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Belleville Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada


(613) 962-4531Heritage Inn
211 Pinacle Street
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 3A7



Can anyone please confirm me if the khane is still at this address?
It is 20 of Janurary 2012.

employment opportunity

we have an employment opportunity in Belleville Ontario for a HR/production supervisor. Does anyone know who I can contact at JK- MKs? thank you. SL

Location changed

I visited the above location yesterday for Chandraat - July 31,2011.
The hotel name is changed to La Quinte. Also in the basement it did say JK centre but there was no one. Waited for 30 minutes but to no avail.
Need to find the new location or may be for Chandraat they gather at a different location.


You cannot access JK from the main lobby and entrance. There is an entrance on the back on the east side that takes you to the basement. JK is open 7 days.

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