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Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

Pir Tajuddin was most possibly born in 796/1394 in Uchh Sharif, and got his early education from his elder brothers. He was about 33 years old when designated as the next hujjat, or pir for subcontinent. The tradition relates that he used to put the bud of flower on his robe, making him familiar with the title of shah turrel (the lord of the tura or bud). He made Lahore as his centre because Uchh Sharif had become the ground of quarrel by his opponents. He had also an opportunity at Lahore to direct the descendants of Pir Shams in the mission works. He seems to have sent few da'is in Afghanistan and Central Asia, whose detail is not accessible. Pir Tajuddin also preached in Sind, and once he had notably converted one Lohana family of 20 men, 18 women and 40 sons near Uchh Sharif, whose family head was Seith Lakhimal. Pir Tajuddin seems to have known as Prahlad among the Hindus of Sind because of his betrothal with a lady of Sodha tribe of Umarkot, and his descendants became also known as Prahlad, or Perraj. He seems to have composed some ginans, but only one is extant.

The Indian tradition goes to relate that Pir Tajuddin decided to visit Iran in 870/1466. He embarked from Sind, where a certain Ismaili jamat accorded him a warm honour, and gave him a precious piece of cloth of Sindhi design to be presented to the Imam. He reached Kahek, and presented the cloth with other offerings. When Pir Tajuddin started his homeland journey, Imam Mustansir billah gave him the same cloth as a gift, since none in Iran wore the dress bearing Sindhi design. It is related that he returned to Sind via Baluchistan, where he stayed few months in Uthal, about 70 miles from Karachi. He asked the local tailor to prepare a robe from that piece of cloth, which he wore and came in Sind. He also visited the jamat who had given him the cloth for the Imam. The tradition relates that a few persons suspected and accused Pir Tajuddin of embezzling the gift of the Imam. They encircled Pir Tajuddin with the flood of questions with rigorous arguments and insulted him. He was highly shocked which resulted his sudden death, possibly by heart attack in 872/1467. He was buried near Tando Bagho, where a splendid shrine had been erected in 889/1484.

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