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Parma Jamatkhana, Ohio , United States of America


5579 Pearl Road, Parma, OH 44129Phone: (440) 842-3836


JK near Cincinnati

I moved to Cincinnati for higher studies. Please let me know if there is a JK nearby. My if is amin_makani87@yahoo.co.in


Ismaili Community Center Timings

Jk is opens 3 days a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Dua time: Friday: 8:00 PM Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 PM. Opens on Chandarat and Khushali and Bi-weekly for morning prayers at 4:45am.

I'm a Cleveland resident and if you have any questions, need help with the city or anything else, please call me at 440-749-9494. Thanks

jk in cincinatti?

Hello, i moved to cincinatti ohio. is there jk close by? i cant drive four hrs to cleaveland perma jk.

hi..I am in fairborn...Does

hi..I am in fairborn...Does you still live in Cincinnati..if so please rply to me. My email id is amitvegdani [at] gmail.com

Hi - I'm from Chicago, but

Hi - I'm from Chicago, but work in downtown Cleveland during the week. I wanted to attend JK for Khushali on Wednesday (and saw on the map that its only 15 mins from where I am yay) - can you please confirm dua time? Thanks!! Look forward to checking out Cleveland JK :)

our son is in cleveland for

our son is in cleveland for a month and we are urgently looking for an ismaili family in clevand to help with community connections, khane, etc. pls. call 1 866 927 2423.

how can i get there?

i am going to come to Portsmouth soon from hunza Pakistan to study in Shawnee state university . how can i get to jamatkhana here .

Is someone staying in the Islander or near Lucerne Drive?

I stay on Lucerne Drive which is around 6 miles from the JamatKhana. I am looking for someone who stays near to the Islander or Lucerne Drive (44130). As I am new to Cleveland, it would be good to find someone with whom me and my family (my wife and son) can go to Jamatkhana.


how big is the jamat in Parma


i am planning to move with my whole family to Ohio just wanted to know how big is the jamat over there and is there oppertunities and manpower like Georgia??


I just whant to know how close is Jamatkhana to the Portsmoth city

Glad there is a jamatkhana in Ohio

I was asking around if there was a jamatkhana in Ohio. I know now. Thank you.

JK timings

Jk opens 3 days a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Dua time:
Friday: 8:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 PM

Opens on Chandarat and khusyali and once a month for morning prayers at 5:15 am.

Re:more info on jamatkhana

Is the Jamatkhana in Cleveland in a warehouse. How many jamati members?

Jamatkhana Images from United States of America

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