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Columbo Jamatkhana, Sri Lanka


562/18 Lower Bagatalle Road KollupitiyaColumbo - 3


Is jk open everyday and what

Is jk open everyday and what is dua time.Thks

HI, YAM I am Shaista,

I am Shaista, visiting to colombo for official workshop want to attend khushali can any one tell me time of Jamat khana and just to know is the khushali is on 13 december or 14th december.

Please do let me know.

Columbo Jamatkhana Sri Lanka

Yaa Ali Madad,

I will be coming to Sri Lanka and wish to visit our Jamatkhana there on the 10th Oct'14. May i get any assistance?? i am Reachable on +91 9769040174. i will be staying at Taj Bentota but coming to columbo on 10th'Oct. your assiatnce will be highly appreciated.

Shama Khetani

Friday Dua timings...

please anyone let me know about today's (Friday) jk timings and contact numbers of Mukhi or Kamadiya sb for address confirmation..

Information regarding DUA timings in Colombo JK


I am in Colombo due to my official visit; I will b staying here for next 40 days in colombo 6. I would like to attend JK. Can some 1 tell me Friday Dua timing & JK location?



Jamat Khana in Colombo

Ya Ali Madad

I am intending to visit Colombo in short time. I am wishing to attend Colombo JK and to see new friends during my stay. Could someone kindly send me correct address of jk alongwith the dua timings and the contact number of Mukhi or Kamadi Saheb.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Hassan Ali
Email: hassanalisamnani [at] yahoo.com

Colombo JK

I was born and grew up in Colombo and lived there for 26 years. The address provided above is correct. Contact names re: Nadia Khaleel Adatia 94-717-301-525.

Jamatkhana details colombo and male

Yam my name is Alia I am moving to the Maldives in 2 weeks for a 2 year job posting. I am wondering if there are any ismailis there, if so would anyone have their contacts? Also I will be in Colombo next Friday can I please get the mukhis contact . You can inbox me on ahirji [at] iom.int.

Address as on June 2012

It falls on your right just after few houses when you enter Lower Bagatalle road. Opposite is a residential building. Very near if someone is staying in Hotels on Galle Road. JK activities on Friday, Chandraat/occasions only.

Colombo khane

My name is Alia I am moving to the Maldives in two weeks. Does anyone know if there are any ismailis there?

I will also be in colombo next Friday can someone please send me the mukhis details. - ahirji [at] iom.int

Thanks ALia

Info needed

Yam Arif

im right now in Colombo, staying in colombo-8 near wesley college. Can u inbox me ur contact number at amiraly [at] gmail.com so that i can contact u? it shall be easier for me to locate jk. im here for a couple of months.



Details about the jamat khana and contact info


does anyone have any info on the contact details of any of the members of the colombo jamat or mukhi sahib. plz let me know at ashiqthobani@gmail.com


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