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Event - 1960-09-21

Laid foundation stone of Ismailia Youth Service project, Mohamedi Girls' Academy, Malir in the revered memory of 48th Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah.

Event - 1960-09-20

Arrived in Karachi on 40-day tour of Pakistan and Goa.

Event - 1960-07-29

Arrived in Tananarive to attend Malagasy Independence Day Celebration at the Government's Invitation.

Event - 1960-05-12

Mowlana Hazar Imam's father Prince Aly Khan, was involved in a fatal car accident near Paris. Bettina, his constant companion, was also present in the same car.

Event - 1960-05-04

Mowlana Shah Karim gave Didar to the London Jamat.

Event - 1960-03-24

On return from Burma, made two-hour stop-over at Karachi. Laid foundation stone of a huge Jamatkhana at Kharadhar and performed opening ceremony of Charitable Trust residential quarters at Karimabad.

Event - 1960-03-16

Reached Rangoon on a week's tour of Burma after a short halt at Karachi when He laid the foundation stone of the Kharadhar Jamat Khana and performed the opening ceremony of the Ismailia Charitable Trust Flats at Karimabad.

Event - 1959-11-30

Spoke in San Francisco on 'Africa and its Multiracial Society' under the auspices of World Affairs Council of Northern California.

Event - 1959-11-23

Visited U.S.A. as Hon. Chairman for Africa Research Foundation for its health and research projects in Africa.

Event - 1959-11-12


Event - 1959-11-01

Offered donation of

Event - 1959-10-14

Hazar Imam was interviewed on Radio Times of Kenya October 24, 1959: Arrived in Tehran for 10 day visit, his first to Iran. He was given the title of 'His Royal Highness' by Shah-en-Shah of Iran.

Event - 1959-10-04

Mowlana Hazar Imam delivered a speech at the Students' Conference in Bombay.

Event - 1959-10-02

Laid foundation stone of

Event - 1959-09-25

Laid the foundation stone of the opening ceremony of Wandegeya Mosque on the outskirts of Kampala.

Event - 1959-09-23

Performed opening ceremony of Aga Khan Nursery School, Kisumu.

Event - 1959-09-17

Performed opening ceremony of Wandegeya Mosque on the outskirts of Kampala.

Event - 1959-09-16

Started one-month tour of East African countries.

Event - 1959-08-16

The New York Herald Tribune reported Hazar Imam as saying in response to a question; 'The primary function is the Imamat itself. That is the link which holds together our people, who live in so many different kinds of cultures and speak so many different languages.'

Event - 1959-07-27

Visited Salamieh in Syria. Donated

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