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2008-11-18--25 - Canada - Page 2


2008-11-24: Thousands lined the streets in downtown Vancouver Monday night to welcome the Aga Khan. From left to right: Hanifa Rezaei, Malek Sultan Visanji and Parveen Somji.


2008-11-25 Vancouver, Canada: The Aga Khan speaks at a luncheon with government officials on Tuesday.


2008-11-25 Vancouver, Canada: B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and the Aga Khan pose for a photograph in the offices of the Premier in Vancouver on Tuesday.


2008-11-25 Vancouver, Canada: Campbell walks with the Aga Khan in Vancouver on Tuesday. The Aga Khan, the hereditary and spiritual leader of an estimated 15 million Nizari Ismaili Muslims around the world, is wrapping up a four-city tour of Canada to mark his 50th anniversary as Imam.


2008-11-24 Vancouver, Canada: Premier Gordon Campbell, left, escorts the Aga Khan into the Pan Pacific Hotel


2008-11-24 Vancouver, Canada: The Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the world's Ismaili Muslims, arrives at the Pan Pacific Hotel Monday night on the final leg of his Canadian golden jubilee tour.


2008-11-24 Vancouver, Canada: Leader walking 'road of hope' saluted - Ismaili Imam inspires followers, political leaders with deeds - The Aga Khan arrives at the Pan Pacific Hotel yesterday to give his message of hope to a high-powered Vancouver crowd.


2008-11-24--25 Aga Khan Visits Vancouver, Canada.


2008-11-24: The Aga Khan arrives at the Pan Pacific Hotel in downtown Vancouver.


2008 November 25 Vancouver, Canada: Aga Khan wraps up Canadian tour with visit to Vancouver


2008-11-25 Vancouver, Canada: Premier Gordon Campbell hosted His Highness the Aga Khan for a meeting and luncheon with community, education and business leaders during the Aga Khan's visit to British Columbia as part of his Golden Jubilee celebration. The Aga Khan is the Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims.


2008-11-25 Vancouver, Canada: The Aga Khan, right, spent time in Vancouer Tuesday, attending a luncheon with B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.

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