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Delhi Jamatkhana, India


A-70(BASEMENT),Mr. Kapoor's House
CONTACT: (MUKHI)- FIROJ LADHANI- MOB. NO. +91 9717470066 TEL. NO. (R) +91 11 22057588
CONTACT: (KAMADIA)- SHAHNAWAZ MITHANI MOB NO. +91 9810150246TEL NO. (R) +91 11 22040154


JK dua time

Friday namaz time is 630pm. JK closes at 730pm.

New appointment from 13th December 2014

MOB NO. +91 9810150246
MOB NO. +91 9311877798

As Received We were in delhi

As Received
We were in delhi and went to jamatkhana on Thursday but it was closed.
Would be helpful if you mentioned the days and times jk is open.
Will help future visitors.
We are travelling India and hopefully would like to visit more jks.

ya ali madad

i am muafaq from Afghanistan in m a program in jama mala Islama in the new Delhi but i want to know the jamat khaan of imam in the Delhi can guide me to come in the doha at night or morning.
muafaq royish
muafaqmr2 [at] gmail.com

Nww Delhi Mukhi email address needed

YAM, We are looking for email address for Mukhi in Delhi and dua time as we are coming and would like to go to JK. Thanks

Delhi Jamat Khana dua time on February 28, 2014j

Ya Ali Madad :

Would appreciate above info.

Thank you in advance



South east,


YAM, I am Hasina I am appointee in NACB, Afghanistan from Afghanistan, I was here in dlehi for a peace conference. I am in delhi in Shesh Mahal GH, tomorrow I want to come for Duwa tomorrow, can you please help me?

Ya Ali madad!!!

Ya Ali madad!!! I am in Narela Delhi I want to go to Jamatkhana in Ramadans day. please inform me. is this celebration in the afternoon. If I came in dua time. is a musafirkhona there that i cant come back to narela in the evening. please inform me as soon as possible.

Visit to India - visiting Delhi on 21st <arch 2013

YAM, Myself and my brither are visiting dehli for a couple of days from 21st March 2013. We would like to if possible do Navroz at Jamat Khana so would be very grateful if some would be bale to supply us with the addreses of the jamat khana in this city as well as dua times for this day.

You help and advice is much appreciated.


coming to Delhi _ June 29, 2012

YAM, I'll be in Delhi next week and would like to visit khane there. My local India number is +919967741841 or email is tamizan@gmail.com. Please let me know how to best get to khane and dua times. Thank you.

Musafir Khana

Ya Ali Madad
I am visiting Delhi I was wondering if we have Ismaili Musafir Khanna for us to spend 3 weeks in Delhi
please confirm

need to know

Yaa Ali Madad.
I will be in delhi this 13 december and i am very eager to reach jamatkhana on that day.Plz tell me the dua time.and when are the celebrations going to be held.

Jamatkhan in Delhi and Dua time on 22nd August 2011 please

As we are arriving early morning in Delhi and we wish to visit Jamatkhana as there will be 23rd Raat in khane if we know the timing too.
My email I D is pepsi7860@hotmail.com

Khana Time

Does anyone know what time Dua starts in New Delhi Khana?

Visit to New Delhi - Dec 13th

Ya Ali Madad,

My wife and myself are going to be in Delhi on Dec 13th.
Can someone guide as to how we can get to JK and what time is dua?

Thank You.

Contact details

Contact details of mukhi kamadia saheb i'nt working, sombody plz update the new and working one..

Delhi JK

I will be in New Delhi at Delhi University in June and July 2010.
How far is the JK from Delhi University?
What are JK times?
Please give me one contact info of the Mukhi or Kamadia that is most current.

Info on how to enter jamatkhana

Just a note. Jamatkhana entrance has been shifted to the back side of the building. When you reach the front of A-70 you should till A-68. Beside this house you should find a way leading you to the back alley. Also the above Mukhi/Kamadiya info needs to be updated. Firoj Ladhani is the mukhi now and hi phone number is 9911393991.

Jamat Khana timings

I will be visiting Ne Delhi and wish to visit Jamat Khana for prayers. May I know the starting times pls?


i am in delhi and the phone nos of the mukhi and kamadia are outdated. is the khanne still in malviya nagar?


yes it is still at the same place.

A-70(BASEMENT),Mr. Kapoor's

A-70(BASEMENT),Mr. Kapoor's House
CONTACT: (MUKHI)- FIROJ LADHANI- MOB. NO. +91 9911393991 TEL. NO. (R) +91 11 22057588
CONTACT: (KAMADIA)- SHAHNAWAZ MITHANI MOB NO. +91 9810150246 TEL NO. (R) +91 11 22040154

With best regards and ya ali madad

Alijah Firoj Ladhani
Delhi Jamatkhana

Need Your blessings

I will be coming to India in the end of this year inshallah to seek your help,guidance and prayers.I want to get married in Indore,India Muki sab.

Lots of love.

Ya Ali Madad

Searching for JK in New Delhi

I need to know if there is any Ismaili Jamat-Khana in New Delhi, I am currently here in Kanapuri but I couldn’t find any Jamat-Khana here… I need your assist in this regards… thanks Wahid Wafa

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