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Bangalore Jamatkhana. India


1/2 CANNUGHT ROAD,Off Queens Road , Next to Karnataka Congress House
MOBILE 9886022030


Contact info?

contact info for JK in bangalore

JK address and time ??

Is the JK is open?
what are the times?
Contact number for Mukhi Salim Patel is wrong.

Is JK at the same address?

Is JK at the same address? What is dua time during weekdays? Can we have a contact info of Mukhi/Kamdaia? thanks

house for rent available near jamatkhana banglore

Yam I stay in kampala africa.......ive my own housr in secunderabad india.
im cuming back to india in dec 2014 to india...the course wat iam doing here I wud like to
continue same in india....its only available in banglore....Ive never been to banglore....plz tell me if I can rent a house near jk. N hw mch will it b ...I also hv a 1 yr old kid....plz assist me with info on
sweety_nilu1@yahoo.co.in. ...this is my mail adresss thnx n yam

help request

this is Baz Ali Hussainy, writing from Punjab university in Chandigarh. I am from Afghanistan and fortunately am an ismaili. i got a scholarship from ICCR (indian council for cultural relation) and i am going to study BA in punjab university DAV college.i haven't got my college admission yet and i will get it on thursday insha Allah. the only concern that i am having at the moment is that i am new in chandigarh and i don't have full information about ismailis and jks here. the next problem is that hostels in DAV college are almost full and i can't take room for rent. so i am writing for help. if you have information about ismaili Council in chandigarh or any other one who can help don't hesitate to write me. my Email address is: Bazali.hussainy [at] gmail.com
i am looking forward for the help of my jamatis here.
may Maula help all of us.
Baz Ali Hussainy
Chandigarh India

Jamat Khana

There r no Jamatkhanas in
Punjab there one jamatkhana in s

Jamat Khana

Hi , I am working in Banagalore, and wanted to speak to someone re JK details for Khushiali, I have tried Mukhisaheb ' s no but can't get through, please help if you can thank you YAM

searching a jamatkhana in Bangalore we are near SBF health care

YAM we have come down from Dar es Salaam for my knee treatment and are staying near SBF Health care Shivas Doddanekundi Marathahalli outer Ring Road Banglore, we are searching any jamatkhana near this centre. Please guide us so that we can attain JK. Thank u mukhi sahen

searching for jamatkhana in bangalore

please help us

Help for route for j.k.

Ya Ali Madad,
i am student at manglore and you can by give me the idea for the bus or train to come till j.k. and i am new to this state.

Help to JK


You can take a bus from Majestic Bus Station (next to Bengaluru city RLY STN). You can get into any bus that goes to Shivaji Nagar from there and get down @ Indian Express circle. Once you are there, you can ask any one of Kamala Nehru school. Our JK is located in the entrance of the way to Kamalabai Nehru school.

Let me know if you need any further assistance. Do call me on +919766675535 if this creates any confusion..

& All the Best for your Future.

Daily morning and evening Jamatkhana and # of people

Ya Ali Madad

Please advise me if you have daily morning and evening jamati services
and how big is the jamat in bangalore ?
i am planning to move to bangalore next year and am exploring the city a bit

Ya Ali Madad


is the J.K still at this address and what time is Dua.please respond


Jamatkhana address

Yes... still it is the same address... dua time is 6.30 pm...

Jamatkhana visit

Ya Ali Madad,

We are going to be in Bangalore in December.
Can i please have the dua time and how we can get to Khane?

Thank You,\Iqbal

Would like to knowe dua time please

I'm from TO canada

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