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thanks to dear umed & others with you

Dear Umed , ya ali madad, I cant restrain myself from submiting my feelings of thanks to you & others with you -- as you have been doing this fantastic job of bringing awareness -- in our community members -- world wide -- by providing such opportunity -- of give & take -- time & knowledge -- & -- for submissions of their own -- individual views & to know views of others -- in the fields of different aspects of lives of ismailis -- which ultimaterly will lead towards Stronger Based Siratal Mustakim for Ismailis to Run on -- which always pleases MHI -- which is always an aim of an ismaili -- and I am keen to see that -- maximum number of ismailis are taking interest in & are benifited of such website -- in nearer future....... ! ...and I pray -- MHI may Reward You All -- in Din & Duniya......Aamin....

is any any ismaili matrimonail web site

dear all i am mrs deedar. wanted to know about the authentic ismaili matrimonial web sites.i m searching for proposals for my son and daugther. i am ismaili as well and regularly attend darkhana jk.

matrimonial search

Hi Mrs.Deedar,
IYa Ali Madad,

I have a daughter and a son and I am looking proposals for my daughter and son.
We are ismailis and attend jamatkhana regularly.
Can you send details of your son and daughter on my email address and we can go
from there.
My email address: almas_nathoo @yahoo.com.
almas nathoo


Hi Mrs Nathoo how are you.....

how are you doing.........waiting for your email hope things are well with you

toronto or london museum email address

Ya Ali Madad

Please help me to find out Toronto or london museums email address

best regards

whether defence by defendendants incomplete or complete ?

ya ali madad & congratulations --- to librarian dear umed & those others --- who are engaged in conducting such web site --- meant for ismailis --connecting ismailis worldwide --usefull - benificial -- in different aspects of their lives ---also i congratulate those -- who by writting or viewing ---participate on this web site --this web site has provided a platform to gain & provide knowledge --which demands time --- a precious time --thus there is an exellent combination of time & knowledge--which always pleases mawlana hazar imam ---this is one of the best services to mhi --as mhi is always happy where & when jamat is happy-- inspite of being so many issues with me to discuss here --i will start the issue of law suit in my next post --till then good dreams --as it is 1-57 pm india --- pray mhi for all the best for all.

whether defence by defendendants incomplete or complete ?

i wanted to know first whether comments written here are edited /censored /added/reduced ?

This guest-book is moderated

This guest-book is moderated which means we reserve the right to post you messages and comments or not post it. If there are irrelevant, offensive or insulting words, they will be removed. But nothing is ever added under your name. We do not encourage controversies.

whether defence by defendendants incomplete or complete ?

dear librarian mr umed ---from the bottom my heart ---ya ali madad ---navroz mubarak --- to you & all ismailis worldwide---thanks to you for responding my post ----i will be back on post at an earliest --- with detailed post---usefull & beificial ---to ismallis worldwide.

how to down load waaz

yam i want to down load speeches and waaz kindly can any one tell me about its methods .ya ali madad


VERY EASY GO TO WAEZ SECTION, CHOOSE TO WAEZ AND LANGUAGE YOU WANT LISTEN CLICK ON THE THAT WAEZ AND YOU ARE READY TO ROLL. SOME TIME you need to down load real player, MP3 player if it is not already downloaded in your computer

Ya Ali Madad

First of all Navruz muborak to all Ismailits in the world.
I'm first time enter to this site and appreciate of comments. I'm from Tajikistan and we all here I mean Ismailits leave with Mawla Blessing. Mawla said seek better condition for you living. Today in Tajikistan it impossible. The only way it going a proud. My wife and me want to emigrate to Canada and what you advise to us/ What kind of real way you can show us/

We will be very glad to here any letter of you/
Mai mail//// Pamir_2@mail.ru

Nauvroze Mubarak and Best Wishes

All the best on this auspicious occasion of Nauvroze! Mubaraki to the entire team on a tremendous job that you'll are doing of keeping our murids together.

I have been a fan of this Web site from day one! My prayers for all of you to continue this Seva and lots and lots of Barakat in your Rojee forever and ever and ever, for Sirat-al-Mustaqim and Emaanji Salamati, Aameen!

May we all be Blessed with Emaan, Health, Happiness, Samp Salah in our families, Prosperity and Zahir and Batin Deedar of our Mowla's Noor, Aameen!


Bestest Wishes on this Special occasion of NAVROZ to You & your Family for Imaan ki Salamati, Sirat ul Mustaqeem, Good health, spiritual and material happiness.

Peace, Prosperity and Success in

All your endeavors.

Keep it Up !!

Navroz Mubarak

ya ali madad,

Navroz Mubarak to all my spiritual brothers and sisters, may Maula shower his blessings upon us on this auspicious occasion........ ameen

The Forum of investors

Ya Ali Madad,

Anyone interested in Forum of Investors on economic development of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan, please visit the web-site: www.pamirinvest.tj

Best regards,

Mukhi / Kamadia sahab's contact

I am looking for contact details of Mukhi or Kamadia Sahab of South London Jamatkhana.
If any one can help me with that.

Kindly email me at tahir.alishah@hotmail.com.

I would really appreciate.

Tahir Ali Shah

ya ali madad

hi first time iam exploring this site its superlative everything i wanted i have found in here thanx for all the members


Yes, it is very good website also you need to visit FORUM SECTION of Ismaili.net where you can put your opinions, inputs, and thoughts with other readers.

bujniranjan ginan 32 path

DATE 6.3.2011 bujniranjan ginan odio sunane hae ismaili net pa rakhna

As Received vallimohammed

As Received

vallimohammed lakhani sent a message using the contact form at

pls introduce some ismaili friend in carralton dallas i am from karachi
my age is 80/by the rahemat of karim health is also good attending
j,k.nearly evening daily also sometime if getting ride get chance to attend
too during the day very big problem to pass time if any suitable friend pass
time nicely thanks with yaali madad lakhani now i am in atlanta i fly
dallas on 8th i will be available in dallas from 9th my email: vallilakhani@yahoo.com i got I will get message thanks ya ali madad lakhani




MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS abdulrahimhirani@yahoo.com


MEET MR. MALIK Barrister he also lives in Carrolton, Texas well known person in Dallas area.

need guidance about accomodation chicago HQ jamat khana


i need guidance about accomodation in Chicago as we will be moving to Chicago in June 2011 with three family memebers. If any jamat of chicago can guide me as

1- i need rental apartment near jamat khana of HQ whiich shoul be near to university of illnois at chicago,60612
i want my daughter to attend her religious school

2- apartment for three members

3- Is it possible to get accomodation there in sharing with other jamat family

Any jamati brother and sister if have information m please guide

mahboob hussain
Hunza pakistan

Syrian Anasheed

Can anyone help me find information about the Arabic Anasheed that are recited in syrian jamatkhanas.


Jamatkhana Near Dayton Ohio

Any one have information about Jamatkhana near by Dayton Ohio area pls email to

Ismaili council (Economic board) in Houston /Texas or Advice ?


I am exploring to move to Houston, Austin or another large city in Texas permanently from Raleigh North Carolina. I work as a Healthcare Project Manager and would like to work in one place as opposed to moving place to place on a contractual basis.

Is there an economic board in Houston (like in Toronto) where I can get some advice or someone in my field of expertise?
Also if there are any apartments to rent near our Jamatkhana’s? IF you can send me a name or zip code I can Google them.

Thank you.

Hi Azim, My husband and I

Hi Azim,

My husband and I are moving to Raleigh in a few days and since you lived there, I wanted to know if there is any jamatkhana in the city or which one would be the closest? Also, do you know of any other ismailis living in Raleigh?

Any help will be much appreciated!



YES, there is a Economic planning Board in Houston, Texas located in Sugar land, Texas

From Moiz Ali Valliani in CHILE, South America

Ya Ali Madad
Dear Brother/Sister. Hats off to you for your wonderful work you did.

I live in Iquique, Chile and here we are only 2 ismailies living. I am
really thankful to you for your collection, which helped us alive our faith
in this region without any help.

Actually I am in search for audio version of a Ginan (available in text)
"Suno suno moman sun man laavnna" by "Peer Shams".

Waiting for your earlier positive response.

Thanks & Regards

Moiz Ali Valliani
Chile. SA

Ginan, Suno Suno Momino Suni Man lavna,

dear moiz bro, Ya Ali Madad,

As I read Your Request today, Immediately i go To my lab, and get ginan's Text for You, , dear This Ginan Have 12 Stanza"s, so how Many Stanza"s you want too.. Reply me At, (ali.khuwaja@hotmail.com).

my e mail

ya ali madad salimpy@hotmail.com


I AM IN BRAZIL MY TEL 00595 549750 00554530274202

Yaa Ali Madad, Dear Mr.

Yaa Ali Madad,

Dear Mr. Salim

My name is Amin i'm from Karachi,Pakistan. I want to know about some information about Brazil for live & work.
Kindly please help me for give right information. I really need that.
I u allow can i call.

please email me : amin41175 @ gmail.com

Thank you

I need Visa to Brasil

Hello Sir;

I saw your comment and i am interested to link with you if possible; please can you help to get Brazilian Visa ??? I need it and some of my friend need it also; we are going to pay you okay. here is my email address and mobile


My name is Prince Williams and i live in Guinea Conakry but a citizen of Sierra Leone

Thank you as you assist me.


Why is the ginan Allah-ek-kahsam banned in Atlanta Jamatkhana's. Does anyone know why. Thanks.

These are individuals' rules

People who say that such and such Ginan is banned are misleading you as they themselves are misinformed.

No one except the Imam has the right to make any changes in Tariqah matters.

There has therefore never been any reason to ban any Ginan.

Jamatkhana in Raleigh?


I'd like to know if there is any Jamatkhana in Raleigh, North Carolina? If not, which one would be the nearest jamatkhana from this city?


JK in NC

There is an informal jk that meets Fri-Sun in Chapel Hill, NC

Informal JK in Chapel Hill or Durham

Can you provide information about the informal JK in Chapel Hill? My partner is moving to Raleigh in Feb from Toronto and I'm attempting to help find fellow Ismailis since there is not a Khane in the triangle. Thank you. Please email me personally at shaunbarbour [at] rocketmail.com.

Jamat Khana in or around Raleigh, NC


I understand there is a informal JK in/around Raleigh, NC.

Please provide the following:

Contact name & # (if any):


Rahim Gilani

There is an informal jk that meets Fri-Sun in Chapel Hill, NC

Can you please give me names, contact numbers of Ismailis who live in Raleigh. We are planning of moving there in a few days so it would be great to have these details.



according to me there's no jamat khane in Raleigh north carolina but the nearest jamatkhana from this city is in south carolina. north carolina don't hv any JK.

the nearest jamat khana is

the nearest jamat khana is Atlanta jamat khana


Richmond Va is nearest jamatkhana from Raleigh north carolina.

JK in Raleigh

There is an informal gathering that happens twice a week in Raleigh!

Informal JK in Raleigh

Can I please get the contact information for people in the informal JK in Raleigh NC?


Informal JK in Raleigh

Please share if you if you were able to get the contact details of the JK in Raleigh as i plan on moving there soon also.

Lamu 1936 Ismailis and Indians

As received from zainabwalijee@hotmail.com[+]

I would like to have information about the undermentioned people who
resided in Lamu in the year 1936 -
There were about 36 people.
Valji Khatawe with family - MUKHI (Priest)
Lalji Ramji with family - Businessman
Mohun Amarsi - Businessman
Hamdali Sunderji - Businessman

If anybody can give me more information of Indians in Lamu during 1936.
There were about 303 indians during that period.

Lamu Gathering

try contacting Jameela Hassanali, a lovely Bohra woman

Several people have come up with the idea of having a meeting of ex-Lamu-wallahs from the Bohra, Ismaili and Ithnasheri communities, to hold the meeting in Lamu as part of the next Lamu Cultural Festival, i.e. November 2011.

She might have some leads of Lamu Ismailis to contact. Her phone is 0733 732 731

need a perfect address of bangkok jamat khana

ya ali madad ,
iam merchant navy officer my ship coming on the port on 20 of march so i want to attend navroz in bangkok so please send me the perfect address of bangkok jamat khana
email id - wafidobani@ymail.com
thanking you



Please contact Mukhiani of Bangkok Jamat Khana Naila Sadruddin Gillani, e-mail naila.gilani@live.com or
Kamadia of Bngkok Jamatkhana Fareed Feroz Huda e-mail fareed.huda@gmail.com if necessary contact me direct
e-mail r-alihassam@rogers.com
Wishing you good luck
Rai Ramzan Ali Varas Hassam Toronto Canada

Fareed Feroz Huda - BKK

Mr. Rai Ramzali Ali Varas Hassam,

I wrote an email to the Kamadia Mr. Fareed Feroz Huda (as per your Feb 18th, 2011 response) at his email addressand asked him for Bangkok JamatKhana address details like the days when JK is open and the Du'a timings - but he refused to divulge such information. Mr. Ramzan Ali, my question to you is: do you know him personally to quote his name and email address on this forum?

Please reply in confidence on this forum.

Saif Aly

Bangkok Jamatkhana

Forwarded as received
----- Original Message -----
From: Sana G
To: scherezade.saleh@gmail.com ; s.din@mydin.com ; r-alihassam@rogers.com
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 7:46 AM
Subject: RE: urgent

Ya Ali Madad

Contact details:

Mukhianima (Naila Gilani)
Mob: +66 8 75152055
Tel: +66 2 7141374, 66 2 3918553

Kamadia (Fareed Huda):
Mob: +66 8 12577955

Jamat Khana address:
26-B Oriental Tower
Ekamai 12, Sukhumvit 63
Bangkok, 10110, TH.

If you need any further information you may contact me anytime on +66 8 19368500.



YAM Saif Ali

Since you are not responded by Kamadia Saheb contact Mukhiani Saheba Naila Sadrudin Gillani naila.gilani@live.com
Or fax +6627129855
Hope you will be replied

Her Highness Begum om habibeh

Yesterday was the 105.th birthday of her highness begum om habibeh. I met her highness in the 1970`s, because my Mother and the Begum had a concert friendship in Bayreuth; both ladys loved the music of Wagner! I remember, that her highness was so lovely and friendly to me, as a 16. years old boy with really no interesting in wagner`s music...., that I will never forget her! She was one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden of live! When my mother died, i got some wonderful photo`s from her highness together with my mother and at the birthdays of both ladys a speak a little pray for them.
God bless you all!
Ulrich Imming, Stuttgart, Germany


I need "Masnavi of Mowlana Rumi" In English, Urdu, or Gujarati languages, please let me know if anyone know more about this, مولانا رمی کے مثنوی : મોવલાના રૂમી ની મસનવી .

Masnawi mowlana rumi

i bought 4 volume english translation of mowlana rumi from Pakistan, karachi. If you have relatives they can buy or I can arrange a copy for you later this year.


I prefer to have in Gujarati. I have excess to get Masnavi in English locally , can you check if they have in Gujarati?

Mowlana Rum

Dear Ashraf !!

Ya Ali Madad. You may get book from Chitrawad (gir) Zamatkhana's Library. There are plenty of books about maulla na Rumi. You can contact Junagadh ITREB or directly Chitrawad (gir) Zamatkhana. You will find all details about that Zamatkhana by this link...


I hope you will get this book (in Gujrati), Take care and Maulla Bless you brother.

Do they sell it?

Thanks for the information, I am in state and want to purchase it, does the Chitrawad library sell this books?


YAM, Navroz falls on a Monday this year...will there be dua? And what time? I will be visiting from out of town and any additional information will be much appreciated. Thank you.


YAM.. i dont see CHANDRAPUR Jamatkhana in this list. may be u can add it.. the address is The Ismaili Jamatkhana, Silver jubilee Housing Society, Near Revenue Colony, Ramnagar, Chandrapur. Maharashtra. 442402.


Add Zamatkhana

Dear Tebrez
Ya Ali Madad.

You need to sent this Zamatkhana Address to heritage@ismaili.net

Thanks and Take Care.


I liked ginan with music.

bujniranjan ginan 32 path odeo chahia

buj niranjan ginana 32 path odio sunne hi agr ho shake to isamaili net par rkhana re tuhi mara sha chaa shahia

doctors from usa

hello n ya ali madad!!
i would like to knw sum ismaili doctorsin USA as il be applying for residency in 2012 match ,i would want sum help..
thnk you!!
e-mail :dr.shamapanjwani@yahoo.in

requwest north east jk atlanta gr

dear sir pls kindly provide adress with phone number of north east jamatkhana atlanta georgia thanks with ya alimadad lakhani

Download link

I just found this site and find it very interesting and useful.
It is so good that anyone can ask and get an answer.
Is there any way I can do it.
Thank you

a suggetion

Please add some books, write ups in hindi and Gujrati. want a book pyare Imam ni pyare baato.

Friend lost - please help find her

as received:
I have a dear friend callTue Tilson. She comes to the TEDX cinema every Saturday. she lives in Tigoni and travels from there.
Her email address is susan_tilson@yahoo.com

She is looking for a dear friend of hers from Morogoro. here are the details.
Her friends name is Perrin Nathoo. Hussein Nathoo, her husband is a Lawyer. They have a son who should be aged 41 now. Their father , Mr. Nathoo was a trader. They were together in Morogoro. The Nathoos have a history of having lived in Pemba and Mombasa.

Friend lost

My name is Azmina Dhanani, i am from Morogoro, my father's name is Abdul Noormohammed Merali Daya. Can you please email to my dad in Morogoro, he will know the friends which you are looking for. My dad's email adress is
raheman_daya@hotmail.com. By the way i live in Calgary, Alberta. Where do you live?


noorun mobin

noorun_mobin means boltukuran imam word is ayate vsuraand that kuran keep us happy healthi and giving progresiv life remember that word in kathiwar"khoja uthav boja@imam change every thing now uthav boja is finish from karim give us so unbelivable progress we are in not africa or india but now we are nearly every part of world even rusia chana usaa uk portugise iran afghanistan turki yugaslevi holand sweetzer land and many country this reazan is we have noorun mubinBOLTU KURAN we pry his rehamat will cotinued AMON lakani


novroz mubarak

As the New Year begins, let us pray
that it will be a year with new Peace
New Happiness
and abundance of new friends
God bless you throughout the

love is life

Ya Ali Madad Jamat

Happy New YEar our Beloved Imam,BRother's and sister's..can u help me: w i can find DUa and Farman's of our Imam...Thanx alot...

Finding a song

Where Can I find/hear the song "Mere Mowla Ki Golden Jubilee" by Kamal Taj ?
Pls Advise.
Thank u.

Here it is:


Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!

' mere maulaki golden jubalee ;

rethis ginan was take place when maula came in bomgay and we got very big celebration that time this ginan wasgoing with ropes abd rounding by lover of maula we pray maula give them more and more happyness amin lakhanially so nice ginan un belivable everybuddy shoud keep in mind

Download a ginan

I just heard a new ginan in JK today and was able to find it here, but can't download it. Is there anyway you can add a download link for this ginan?

It is: Awal tunhi Akhir tunhi.

Thanks and Ya Ali Madad

Download available

Both of these versions have download links, just scroll down:


Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!

Finding Ginan

Ya ali madad

How's everyone, yes i am finding the Ginan long time ago but no sucess to finding any one can Help me to find the Ginan or if any one have can send me,
Ginan name 'Bhood neranjan'

If any One have any idea where i find The Ginan please contact me naeemalimak@hotmail.com

Best regards,



which ginan your are looking for, i am best?

It is online


Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!

"""Salgirah Mubarak"""

My Beloved Hazir Imam,

Ya Ali Madad,
It gives me immense pleasure to write to you and offer my best wishes from my side as well as on behalf of the Ismaili Jamat of Xingjiang China on the happy occasion of your birthday "Salgirah Mubarak"(Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam)to his Rohani Family and to the all Ismaili Jamat of the World. It is indeed a very special day for the Ismailis around the world.
I am Sakhi Jan, a 28 years old Ismaili Tajik from the city of Kashgar Xinjiang Province, China. I left my parents during my childhood. Since then i haven't forget that I belong's to the Ismaili Community. I am trying to know more about our Ismaili Community and you “our Hazir Imam”. I want to get more knowledge about our religion. It took me a lot of hard work to get to the stage I am currently. I am in residing in the city of Urumqi and to get connection with the Ismaili community from different countries of the world I opened my own company named Urumqi China Gul khan International Trade Co, Ltd. I am able to speak the local Ughur, Chinese Mandarin, English, Urdu, Persian, Russian language fluently and as well as Wakhi Tajik (which is my mother tongue).
My Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam is well aware of the fact of practice of faith in China and It is difficult for the people from Xinjiang China to get the passport, visa and the expenditures doesn't allows us for traveling and keeping in touch with the Ismaili Community in other parts of the world. I would like to offer myself as a volunteer for any job assigned. There are more people like me who really want to and indeed interested to learn more about our faith.
My Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam, as you are well aware that there are 60000 Ismailis in the region, 48 Jamat Khanas and the Ismaili Jamat of China are praying and requesting to our Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam to spare his precious time and give us the Rohani (Spritual) Deedar.
I tried many times to contact and sent faxes to Aglimont, The Ismaili Center London, but got no response in this regard even a one word or line.
My Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam, Your Jamat in China once again takes the opportunity extend our heartly congratulation on your birthday.

Sincerely and faithfully,

Sakhi Jan

Urumqi China.

Ya Ali Madad

I have read ur articles on ismaili net. if you want to ask anythg abt ismaili pls let me know,,,i shall try my best to guide u. my email is: amakhany@gmail.com


May Mawla fulfill all your wishes... Aameen!

Yaa Ali Madad Sakhi Jan,
I would really like to take this opportunity especially this one to thank beloved Mawla Bapa, Shukran...Shukranlillah.... for his numerous blessings on all of us. After reading about you, I really feel that we, immigrants to US are really really LUCKY! I just read the interview of Mawla Bapa in FIELD library. He is really aware of all the challenges His jamat is facing in different parts of the world and He is really working to resolve them. Just give it some time and one day, we all might be in same darbar... Aameen! There are pressures and difficulties every where... and I can't give you solution but I can surely give you some advice.... Read FARMANS... Take your Tasbih and call the name of Allah, H. Ali , Prophet Muhammad. It will surely give you "MOMENTS OF HAPPINESS". It is only our FAITH that has helped us reach our goals. I pray that whole Ismaili Ummah keeps strong to our faith.... Aameen! I really hope and pray that your dream comes true Sakhi Jan... Aameen!

Best regards,

May Mawla Bless Us with His Noorani Deedar.

Dear Sakhi Jan,

it is indeed my pleasure to read what you have mentioned about your difficult life in china, we all the ismaili murids of Mawlana Hazir imam are well aware about the fact that how difficult it is to practice our faith where external forces are over ruling our fundamental rights, like wise in Iran, Afghanistan and the former U.S.S.R states, i appreciate your endless efforts that you are making and trying to connect to the rest of the Jamat around the world, My heart felt facilitation on your endless efforts. alot of us dont even bother to read or respond, but it does not mean that our Mawla is also like us No No No and never ever think about it in that way..........................Mawla is as near to us as our souls and he lives in our hearts,.one day you will see Mawla papa will come for his deedar and there in the darbar hall you will be sitting and shedding your tears in the love of Imam, and i pray that same goes to the murids of Iran who are living a difficult life and observing precautionary dissimulation. last but not the least i pray that may mawla papa comes to Pakistan as well where we the jamat is direly waiting for his golden jublee deedar, Sakhi Jan we all have same feelings like you and we can better read and understand them.......just keeping endless hopes and strong faiths.......Inshallah....we all will see the glory of Noor..


we pray u come more and more close with maula

realy we surprise to hear that maula is close to us this is a fact we also joint with u and pray maula come more and more close to pakistan we count have didar since long pls pray for us karim come to pakistan and give us deedar with yaali madad lakhani

As received From:

As received

From: salazzy@hotmail.com


I would wish the "Salgirah Mubarak"

Ya Ali Madad,
I would wish the "Salgirah Mubarak" from the Ismaili Jamat of China to Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam his Rohani Family and all the Ismaili Jamat of the World.,
My name is Sakhi jan, I am Ismaili Tajik, I am 28 years old and I am from Kashghar City , Xinjiang Province , China. I have lost my parents in my childhood, I left my city in 1997 and came to Urumqi City to find some work. Wakhi Tajik is mother tongue but as i have been out of my family so now i can speak the Ughur Language in my daily life.
Since then i haven't forget that I belong's to Ismaili Community. I am trying to know about our Ismaili Community and you “our Hazir Imam”. I want to get more knowlegde about our religion and want to contact with you Our beloved “Hazir Imam". I tried many times to contact with Imam's secretary in Aglimont France but still i don't have any reply from anyone.
We have 48 Jamat Khanas with 60000 population of Ismaili Jamat. I heared that Our beloved Imam visited once in 1980 to Kasghar city and i think it was an official visit but he didn't gave the spritual Deedar to ismaili jamat.
It is difficult for the people from Xinjiang China to get the passport and visa and the expenditures doesn't allows us for travelling and keeping in touch with the ismaili community in other parts of the world.
My and the Ismaili Jamat of China are praying and requesting to our Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam to spare his precious time and give us the Rohani (Spritual) Deedar.

Sincerely and faithfully,

Sakhi Jan

email: sakhijan_88@yahoo.com.cn sakhijan@163.com
Urumqi China.

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