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Event - 1958-02-12

Takht Nashini at Dacca.

Event - 1958-01-30

Civic reception at Karachi. February 8, 1958: Visited Khyber Pass (Peshawar).

Event - 1958-01-29

Speech at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, Karachi on 'Islam in Africa.'

Event - 1958-01-28

Speech at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries Dinner given in his honour.

Event - 1958-01-25

At the conference of the Ismailia Association for Pakistan, Hazar Imam emphasised the necessity of Religion in the modern world. (click here)

Event - 1958-01-23

Takht Nashini at Karachi.

Event - 1958-01-23-A

Speaking on the role of Pakistan, Hazar Imam said; 'Here is a nation newly-born, unfettered by too many out-worn traditions. She is free, therefore, to forge her own future.'

Event - 1958-01-21

Greeted by Syrian Ismailis at Damascus early in the morning. Arrived in Karachi in the evening.

Event - 1957-12-13

First celebration of Imam-e-Zaman's birthday.

Event - 1957-11-25

Gave speech on 'Harvard University and Studies of Middle East' at the Dar-es-Salaam Cultural Society.

Event - 1957-11-16

Became Patron-in-Chief of East African Muslim Welfare Society (Mombasa) and donated money to the Society.

Event - 1957-10-25

October 25, 1957 Takht Nashini at Kampala, Uganda.

Event - 1957-10-22

Takht Nashini at Nairobi, Kenya.

Event - 1957-10-19

Takht Nashini speech and celebrations of the Intronisation of Hazar Imam at Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika.

Event - 1957-08-12

Landed at Nairobi, first visit to East African countries as Imam. During this tour Hazar Imam was awarded the 'Brilliant Star of Zanzibar' by the Sultan of Zanzibar. (photo)

Event - 1957-08-10

Brief visit to Lebanon, Beirut. 'First visit to His followers.'

Event - 1957-08-09

First visit to Bombay, India.

Event - 1957-08-07

First Visit to Dacca.

Event - 1957-08-04

Visit to Karachi, Pakistan. In His speech, Hazar Imam said; 'You all know that my grandfather was one of the founders of Pakistan

Event - 1957-08-04-A

Sunday; On his way to Karachi, Hazar Imam made a brief stop at Beirut Airport where the Lebanese Government gave him a welcome normally reserved for Heads of State. Some 600 Syrian and Lebanese Ismailis also were gathered at this auspicious occasion.

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