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14. Majalis Hall in Amir Pir

In 1918, Wazir Fadhu Basaria (1848-1918), the third Estate Agent of Karachi, Lasbela and Sind is reported to have asked Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah at Bombay to issue an order to wind up the Amir Pir Mela due to the difficulties faced by the visitors. In reply, the Imam said to build there a Majalis Hall (old name for the prayer-hall, which had not acquired the status of a Jamatkhana, now the term “Community Centre” is used), so that the Ismailis might attend the Jamatkhana too. The Imam changed the date and fixed it from 15th to 20th November. It suggests that Imam did not like to hamper into the customary veneration of the visitors due to the prevalence of illiteracy in the community.


Thus, a Majalis Hall was built in Amir Pir, making the visitors divided into their precepts. On November 16, 1919, Wazir Fadhu Basaria laid the foundation stone of the Majalis Hall in Amir Pir.

Imam Sultan Muhammad arrived in Karachi on April 10, 1920 for 27 days visit. Itmadi Mukhi Ghulam Hussain Alinani, the President of the Council of Tando Muhammad Khan presented a key and requested Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah on April 18, 1920 to visit Amir Pir and make opening ceremony of the Majalis Hall or Jamatkhana, which he had built. The Imam showed his inability to travel and told to Wazir Rahim Basaria (1885-1927) to execute its formalities on his behalf. It was built in a year at the cost of Rs. 30,000/- under personal supervision of Itmadi Ghulam Hussain Alinani. It was opened on November 15, 1920 by Wazir Rahim Basaria in presence of Varas Karim Kassim (1878-1958), Varas Bandali Kassim (1875-1956), Varas Muhammad Remu (1860-1924), Alijah Alidina Ali Muhammad (1884-1952), Alijah Vali Kassim, Pir Sabzali (1884-1938), Missionary Hamir Lakha (1888-1963), Missionary Thavar Abdul Hussain, etc. The Hyderabad, Sind Volunteer Corps managed the occasion excellently under Major Yonus Khalikdina.


It was renovated in 1951 and 1984. It was further repaired and coloured in 1995 quite in modern style, making its original look disappeared.

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