Priceless Connect to Him.Amen!
Khudaa Hafeez

Looking add for Oman Jk

If any one know add of Jk in Oman please send me my add is javedabib [at] gmail.com

Re: Facelift

This site is very nice but I think it needs a major facelift

Jamatkhana in Mysore or Thrissur

Any one knows if there are jamatkhanas in Thrissur or Mysore, and if so, need address and/or phone numbers, please.

Jamatkhana in Mysore or Thrissur

Sir, there is no JK in Thrissur.
u need to travel upto Bangalore the nearest JK to Mysore. - regards, Malik adtani +91 9821569668.

Address for JK Nairobi

Dear Brothers and sisters i will be visiting Nairobi Kenya 2 two weeks Mid March, in case of emergency can you please send me the contact number of Mukhi and Kamedia. I will be a new to the country.

Looking for accommodation near Ismaili center London

I need a room near Ismaili center for my son, who is studying in London. If u know anyone who can rent him a room, preferably an Ismaili family, then please contact me on my E-mail address. Shamsaamir123 [at] gmail.com

Finding a friend Anisha in Canada

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am trying to reunite with my friend Anisha Jessa who was working with me in The Kenya Commercial Bank, Kisumu.
She immigrated to Canada in the early 1980's. Anisha may have a different surname.
Her age is 56 to 58 yrs.
They are three sisters, don't know the names of the two sisters neither of her parents.
This probably is not the place to search for her, but if you are able to forward my query to the relevant office I will be most appreciative.

geeta1.satish1 [at] gmail.com

Ya Ali Madad brothers! I'm

Ya Ali Madad brothers! I'm study in Brussels and also I wanted to work and find a job here.Coz it's too difficult here without job. I wanted to ask you Is anybody knows any job special for ismaili youths or student who looking for jobs? If someone has any infromation please right me in my email : zamirov92 [at] gmail.com" Thank you! Ya Ali Madad for all of your!

World Jk

I wish you would allow patrons to search by state. As sometimes you may want to move to a state depending on where the JK is. But we may have no idea which city in a particular state has a Jk. But If there is no JK in the city of our choice maybe there may be a Jk in the same state in a nearby city but we may not know the name of that city.
Please can you allow us to search JK by state. It si very frustrating to go through all Jk to find a nearby JK. I was looking to moving to Arkansas but had no idea where in Arkansas there is a Jk an dit was very frustrating to go through all JK to find that there is no JK in Arkansas.


Yes !! There is a JK in Little Rock, AK with a Jamaat of over 350 approx.
Regards & YAM.

The easier way is to search

The easier way is to search on our search box (top page) the word Arkansas and if nothing appears, you would know there are no Jk there.

looking to stay in Kampala with Ismaili Family

It's 40 years to the day when IDI AMIN forced all asians to leave Uganda
We would dearly love to visit but having been away so long and really don't know Uganda's situation, we would love to stay with an Ismaili family and willing to pay the going rate.

One of the reasons is that we would feel safe.It would be great if there are Ismaili's in Kampala who can may be help.
We are a family of 4 and I would like nothing more than to see Uganda after 40 years and meet some people on the way.

We live in the UK and we are happy to help if you are intending to visit UK. Tel 0752 898 2036.



did you find someone in Kampala?

Please contact Feroz he will

Please contact Feroz he will help you out +256712786137

Find relatives separation from 1950

Firoz brother yam. would you help me that. I want to find my uncle family members they migrate from india in.1940 and now his2nd genration living in africa the family name is husain gulam husain saudi.his let grand pa from gujarat maliya hatina (shaurashtra) I m cousin of husain gulam husain and my dob. is 1951so my cousin age is near about 65-70 if have you any sources please help me Im living in new zeland.please correspond by email.regards mr.k.parmar yam.to u.n.yourfamily.


How can find the list of countries, ismaili living.


Ismailies in Brandon mb

Any Ismailies in Brandon Manitoba Canada any information just let me know on this e mail ad smajani2002@hotmail.com or call 2042102525 thanks ya Ali madad

need information of a person in Las Vegas

i need an information of Sadroo Lalani in Las Vegas. We had an email contact since last several years but suddenly he stopped sending emails. I tried to contact him through email but all my messages remained unreplied.
Any body in Las Vegas can give me his telephone number or address so i can contact him.
I would be much obliged.
With Ya Ali Madad

i need Shajra e Nasab

YAM to all
Dear i need Shajra e Nasab,Can U tell me how u can i get ??

Shajra e Nasab

Dear it is very easy if you know the Ismaili Dua..

Business Plan in the future

Yaa Ali Madad Dear Ismaili brothers and Sisters, My name is Abduraazaq from Kabul, Afghanistan and i live in Canada and right now stay in kabul i am planning, trying to start some businesses in Toronto area,Canada i need a partner my first option insha-Allah to start(restaurant second Gas Station and third is Tim Hortons) if anyone interested or have some idea and comments please feel free email me at abdurazzaq [at] gmail.com

my visit to kabul

Dear Abduraazaq,

i live in houston USA and will be visiting kabul afghanistan around 15th of feb 2013

i need some ismaili contacts there. kindly let me know if you can help me out Regards

Amin Hasanali
aminhasanhirani [at]] gmail.com

Become an Ismaili

I am From Pakistan. I want to become an Ismaili. Lot of time I have tried to Find out someone who Guide me. But I am Failed. As a last try I have posted comment in this Site. Please Help Me. My E-Mail ID is alatif.bwp [at] gmail.com . Please Contact me ASAP.


JK near greyhound station NY?

Dear All, YAM.

I shall be coming to New York from Pakistan on 21st March on 5pm iA, and will be leaving by Greyhound at 11pm. I am looking for the JK nearest to the Greyhound station so I may be able to attend the Navroz Majlis. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Please contact me at: huzairmumtaz@gmail.com

visit to kashmir, Srinagar

I did not find any listing of JK in Srinagar, pls. let me know if there is any.

Mazar-e-sharif contact


I live in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Next month i'm going to Mazar-E-Sharif for few days from Termiz,Uzbekistan.
I need any ismaili contact number who lived in or around Mazar-E-sharif please contact me
phone No. (+99890)3333812
email: amin41175 [at] gmail.com


Ginan Multimedia App for iPad - Beta Testers Required


I have developed iPad app to learn ginans for the children. Before I release it to public domain, I would like some volunteers around the world who would be able to test and give me feedback - current app is only for iPad.

If interested then, forward me your email and I will send a link to download.


jilo50 [at] live.com


Would like to test your app. Ameen

Adnanshirin [at] aol.com

YAM, I have a 3 & 7 year old and would love to be able to teach them ginans, my email s AdnanShirin [at] aol.com.

Regards & YAM,
Shirin (Edison, NJ)

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