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Southfield Jamatkhana, Michigan, United States of America


27712 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI 48034Phone:(248) 353-8639


jamat khana in Michigan

I want to move in Michigan i just want to know which apartment is near to jamat khana and which school is good for my son he is in 10th grade.


Dua Timing

What is dua timing?

dua timings!


Dua timings are on weekdays it is 7:30 PM (wednesday and friday) and on weekends it is 7:00 pm (saturday - sunday). Khane is open only on Wednesday, Friday - Sunday

Take Care

Jamat Khana Location

Hi Razia here from pakistan.I just come here two months ago.now i am living in Toledo, Ohio.I need the proper location of jamat khana,May be in special events i will be go there.

JK Location

Is this the closest Jamatkhana from Toledo, Ohio ?


direction for jamat khan

hi there,
i am an ismaili student from pakistan just got here in michigan a month ago, i am living in Allendale, MI. can anyone give me directions, how can i get to the southfield jamatkhana,MI??? please help me....

Dua time

Hey I'm new here in Detroit can anyone tell me the Dua timings? and is there any pick up service available as i dont have any transport facility available and i dont want to miss 13th dec dua!




We have tried calling the number above but no one ever answers.
Whose phone number is it?

Also are you having khusiali celebrations.
If so please call me at 248 375-9153.

Yes JK is at this

Yes JK is at this location
We were there on Aug 1, 2011.
Dua Wed and Fri at 7:30pm, Sat and Sun at 7pm

Southfield JK

Yes it is open. I went for the first time on July Chaandraat and it was open. Its in the back of an office complex and tough to find but pay close attention to the address. Its there, you have to look at the address numbers closely. It is a small jamat with not many people (max 50). No need to overly dress as you would in a large center (e.g. Dallas, Houston, Atlanta) either.

Southfield JK

I would really appreciate if someone can provide Southfield (Michigan) JK address. The one I have is 27712 Franklin Rd and it’s correct.


Yes, that's the correct

Yes, that's the correct address.

27712 Franklin Road,
Southfield, MI 48034
Ph. 248 353 8639

I tried going to that

I tried going to that location but couldnt locate the jamat khana... Is there anyway someone can help me find it? please

Jamatkhana Images from United States of America

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