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  • Personally, I never saw a particular objection to taking a close interest in politics, provided there were opportunities for other activities as well. The danger is that a student will live for politics and nothing else. Apart from other considerations, this will make a very dull individual.

    Aga Khan IV Speech 30 Jan. 1958
    Interview - THE RULER WITHOUT A KINGDOM = Sunday Times

    The Imam's word on the Faith is taken as an absolute rule. Every Ismaili is expected to accept it. The Community always follows very closely the personal way of thinking of the Imam. It's one of the particularities of Ismailis. An Ismaili who did not obey My word in matters of Faith, would not be excommunicated, he would still be a Muslim. He simply would no longer be a member of the Jamath

    Heritage Diamond Jubilee Nazrana: 250 MILLION SALWAAT Pledge

    Be part of the Heritage 250 Million Salwat Nazrana for our beloved Imam's Diamond Jubilee, Give from your Soul.

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  • Pir Shams wrote a long treatise named Man Samjani, it contained 10,000 verses divided in 500 chapters of 20 verses each. Unfortunately the last 80 pages were missing in the only manuscript found therefore the first published version in Khojki contained only 401 chapters of 20 verses for a total of 8020 verses.

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