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Chicago HQ Jamatkhana, Illinois , United States of America


1124 W. Rosemont, 60660 Chicago, Illinois


Closes Jamatal khana

I am coming to Chicago for weekend. I will be staying near airport which jamatkhana will be closest? What are the dua timings or Friday Saturday and Sunday?

Jamatkhana Timings

I am visiting Chicago on August 30 - 31, Please let me know evening Dua Timing .


Calgary, AB.

Dua Timing

Friday 7:45pm
Saturday and Sunday 7pm

Ya Ali Madad.
Hope your trip is a memorable one!

find Close jamat khana in Glen Ellyne

Ya ali madad I m in 675 Roosevelt Road Glen ellyn, Illinois the. I would like to know the close jamat khana from here . I m planing to go jk tonight and what is the dua timing

Regarding accomodation near jamatkhana

ya ali madad guys insallah this summer i may come to chicago for my dual degree program at illinois institute of technology. i dont know whether it is preferable to live near jk or near my campus can anyone assist me..ya ali madad

Rentals by Chicago JK

I am a Realtor here in Illinois. Let me know when you are about to come, I can show you a few properties by JK that could be rented with ease.

Trip To Chiago

Hi, I m in Chicago on the weekend of October 18th. I'll be near downtown attending a conference. Can someone tell me which jk would be the nearest one from where I am living.
Ahmad Sajwani

JK locations

From downtown you are better off attending jamat khana located at 1124 West Rosemont Chicago

Dua timing M-Th 7:30pm
Friday 7:45pm
Sat and Sum 7pm.

Best Wishes!

Ya Ali Madad

Looking for Ismaili Room Situation Near JK


I am moving to Rolling Meadows, IL next week...and am looking for a rooming situation with other Ismailis, if possible...any information ya'll can provide will be most appreciated. My email add is amstar11 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanking you all in anticipation,

updated addresses for Ilinois Jamat Khanas

The correct address for Chicago is 6259 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 262-1616

for HQ Glenview the address is
100 Shermer Road, Glenview, IL, 60025
Phone: 312-399-5712

for Naperville the address is
1847 La Salle Avenue
Naperville, Illinois

Tel. (630) 355-0505

jk schedule on eid day

My husband and I are planned to be in Chicago during eid and w spill like to know about the Jamal Khana program on eid day, Both in Chicago Jk and that near Naperville.
Pls advise

accomodation near rosemont jamatkhana

Yaa ali madad
I am anish, recently moved to chicago last nite for job.I am looking for paying guest or roomate option would be fine for me.I want accomodation nearby rosemont jamatkhana.
I would really appreciate if neone contact me on 7133679883.

Thank you

Accomodation near Jamatkhana

Yaa ALi Madad,

I am Nazia. I moved to Chicago last week for a Job and I am looking for accommodation near Rosemant Jamatkhana.
I would be needing a place from September last week.
I prefer living as a paying guest or even a subletting option would work for me.
My only concern is I want a place that is like close to the Jamatkhana.
I also want to know dua timings for the Rosemant Jamatkhana.
I would really appreciate if I was contacted back on 617-842-4387 or at nzlakhani@gmail.com

Thank You.

regarding accomodation

Hi Nazia
Yaa Ali Madad
I am anish sunesara from san antonio, i got a job in chicago at Telnet Inc.So, i need accomodation nearby Jamatkhana.As per your comment, it looks like you were settle in chicago.So, if you know anyone for accomodation, please let me know.I would be really appreciate.
My email address :-anish.sunesara [at] gmail.com

Looking Forward

Thank you.

Jamatkhana Dua Time

I am new to Chicago, and I wish to know if the Jamatkhana is going to be open tomorrow the July 22nd, and what is the dua time.

Dua time on July 11, 2012

Any other info on July 11 khushiali celebrations.


Hi this shiraz you should update jamatkhana address and mention some responsible person phone numbers so person can contact someone for any suitation

Absolutely, I agree with you

Absolutely, I agree with you on this Shiraz.

jammat khana

i like jammat khana ismaili imam PRINCE KARIM AGHA KHAN.m muslim but bt AGHA KHANI,BUT I LIKE THEM

hi :)

Hi I wanted to know if someone can call me or email me about this Jamatkhana? I used to live in the area not too long ago like three blocks away actually and I always was curious when I pass by the center....is there any way I can go inside and see it since I am non-muslim? I always been curious! umm here is my number 773-750-1263 or my email is: mamatwo2008@yahoo.com hope to hear from you soon. Jasmine :)

Need apartment information

[admin: The following comment from Pakistanwas posted on the wrong page: ]

Need apartment information in Illonose chicago near jamat khana
On February 11th, 2011 Mahboob (not verified) says:

Yam all brothers and sister living in Chicago

I will appreciate if some one help me in providing informaton regading to aparttments in Illonoise chicago USA , as we will be moving to Chicago in June and my Mrs is Doctor , has got fellow ship in Hospital of illonose chicago , Preferably aprtment should be near to jamat khana .

1- Need aprtment for three person
2- rent information
3- jamat khan ,s location

Jamatkhana in Chicago

Hello -- If you are looking for an apartment near Chicago Jamatkhana, you should look for one in the "Loyola" area. Jamatkhana is located near Loyola University, and you can get there on the train. There are two train stops: "Granville" and "Loyola."

Craigslist may help you find an apartment: http://chicago.craigslist.org/search/apa/nch?query=loyola&srchType=A&min...

You may call me if you are in need of any help. I am a student in the Chicago area. My cell number is 210-445-2987.

Thanks and YAM, Leezia.

visit to jamatkhana

i am sumara an ismali,, i am in chicago for 3 days ,,i really want to visit jamatkhna can any 1 help me in doing this????

thanks leezia for guidance

we need apartment near to University of illonoise at chicago , Il 60612 ,

mahboob hussain

Chicago JK - Confirming Address

Can someone please email me at farahbjamal@gmail.com to confirm the Jamat Khana in Chicago? I am staying in the Sax Hotel Chicago located 333 N Dearborn.


Dua Times

Hello, I'm from toronto too! If you find out chicago dua times, can you please email me : ayshaesmail at gmail.com.


Jamatkhana Images from United States of America

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