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Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of America


New address is:
8923 Hamline Ave
Lexington, MN 55014
763-717-1633 (phone)


Hello, I am an international

I am an international student from Paksitan and will be attending University of Minnesota Twin-Cities for masters in Applied Economics. It will be great if any ismaili brother/sister help me in arranging housing.


Jamatkhana Hours

There is only so much information available in English about Ismailism that is becomes necessary to eventually contact a local Ismaili community. I am not an Ismaili but I'm interesting in learning more about it. The problem I have is this phone number never seems to work. Being that I live over an hour away from Minneapolis I need to know when the hours of the facility are, at least so when I make the journey I don't waste my time and fuel. Is it possible for the hours to be posted here?

I have tried calling this

I have tried calling this number many times with no response. Just want to verify Jk address and find out what time dua starts

Hi Aliya, did you get any

Hi Aliya, did you get any responses? I'm new to the area and want to verify the address and dua time as well

New here,too

Can't get any info on du'a times etc.
Anyone got your ears on??
Email Neptune1212@mail.com
or call 813-317 4523


The phone is usually set to low ringer. Please give me a call at 952 594 0550

Information about ismaili jamat in st paul area.

YAM I planning to move to st paul MN area,if anyone can help me about our jamat or jamat khana or any ismailis in retail business I will greatly appreciated.My e-mail add is alexmardhani@gmail,com.Thanks and YAM.

Dua time

What time is dua tomorrow for Navroz?

St. Cloud

YAM, I am an Exchange student here at St. Cloud state university, St Cloud, Minnesota....i dont know any one here
i want to spend my EID wid ismaili community here...will anybody help me out to get to jamat khana plzzzzz...

want to host/meet Ismaili students

Hi Mehtab. I'd be happy to have you come and spend weekends and time with my family in Burnsville. Please contact me at mwalliware [at] aol.com so we can talk.

Saint paul

Hi every one

Is there any ismaili in Saint paul MN because i have been selected in the mcnally smith college.Please mail me on my id mpdreamtheater@gmail.com. Waiting for reply

is there a jamat khana in Pittsburgh, PA

I am a college student in Pittsburgh, PA. Can anyone tell me if there is a Jamat Khana here?


I am internationational student here in St Catherine University St paul Minnesota.. I want to know how to get there to jamat khana although it is very far...

reply to Saadia

Hi Saadia. My daughter also goes to St. Katherine's and we're Ismailis. Please contact me at mwalliware [at] aol.com and we'd be very happy to meet you and welcome you to our family and have you get to know our daughter.

YAM There are some jamati

YAM There are some jamati members that live in the st. paul area. If you have access to transportation, pls refer to the 8923 Hamline ave address below.

I dont know anyone here

I dont know anyone here neither the bus routes.... if you can connect me to people from St Paul so that I can come with them

YAM! I'm an international

I'm an international student at U of M, twin cities; and have been seeking to attend the Minneapolis Jamatkhana for a long time. The metro bus service doesn't have any return buses back to downtown MSP in the evenings, so I have been unable to make any visit to the jamatkhana. Can any jama'at member volunteer to give me a ride back to Downtown after the prayers in the evening on any Friday? I would be very grateful for the kind deed.

Contact: --> email Id: khan0325@umn.edu

Aabid Khan (date: 08-20-11)

Rides to and from Minneapolis Khana

Please email me and I will connect you with rides to khana. skhakoo@hotmail.com. We have people who live near downtown so there is a way to bring you home.

Rides to and from Khana

Please email me and I will connect you with rides to khana. skhakoo@hotmail.com

Invalid address

MPLS JK address needs to be corrected:

New address is:
8923 Hamline Ave
Lexington, MN 55014
763-717-1633 (phone)

It has been quite long that we have asked to correct this address, this causes dificulties to many JK members and visitors to find correct address.

We hope someone is paying attention.

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