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Ismailis in Switzerland

Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

The Ismailis slowly came to settle in Geneva, where they built the first Jamatkhana on March 21, 1966. The Imam sent following message to Mukhiani Mrs. Gulshan F. Hajee for the jamat:

2nd March, 1966

My dear Mukhiani,

I have received your letter of 28th February, and I send you and all beloved spiritual children of Swiss jamat my best paternal maternal loving blessings.

I was happy to know that you are decorating a new place for Jamatkhana at 22, Pierrefleur Lausanne, and you may certainly inaugurate it on the occasion of Navroz.

Unfortunately I doubt whether I will be in Switzerland on the 21st, so I cannot undertake to be present on the occasion of the spring ceremony.

All the members of my Swiss jamat are in my heart and thoughts.

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