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Alibhai Nanji, Missionary

1893 - 1978

Texts for Alibhai Nanji, Missionary

Passing away of Al-waez Alibhai Nanji - Message from Imam - 1978-04-20


Mowlana Shah Karim sent the following message through the President of Ismailia Association for Pakistan:

"I was much grieved to hear about the sad demise of Al-waez Alibhai Nanji... Late Al-waez Nanji’s devoted services to my Association will always be remembered by my jamat."

12. Alibhai Nanji, Missionary - page 32

Alibhai Nanji, Missionary

Bhagat Walji Velji was one of the most dedicated persons in Mekhandi, Porebandar, having four sons, Nanji, Premji, Jivraj, and Ali. The elder son, Nanji, had a son Hussain and a daughter Jetbai with his first wife. He had three daughters, Manbai, Nurbai and Hirbai and a son Alibhai with his second wife.
Alibhai, the son of Nanji was born in Mekhandi on Sunday, June 10, 1893. His father Nanji Walji owned a small fertile land at the end of the village. He was a devoted person and very knowledgeable of ginans; therefore, his son Alibhai acquired his formal religious education at home.

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