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please email me suno suno momino ginan...

my id is mohsinbudhwani@gmail.com....Thanks....

Ginan suno suno momino

Please send me this ginan


Thank you and may Mowla bless you


plz send me suno suno ginan

Please send

If someone submits it, we will post it.
Here is the text:

Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!


the ginan is suno suno momino about 10 arrival of shaitan in the world

soloko moto

i would like to know to read about ginan soloko moto. i just skipped the page in this site .bad luck of mine becoz of my comp shut down. i would like to read it in more details. plz tell where to find more literature in this site as well in hard copy too.

Major Granths Page

Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!


Can anyone help me in finding PARWEEN, daughter of Mr Haji Abdullah. My email contact is: yahmed8838@aol.com. Thanks.

plz vote

Vote to mola for famous personality of the world from (www.whopopular.com/aga-khan)

Ya Ali Madad

Dear all My Ismailis,

I am very glad to see this net which is very fruitful for us.
And it is very nice to know and to be familiar with our Ismail's Leaders and scientists which were from different parts of the World.

We also had an Afghan Ismaili poet,historic figure and active leader in Afghanistan and his name is Sayed Nadir Shah Kayani.
Sayed Nadir Shah Kayani wrote 56 books about our religion and he was respected a lot by other religious and government of Afghanistan too.
so he built a good bridge among Ismaili and non Ismaili in Afghanistan.

He was born in 1898 and he died in 1971.
He has six sons.
One of his son(Sayed Shah Nasir Rahnuma) he is the counselor for Afghan president Hamid Karzai now .
In the past he was the deputy of Afghan parliament.

His another son (Sayed Nooruddin Rawnaq Nadiri) was a very talented poet unfortunately he was jailed by Afghan government during Khalq and Parcham political parties , with his five brothers and their sins were that they were Ismaeli.Two of his brothers(Sayed Shah Nasir Rahuma and Sayed Mansoor Nadiri relaese during Babrak Karmal presidency but Sayed Nooruddin Rawnaq Nadiri with his two brothers(Sayed Abdul Qadir Nadiri and Sayed Gawhar Khan Nadiri) are not with us today(They lost in the jail)and i think they were killed.
Sayed Mansoor Nadir is the Leader of Afghan Ismailis.
He was the vice presidentin Afghanistan and now he is a member of Afghan parliament.
He established a library(Hakim Nasir Khesrow) from his personal budget ,which had more than 20000 books but it burnt by Taliban so he re-estabised it in Kabul (this library is the biggest library in Afghanistan). He also establish a university by the name of Hakim Nasir Khesrow.

I couldn't add Sayed Nadir Shah Kayani at the list of Ismailis heros,historic figures poet and etc.. therefore i am requesting you to add ,as the information has given above.

And i also couldn't find Hasan Sabah he was one of our hero.

Mawla Ali Madad

But without Sayed Zamnudding

But without Sayed Zamnudding Hadim Shughnani, he would not build the bridge nor published his books.


WHERE ARE YOU PARWEEN? I am still waiting for someone to give me your contact details. Remember the time we spent together? They were most precious moments of my life. I still remember that song from 'Sangam' and I hope you do as well. Do you? I wish I had not lost contact with you.
ANYONE? PLEASE! Parween, daughter of Mr Haji Abdullah, used to live in Chiragali Lane, Hyderabad, India during 1963-65. My email is yahmed8838@aol.com. Thanks in advance.

ginan old

i like this ginan very much aji be be locan sarvene, vigha lochan tran sapat lochan lochan dharam na, juo vicari jan,,,,,,,,,, aji lakh locan che gnanaa, jenu var na par, aatma tatva je olkhe te che sar ma sar.., aji aatma nirgun brrham che, dehi che tarla ne ghas,noor satgur boliaa, munivaro karjo aatma abhiyas bhaio,,,,,,,,

Yo Ali Madad

Yo Ali Madad to all my ismaili brothers and sister in the world. I am from Tajikistan its in Asia. I am so happy thats i am a Muslim and Want to wish to all islmailies in the world Khonaobodon and may God bless everyone be happy and always smiles. Regards Dilya from Tahikistan(Khorog.GBAO)



Do u know that MHI Is nominated recently for MOST POPULAR PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2010 so plz vote for Mola.

Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah's Firmans


Does anyone know where I can find firmans by Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah. I wasnt around during his time as the Imam but I have heard some of his firmans which seem so powerful and just out of interest I would like to read them.


Learning Dua

Hello, I am an Ismaili trying to learn and teach Dua to my children. Do you know where I can find a .mp3 format of the Dua recited normally?


Finding dua

Sir you can get your dua book from ITREB for Canada. - shahid

Try the Advanced Audio search

Take your pick:


Click on the title of an audio file to see a page with more information and a download link,

Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!

imam mustansir billah

i would like to know from where i can get the book : pandiyaat juwan mardi , by imam mustansir billah sa'ni when jampogeet jamat hurt pir taj-u-ddin shah n he died.than imam punished jamat by not appointing any more pir and wrote this book in persian.

tell me if syed imam shah had abjured from ismailism then why ismailis still recite his ginans? after his death, one of his sons' also wrote many ginans on imam of the times. then what was reason why they abjured ismaili religion ?

It's a myth. There were Pirs

It's a myth.

There were Pirs after Pir Pandiyati Jawanmardi and the names were on the Asal Dua recited up to 1956. In fact according to Sultan Muhammad Shah's Will, Mowlana Shah Karim is the Pir of all Ismailis today.

Syed Imam Shah and his son never left our faith or our Imam. This is another myth which is repeated for not reason. You can just listen to the ginan where they affirm their love for the Imam of their time.


About zarin khan in india

Could somebody please tell me the phone number of mine heart zarin khan. I will be thankful 2 them 4eve if u can get me. Contact me santosh_king2000@yahoo.com, please


i am reading noor i mobeen. it is very interesting please ismailis read this book again n again.


ya ali madat

my name is nazar hussain in am now in karachi i m looking noor i mobeen in garden jamat khana but they dont have it will u plz let me know where to find or can i borrow from u so i can read plz .cuz i saw that u in pakistan too .i dont know that i can put my cell# 0331-24108073 here but i m anyway
thank u

noor-e- mubeen

ya ali madad. where can i get noor-e- mubeen from. plz reply. is it on this website


YAM! to all spritual brothers and sisters in overall the world!
it,s so woderful and such a informative website, mashAllah, mASHALLAH, No word to say. MAy ALLAH PAK hELP YOU AND BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE DOING THEIR GREAT JOB IN THIS REGARD.

old heritage page is better

the old one had so many ginan and waez which can be played anytime. the new one gets struck all the time.and you cannot played even one ginan or waez only virtue J.K works fine.

Try the Audio Search

Dear Users,

Audio Search page is here:
Online audio play is available on any browser with Flash capability.
Is anyone else having trouble listening to the audio? This is the only reported case.

The only recent change is that the old little play button is now replaced with an audio bar for ease of use, and skip forward function. It is widely reported that this audio bar works much more consistently than the old audio play button.

There were no waezes in the old heritage site.

Searching my family

Wold anybody kindly help finding my ancestors, Elsie and Nancy Hjortshoj, born in Ismsilia 1929
My e-mail is .... ahjac@vip.cybercity.dk


ya ali madad to all of my holy brother and sister im sanaz from iran(mashhad)and very happy that can communicate to all of u mola keep u.god keep u.bye.

Hi sanaz

yes this is a marvelous web site, where one can communicate with ismailies from all around the world.and it provides great opportunities to discover jamat khana addresses and the existence of ismailia jamat globally.






As salamun aliakum , yaa ali madad.

dear raja riasat ali
its good to hear that you are interested to find more about the ismaili tariqah of islam, ismaili tariqah of islam is from hazarat imam ismail (a.s) who was brother of syed musa kazim (a.s), hazrat imam jafer sadiq (a.s) succesor was hazarat imam ismaili (a.s) as imam and not syed musa kazim (a.s), and thats why our sect is called as ismaili sect ,means followers of hazrat imam ismaili (a.s), you can read books to now more or you can visit same website pages in section ismaili history where you will find history of 49 imams from hazrat imam ali (a.s), karim aga khan is present 49th imam through hazart imam ali (a.s) and then continuation of imams through hazart imam ismail (a.s).
hope you got the idea.
khuda haifz.

jk address in dhaka.

i m from pakistan and i will be going to dhaka bangladesh for a training session, i want to know about the jk add in dhaka and also looking for new friends there, as i will be there for about 10 months till december 2010, looking forward for responses.

Dhaka JK

JK Address: Bhashundhara City area, near the Bhashundhara Convention Centre

Dhaka JK & Council Address & phone nos

HI, Can you provide with a detail postal address of Dhaka JK and BD Council. Post will not reach on the above address mentioned. If you have any ismaili person phone no: do advice. shall call to get the correct address. Thanks Cheers

jamat khana

i want address for dhaka jamat khan, my e-mail address is homeprize@yahoo.com

hey r u also going to dhaka

searching for friends and jk in dhaka and other states of bangladesh.

Need your prayers Again

Maulana Hazir Imam in his Golden Jublee farman mubarak of 2007 already mentioned about the jamat who are living under the natural hazardous, and Imam mentioned about the up liftment of the jamat who are living in such areas, a vey recently The landslide hit the village of Atabad, about 20km from Hunza 100% ismaili population. It destroyed over 40 houses, a community centre, a school and a number of cattle pens, trees and orchards. Boulders and debris rolling down the slope blocked the water flow in Hunza River and formed a lake threatening a number of low-lying villages in Gojal, upper Hunza. The landslide damaged a two-kilometre stretch of the Karakoram Highway, disrupting traffic between Gojal and Hunza. About 170 families were evacuated. A thick cloud of dust engulfed Hunza, Nagar and Gojal valleys.The people of Atabad had noticed shearing off rocks, with cracks developing fast on it when a high magnitude earthquake jolted the village in 1994.


Our ismaili brothers and sisters need us, get strengthen and the at least pray for them, and pray that may maula bless the jamat of hunza to bear this panic situation bravely and bless the jamat of Pakistan with golden jublee deedar….


Thank you for making this site so reliable, I will most likely be moving to Windsor, Ontario next year for grad school and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find khane's address. THANKS!

I have made a video on hazar Imam

Yam, I have made one video from recently added song Tumhi mere Mowla tumhi mere Aka naya ke tum ho khevaaya.

In detail i have added mowla bapa photo and merged song and i want to request that the video which i have have created should be added on ismaili.net if its possible

i am providing the link of the video you can check


and i am sorry if have done wrong by posting the video on youtube what i thought that everyone should listen to this beautiful songs, so i did it

my mail id- globalsystemumbai@gmail.com

meaning of yaa ali madad

i want to know the answers of the following questions?
1. since when we are saying YAA ALI MADAD?
2. what is the history of YAA ALI MADAD?
3. what words were used in the time of RASOOL(S.A.S)

my email id:- globalsystemumbai@gmail.com

You can go to the forum

You can go to the forum section of this site and find answers to some of your questions.


YAM does anyone know the address of the Jamatkhana in UAE, please contact mansoorsajwani@hotmail.com





record 21-century song in new sufi qawwali style

hi sir how r u i a abdul razzaq fro rawalpindi(pakistan)i am the sectory of naeem aziz mian who is the son of aziz mian qawwal.mr.naeem aziz like to record som e new style of sufi qawwali and mola ali song and 21-century song.i would like ismailis sponcer this new idea.so plz tel me if u help me about on this new idea.plz if u like to make meeting with us i brief u this new idea of sufi issam.my mobile no is # 0092.332.5051968(adul razaq)

…. “Hun Ray Peeysi Re Peeya Teray Darashan Ki”

When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this event is no more than a change of a calendar. For others, the New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, spread happiness with these wonderful New Year wishes... another year started and no buddy can estimate how we been through these two years…since 2007…. Wet Eeyes, Dried Lips, Folded Hands and Kneeled heads just for one cause for one purpose …. “Hun Ray Peeysi Re Peeya Teray Darashan Ki” …..Ya Maula we all the Pakistan Jamat in this chaos still waiting for your Darshan, for your Darbar for your Deedar………I request you all to pray for Pakistan Jamat since we are in war and conflict………..Only Imams Deedar will bring peace, prosperity and happiness here….we the jamat still believe and have faith that Maula will come to Pakistan for golden jublee darbar…

PBS-Program from Dec.29,2009

it has been many years, since i have heard or seen the Aga Khan on TV. I am originally from germany and we were well informed about the royalties in general.....
I was very impressed with this gentleman and the good deeds he has accomplished over the years....he is a true and trustworthy leader for the ismailis....(i was is inspired to find out more;a good thing). esther

i want to find my father

i live in tajikistan my mother from tajikistan but my father from afganistan . i head that now my father live in germany i want find him please help me

ismaili history

I want it to know from Hazrat Ali to our Present Imam Noor Mowlana shah Karim who did the 50 years of Imamat and more

Jamaatkhana in IN

Ya Ali Madad!
Does anyone know whether there is a Jamaatkhana in Indiana or not? I am studying in IN and not having chance to attend JK.


Hey Shahnoz, just wondering, where do you go to school in Indiana? I'm thinking about going next year to Indiana University Bloomington but haven't decided yet. It would be nice to know someone there before I go....look forward to hearing back from you! thanks! (you can email me if you would like: shenilad@gmail.com)




YAM to all of Ismaili teenagers. I am lokking for ismaili teenagers from all over the world. It will be good if all young ismailis will gain together in one place in order to share ideas with each other and met each other. If any teenager(ismaili) have this wish please let know on my email Thanks!

Would Love to join your team

Dear friend i would like to join this group and would like to get tgether to have discussions and exchange the small piece of knowledge

Jamatkhan Dhaka, Bangladesh

YAM does anyone know the address of the new Jamatkhana in Dhaka, Bangladesh please contact jazzcouk@aol.com

Dhaka JK

Foundation of the new JK was laid in Bhashundhara area, near the Bhashundhara Convention Centre. Am not sure whether construction of the new JK has been completed.





My Friend,
i read your comments and want to reply you in this regard.
i would rather appreciate to explain this through history, since in the past we ismailies have been the pioneers of trend setters in knowing modern philosophy, religious and worldly quest of knowledge whether its the great Al-Azhar University where Mufties scholars and philosophers used to debates and discussions on vast and complex themes of islam and other religions and used to write journals and research materials similarly you can also get the best example from the fortresses in syria and Iran. where scientific knowledge and quest used to be answered, .
.in every era we the Ismailies have been able furnished the society adequately with the latest knowledge about the fundamental believes. Among this entire one is the concept of Mohraamm was also being answered in many events. Moharram is considered to be the month of grief and sorrows, according to different schools of interpretation in Islam.it is followed in this way like Suuni brothers think that mourning is haram so they should mourn in this month....Bohra community do mourn and follow the rituals as of shia community but they don’t do it on extreme. Coming on to shia Intha'ashries the believers of 12 imams are very much fundamentals and extremist in this regard. Since their school of thought describes Mohram very deeply.
Like wise there are two images of every picture, it depends on you how you see and perceive the image, like the event of KARBALA, in which Imam Hussain gave his life along with his companions, face the brutality of His rivals and remain in Remembrance of thousands of the people today. Now We ismailies are also Shia ( shian-e-Ali the followers of Hazrat Ali are called as shia) why don’t we ismailies mourn or why don’t we ismailies have Wa'z or any thing in this regard in Jamat Khanas during the month of Moharram. the simple and very Nobel Answer is WE HAVE A LIVING IMAM, OUR RELATIONSHIP IS SPIRITUAL WITH HIM, WE ISMAILIES FOLLOW WHAT OUR IMAM GUIDES US, WE ISMAILIES ARE BLESSED BY THE ENLIGHTED SOUL OF AHAL-BAI'T THE FAMILY OF HOLY PROPHET...IMAM HUSSAIN MARTYRED AND GAVE THE WHOLE WORLD THE CONCEPT OF SACRIFICE BUT NOT THE CONCEPT OF MOURNING, we the followers of Imam Hussain should be proud of our Imam that he sacrificed his life for RIGHT PATH SIRAAT-E-MUSTAQEEM and never bow His head before the evil, today the people out there mourn and bleed and think that up there in heaven Imam Hussain is happy seeing the blood and all the chaos during the month of Mohrram, which is somehow an excuse to satisfy them selves, today Imam Hussain is alive in Hazir Imam who is the right descendant of Holy Prophet. and we should remain faithful and loyal to our Imam,
I would end this small piece of discussion by this “ once during the month of mohrram some leaders of the jamat in India went to Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah for some meeting, suddenly the noises came in the meeting hall and Imam sultan Mohammad Shah stood up went to see out side the window and he put his hand on his chest all the jamati started following Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah and started beating their chest , Imam Turned back and told them why are beating your self, they replied Imam since you are doing this so we are following you. Imam said remember don’t do what I do , do what I tell you, I have been beating my self because people out there beating themselves and were saying YA Hussain Ya Hussain and I was telling them I am Hussain Iam Hussain, I am Ali and I am Hussain, and since then Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah remain very much strict about all this, he didn’t like the jamat to mourn or to follow any grief or do any thing which shows the mourning concept in Ismailism,
In Pakistan there use come a very famoyus tv show named NEELAM GHAR and now a days it comes with the name of TARIQ AZIZ SHOW, once the anchor asked a question that which religion in the whole world has no concept of mourning or grief, which religion celebrate all the happiness the whole year, the contestant replied : Christianity
And his answer was wrong the correct answer was Ismailism.

golden jubilee memorablia

if any one has extra golden jubilee memorablia specially quranic fram and want to seell pls let me know at mehjee@yahoo.com . i m in georgia usa

neat site

Thank you for the new and 'user friendly' ginan site.

Would love to download some of the ginans but not sure how to do so.

Closest JK to University of Indiana, USA

My son has got the admission to University of Indiana, USA - what is the closest JK to University - is there any Ismaili contact ? Please email me the the info @ mmoosa@hotmail.com - Thanks


where in Indiana your son will go there is two jamatkhana in Indiana,and three jamatkhana in chicago area is not far from indiana thanks

Can you please give me the

Can you please give me the address of jk in Indiana?

Plz add Waazes

i am a regular visitor of the old and then this new beta site. i go Jmath khana only on chandrat as it takes more than two hours to jamath khana from my location.
during these time this site has been the source of connection to my religion and faith. i love this site. there are many wazzes on this site but i cant find any wazzes of eitimadi Fida Ali essar hunzai on this site. i really like to listen his voice. if possible please add and let me know. thanks in advance

Jamatkhana address in South Korea

Ya Ali Madat,
my daughter is coming to South Korea (landing in Seoul) and would like to visit a Jamatkhana - please advise address and city of our Jamatkhanas.

this is so useful and intersting for me

first of all Salgira Mubarak to every one then iam so happy to this site i wants to meet new ismaili people here from diferent countries.


Please send me your name e-mail address and I would like to know from where are you ?are you residing in Malaysia or visiting ?
on receiving your e-mail address I will ltry to contact you and help you with the contacts of our Ismaili Brothers and Jamatkhana addreses since I am originaly from Penang Malaysia and now residing in Toronto Canada my e-mail address is r-alihassam@rogers.com

visit in malesiya

dear sir ya ali madad i m nalin amirali bhanvadiya from bhanvad dist jamnagar kathiyawad i wont visit mlasiya pl help me my adrees nalinbhanvadiya email nalinbhanvadiya@yahoo.co.in i invite u pl come india kathiyawad

Looking for Lost Friend

I am looking for a friend whom I lost about 45 years ago in Hyderabad, India. His name is Haji Abdullah. He used to live in Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad, India. Can anyone help. My email is : yahmed8838@aol.com Thanks.

Ya Ali madad

Hi I am new to Canada. I want to get information regarding every occassion and event in jamatkhana of Scarborough. So how i will get this can you plesae help me. My emeil id is jesani.neha@gmail.com.

One bedroom accomudation in Boston

My son has accepted a job offer in Boston. He is looking for one bedroom near Dartmouth Street, Boston. Any guidance will be appreciated.

One bedroom accomudation in Boston

My email address is taherali98@msn.com.

I am looking for one bedroom accomodation for my son around Boston (30 to 45 minutes public transit will be OK). He is schedulted to come on Jan 2, 2010.

guest to login


I choose the old heritage site and can log in but not at this site. How can i mend this----thanks

The new site is still in

The new site is still in Beta testing. Soon we will transfer the login information from old site to this new site, you will be able to log in with the same info as in the old site.

kinshasa visit

please contact me through my e mail ID "oscarsavani@gmail.com if you need guidance or help during your kinshasa visit.


Heyyy, Ya ali Madad everyone!

I was just wondering if there were any ismaili's in Carlisle (uk). im a student over here and wanted to know where the nearest Jamatkhana is.

Thankyou x

Happy birthday...!

to all who are celebrating..........! may this day bring u happiness and true understanding,as to the reason of being on this earth. AMEN.........!

Gujurat India

We will be visiting Gujurat in December/January, we would appreciate if you can give us good reasonable hotels and good places to shop in Surat and Ahmedabad


Ya Ali Madad.

Please contact me through my e mail ID "sdlakhani@gmail.com or on +919912399530 if you need guidance or help during your Ahmedabad visit.

eid mubarak

Ya ali madad to all my ismaili brother and sisters eid mubarak


ismailis in brazil

Hi ya ali madad.I was wondering if there r any ismailis in sao paulo brazil.If there r can u contact me please.Zahrahim@hotmail.com

ismailis in brazil

Ya Ali madad Zahra,

I would also like to know in this respect.I f you find any ismaili jamat in Barazil please do let me konw at your earliest.: humanidad2004@yahoo.com

Best wishes,

New website

Excellent redesign!! Tell me how can I play the audio files on my iphone, currently I am unbale to play them on iphone.

I like the site; it is very interesting!

I like the site; it is very interesting!

rwanda jamatkhana adress

hi ,i was wondering if anyone can provide an adress for the rwanda jamatkhana , as i am planning to visit that country in the near future . also if anyone has any idea on how the country is , are there any precationery measures one has to take

rwanda jamatkhana

Yaa Ali Madad

yaa there is a Jamat Khanna at place called Kigali, its a captial of Rwanda, when i was there its was near about 70 to 80 ismaili family members, and it has a such a nice & beautifull jamat khanno in the heart of down town,
mashallah kigali ismailis they are well set with the blessing of Hazar Imam, there are in the top 1 is Mr.Tajdin H.Jaffer the owner of Sulfo Rwanda Indst. www.http://www.sulfo.com/index.htm. and dont worrie its a nice and beautifull place. please dont hestiate to ask any help. please let me know if u need any help.

Yaa Ali Madad

rwanda jamatkhana

Yaa Ali Madad,

Yaa there is a Jamat khanno at Kigali, The capital of Rwanda. there are ismaili families, but few. may be around 50 to 100 member but there is a big & beautifull jamat khanno, when i was there it a such a nice place, the natinoal language is French, if u know french it will be the + point for u, there is Hotel Serena too, and is safe to i was been there for almost 6 month. if u need any kind help please let me know

Yaa Ali Madad


Its not a safe country Habiba - I would seriously reconsider the visit if I were you - there is a civil war being fought in in nearby Congo just across the border and some of the rebels and mercenaries are from Rwanda itself and the place is full of armed rebels. bandits .... violence and dacoitry is endemic. You might recall the genocide in Rwanda some years back when a million people including women and children were slaughtered in just a year. Ignorance, backward, corruption and bloodthirst. May Allah subhana wa taala keep you safe and well.

Rwanda has changed a lot for

Rwanda has changed a lot for the better.

It has become a very safe country and one of the most progressive and fastest growing country in Africa.

The Genocide times are gone since long. A new vibrant and dynamic Rwanda has emerge.

Hazar Imam has started investing a lot, starting with 2 Serena Hotels. Other Ismailis are also investing there.

Rwanda is also now part of East Africa.

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