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  • Educated men and women, from around the world, can achieve, in as little as twenty years, to begin reversing the hundreds of years of decay which have eroded our cultural identity.

    Aga Khan IV Brown Univ. 1996
    Mawlana Hazar Imam in Kyrgyz Republic Speech and photos available now 2016-10-19

    The University of Central Asia has attracted the support of 77 institutions in the region. H.H. The Aga Khan said that a thousand years ago, Central Asia led the world in cultural and intellectual achievement. He quoted the invention of Algebra and the first discovery of the diameter of the earth. It was good to see the presence and the support of Prince Rahim, Princess Zahra, Prince Aly Muhammad at the event.

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  • Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah had a Palace built in Poona in order to give shelter and employment to people during the long famine of 1900. The Yerowda Palace was offered by Mowlana Shah Karim to the government of India in 1968 so as to have it transformed into a national monument. What was the name of that Palace? (The Yerowda Palace).

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