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Event - 1959-09-16

Started one-month tour of East African countries.

Event - 1959-08-16

The New York Herald Tribune reported Hazar Imam as saying in response to a question; 'The primary function is the Imamat itself. That is the link which holds together our people, who live in so many different kinds of cultures and speak so many different languages.'

Event - 1959-07-27

Visited Salamieh in Syria. Donated

Event - 1959-06-11

Completed formal education at Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours in History)

Event - 1959-06-09

Announced $50,000 gift to Harvard University to establish a ten-year scholarship fund for Muslim Students from the Middle East an amount which the university planned to duplicate out of its own funds.

Event - 1959-02-20

At Aswan, attended the final resting ceremony of his grandfather.

Aga Khan III - Final Burial Ceremony at Aswan in the Mausoleum - 1959-02-19

On 19 February 1959, the 48th Imam was finally laid to rest in the mausoleum which had taken over 18 months to construct.

Event - 1958-Winter

Hazar Imam visited Sardinia for the first time where he had invested $25,000 in 7400 acres of rugged land. (click here)

Event - 1958-10-22

In a football game, brought Harvard University victory by scoring two goals, the only player to do so. (photo) At Harvard University, Hazar Imam was not only a brilliant scholar but also an outstanding sportsman

Event - 1958-09-16

Arrived in New York from Geneva to resume studies at Harvard University.

Event - 1958-09-10

At the opening ceremony of the Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital in Nairobi, Hazar Imam said: 'This hospital must serve much more than the Ismaili community in Kenya or even East Africa. It is intended for all communities and for all races.'

Event - 1958-09-09

Arrived for 36 hours' visit to Nairobi and performed the opening ceremony of The Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee hospital, considered to be among the best hospitals in the world.

Event - 1958-05-11

First visit to Ismailis in South Africa, the Congo and Portuguese East Africa.

Interview of a Young Imam on BBC- 1958-05-02

First interview over BBC Television, London. [Interview here]

Event - 1958-03-28

Brief halt at Karachi on His way from Bombay to Geneva.

Event - 1958-03-25

Delivered speech at the Rotary Club of Bombay on 'The Ismailis and the Role of Asian Communities in the Development of East Africa'.

Event - 1958-03-11

Takht Nashini at Bombay.

Event - 1958-03-09

Arrived in Delhi, India, and met the late Prime Minster Jawaharlal Pandit Nehru.

Event - 1958-02-15

Donated Rs 20,000 to the East Pakistan Sports Federation for the development of sports in East Pakistan, and a gold cup for the All Pakistan Aga Khan Gold Cup Football Tournament to be held every year.

Event - 1958-02-15-A

Left Karachi for Geneva.

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