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Colton Jamatkhana, California , United States of America


851 South Mount Vernon Avenue, Colton, CA 92324Phone: (909) 825-5977



Hello my brothers and sisters. I'am Faridunt Davlatenov from Tajikistan. I want to find brother Aziz Haji from California, if you have any information about this person please write me to my adress russia-2018 [at] inbox.ru

Thank you very much!


Hi kamadia shahib i am from dallas, tx i am planning to move to california in 2 or 3 months can you give me your cell # plz so i can get some info on colton,my tel # 972 786 3118


Kamadia shahib ANIL KHERAJ yaali madad i am from DALLAS,TX wants to find out how many ismailis live in this area and how big is the jamat .i am planning to move in 2 or 3 months thanks MY NAME IS AMIN ISMAIL my email is iworkformylord [at] yahoo.com tel 972 786 3118

Inland Empire JK address

The address is wrong. I am the Kamadia there and would like to give you the correct address:

1280 E Cooley Drive
#16, Colton CA 92324

Jamat Khana near Pomona

Can anyone tell me which Jamat Khana is nearest to Pomona... and pl post a address


Idd Namaz

Ya Ali Madad
We have moved here from Canada and are wondering if this JK in Colton is the closest one to Palm Desert? We would like to attend Namaz tomorrow morning. But I'm not sure what time is namazor if the address is still E Cooley Dr Colton, CA? If possible, please email me at snurani08 [at] gmail.com. If we don't find out before tomorrow (Sunday) maybe we can still come at another time. Thank you.

would like to come to Jamatkhane

Ya ali Madad, Respected Kamadia Saheb,

I am coming to Palm Springs, CA, to work in August for the first time

I would then like to come to Jamatkhane daily,

would you please give me your cell phone number and email i.d., so that i can contact you

thanking you

my email i.d. is : aminswiss@yahoo.com

Ya ali Madad



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