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Aga Khan Council for India


President Rai Hasanali Firasta
His Highness Prince Aga Khan Council for India
305 Maker Bhavan No.3
21 New Marine Lines
Bombay 400 020, INDIA

Tel: 201 7111
Fax: 206 6837


extra marital affairs

I being prud of myself as a part of ismali muridd .hereby sending u a request of stop growing more and more extra marital affairs . I am lliving in the state of gujarat have faced many problems.so I request u to kindly take a note on it.

Will u help me in AGA KHAN Office MUMBAI (India) Please..please.

Will your organisation help me in AGA KHAN office, who gaves me total salary only Rs. 2531/-($51) p.m. in METRO CITY MUMBI.. please..

Please help me in AGA KHAN Office (india), Who gaves me a permanent employee salary only $ 51 for a hall month in India's Most Expensive METRO CITY MUMBAI...

. YES why there are doing above with me ? is a very interesting... if u like to know it please

Being a AGAKHANI (Ismaili) community persone, I am taking some intereset in Indian various religion so the AGA KHAN Management does not like this and there was not any fault in my duty so they was not able to release me from my permanent job in their office, so they have transferred my job from a little village of Gujarat to direct METRO CITY MUMBAI with same salary i.e. $ 51 for a hall month. How it possible to me or for an employee to run my family within only $ 51 for a hall month India's Most Expensive METRO CITY MUMBAI....

Truly there is noting any fault in my duty, So the Management was not able to releave me directly, so they have transferred by job. as above with same salalry. i.e. Rs. 2531- p.m. total salary in METRO CITY MUMBAI.

So you are requested to please please help me at your level. Your a little help will save my JOB as well as My & myfamily lives also.......please....

Yours faithuflly
(hasamukh Vadasariya)
India Cont.... +91 97259 49511

ISP Donations

can anyone here explain me what is the isp program for and what is the purpose of this program?


looking e- mail address of national council for Canada.

YA ALI MADAD, I am arsalan ali from Pakistan searching for e-mail and postal address of national council for Canada. any one who can know please gave me address.my e-mail address is arsalan_ali111 [at] yahoo.com. Thanks

Jamatkhana in Delhi?

Yam is there à khana in new dehli i am planing on coming there in spetember please email me the address as well as the phone number at hanifaqaderi [at] Hotmail.com

dholka Jamat khana needs reparing?

President sir
plz note that in Ahmadabad council there is one jk. name of dholka
old jk is in processes for reaping and its till pending as council member say.

so plz look into it. it is humble request. as jamati member

As received Surat

As received
Surat Jamatkhana, India
mukhisaheb isfirozbhai halani and kamdia saheb is imtayaz lalani surat council no is
02612237861 and 02612231786

Re: Surat President's phone number.

Surat Council President Mr. Mansurbhai Noorani 9427888257


I have been trying to hear al wayez Abdul Dhanani's wayez but unfortunately
i am not able to get his recorded wayeze's to hear .Please kindly help me or
direct me to his recorded wayez.
Thanking You.
Shiraz Dhanani

storage space

YAM, I am looking to visit India, Mumbai in June, for a period of one month. I am undergoing a home dialysis for chronic kidney failure. I have been told by my doctors my kidneys will cease to function within a year. I dream to visit the country of my ancestors before my time comes. my only problem is that no hotel is willing to accept the delivery of my medication consisting of about 25 boxes weighing 10 kilos each, to be delivered by Baxter pharmaceuticals (India).
im requesting anyone here if you can accept these for me which shall be delivered two days prior to my arrival. im willing to pay if need be. anyone help? my contact is aussielad19 [at] aol.com

want to know andheri jamat khana address

i need the complete address andheri jamat khana and nearest ismaili residency or colony.
kindly any one help me, write at jaga02b [at] yahoo.com..


Yam !
I have just returned from Mumbai and had visited the Jamat Khana in Andheri
it is called " FIDAI BAGG"
Andheri Jamatkhana, India




Room No.251, Vittal Bhai Patel Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400058

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Yam Malik give me your email

Yam Malik give me your email address I might help you.

I'm strugling to Understand the rules to become Ismaili.

Dear ITREB Member,

I got married to a Non Ismaili girl & she wants to be Ismaili.
Without any help she learnt Dua,meaning of dua, tasbi, salwat, etc and prayers daily.
Now I'm so disappointed to hear that there are lot's of rules to officially become Ismaili.
The rule that hurts us most is that "She can't become Ismaili in India if She is working in another country, even if the country She lives in doesn't have any Ismaili Jamat/JK/Council.
I don't see any way for her to be Ismaili.
Please advice.


malik if I were you don't bother, my wife is a non ismaili learnt everything dua etc, yet the agakhan council Mombasa, Kenya like it seems other councils around the world operate a red tape bureaucracy. ten years after trying we gave up. bizzarely my daughter cannot cecome an ismaili either, I was told, cos my wife is not. wow.

Yam Malik .my family is

Yam Malik .my family is facing same problem like you .can u please give me your email address so I might can help you.

JK in Kashmir, Jafrabad and Kotda Sangani?

YAm Is there a JK in Kashmir, Jafrabad Gujurat or Kotda Sangani Gujurat?

Platinum Jubilee cooperative Credit Society shares (Madras)

I am having Platinum Jubilee cooperative Credit Society shares (Madras) which are in my Fathers name who died 3 years ago and I am the only son. So plz let me knw how should I transfer these shares to my name ?? Whom should I contact in this Matter????? Plz Rply to nathaniamirali [at] yahoo.com or 9320486927

no response from ITREB India regional member

Hi my name is Alishan and I am invovled in REC and when the ITREB meeting was there in REC i suggested them my views they like the points but after that they told they will revert me in 10days but i dint got any response and not its more than a month. And all this was done by north mumbai ITREB team . Please help me and tell me where and how should i discuss my views for better future of our REC kids . My email id surani.alishan93 [at] @gmail.com

babul missionaries contact info

I was wondering if you could kindly provide me babul missionaries contact number. Please email me at irfan_nizar [at] yahoo.ca

jk in cochin

Ya ali madad. I'm looking for jk in cochin. Please help me if there are any jk here. My mail I'd is minaz1815 [at]gmail.com

Jk in Cochin

Hi Minaz
I am in Cochni at present and was wondering whether you know if there is jk in here. My email address is shairoz.mitha@btinternet.com


visit to cochin in dec.......did you find any jk in cochin

I am plannind to visit cochin in december...is there any JK in cochin or any other town in Kerala........I'll be gratrful if you let me know. Thank Ya ali Madad

Required National Council's or President/VP's Email Id

Urgently need the National Council's or President/VP's Email Id. I am from Chennai & need some help badly so appreciate if anyone can email it to me at nooru99 [at] yahoo.com.
Thank You!

I am looking for email

I am looking for email address of our council in Mumbai and Ahmedabad my id is diashariff [at] yahoo.co.uk
I am based in London, thanks

looking for the presidents/

looking for the presidents/ vice presidents email address. there is something i would bring to his notice immediately. pls email me at jessaniamin [at] gmail.com. thanks


i am studing in andhra paradish india.
in andhra university thank you.

To find contact in Gujarat

I am trying to find contacts of Ismailis in gujarat

current contact no

Ya Ali Madad...pls help me with the current address and contact no. my email id denzilv [at] ymail.co

current contact no

Ya Ali Madad...pls help me with the current address and contact no. my email id denzilv [at]@ymail.co

current contact no

Ya Ali Madad...pls help me with the current address and contact no

Looking current address & email for Aga Khan Council in Mumbai

Y Ali madad. I am trying to find the current address, phone number and email address of the Aga Khan Council in Mumbai. Can somebody help me? My email address is amindosani2 [at] aim.com
Thank you and Ya Ali Madad.

phone numbar

ya ali madad i am ismaili bhai living in usa atlanta and been living usa for 12 years my passport expired so i have to renew so please help me before usa i use to live in virar in 1990 so please help me ya ali madad

plz send me council number & mail id its so argent

ya ali madad plz send me council number & mail id its so urgent my mail is is zahirhk at gmail.com jahirhk at gmail.com aaryanrj at yahoo.co.in plz send me.. thanks ya ali madad

Council for India

Ya Ali Madat, My name is Shazia Hamir and I am looking for the telephone number for the council of India Please can you e-mail me back at shazia_hamir17 at hotmail.com

Trying to Look for JK in Punjab or Newdelhi

I will be travelling in March 2012 to New Delhi, Chandigarh, and Amritsar Could you please let me know if there are any JK I don't want to miss Navroz if I can help it. My email address is rjaffer2071 at gmail.com



Book, Marifat Na Phool

Part 1 was written by Honarary Missionary, Nassar Abdulla. I would like to know if Part 2 was ever written?
Thank you and Ya Ali Madad

Marafat Na Phool.

I would like to have a copy of Marafat Na Phool.
I've read it when young it's really knowledgable in material and spiritual sense.
My email I'D is indya167 [at] yahoo.com

Goa, India

Ya ali madad,
I am looking for ALL the addresses for each JK in Goa, India, as I am going there for 2 months.....my email is snj0786 at yahoo.ca.....thank you for your help....salimah

traveling to mumbai need assistance to locate ismailia council

My family and I are traveling to Mumbai departing Canada on October 22, 2009. I am hoping to get assistance of a marriage coordinator. I am in Mumbai 4 weeks, I come from a good back ground and family, originally from Uganda, East Africa and my family is well established in Canada. I hope you can help me thank you nasim

re: traveling to mumbai

did you ever get a response to your post Nasim?

jamat Khanas in India

ya Ali Madat ! Please advise jamat khanas locations and addresses for New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Mumbai.

Please reply urgently to shiraztours at yahoo.ca

Thank you with regards and prayers

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