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Austin Jamatkhana, Texas , United States of America


5555 North Lamar, Austin, TX


Thanks for the site

Thanks for the site

I need address of ismaili J.K. IN Austin texas with zip code .

I am from Dallas ,texas...My relatives are visiting in Austin.They want to attend jamatkhana.thanks

Moving to San Antonio or Sugarland to Retire

YAM, We are from Toronto, Canada and are planning our retirement next year. During our past visits to Texas, we fell in love with Texas and have zeroed in to retire somewhere close to Sugar Land HPC JK or San Antonio JK.Just wanted jamats input in the safety & crime around these JK's. Also as I have school going kids ie grade 2 and 7, are the schools around these neighborhoods recommended? Thank you in advance.

San Antonio Jamatkhana

This is the address I got

San Antonio ,USA
2391 N E Loop 410 #304
Southwest, San Antonio

Update the Information

That was old Jamat khana information for San Antonio TX

3559 E Evans Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78259


dont know jamamykhnana

i am from pakistan i dont know where jamat khnana is..soplease help me in this regards..i am in nacogdhches texax

ismaili student

Ya Ali Madad!

I am Ismaili and from pakistan and student of Stephen F Austin State University Nacagdoches city texas. i m new here and donnot know where is jamatkhana please help me in this regard and tell me the adress where it is..i want to meet ismaili jammat

Moving to Austin


I will be moving to Austin with my family by the mid of September. needed help for some good 2 bedroom spacious apartments. Can someone plz kindly forward me names of apartments that are close to JK. I was searching on the net and came across Lotus village and longspur crossing. any other apartments that i can look for which are really spacious n nice.

awaiting reply.
Tina :)

email: tladhani [at] yahoo.co.in

Moving to Austing


I will be moving to Austin this Summer and would like to connect with Ismailies about Jamat Khana, best schools, places to live, etc. Please email me at thawer_rice@msn.com.

Thank you.


i would recommend spicewod springs..decent schools, access to 183 highway not too far from jk...

Dua time for July 11 2012 Khushiali

What time is D'ua on July 11, 2012 Khushiali, please? I will be in Austin that day and wanted to attend Jamatkhana

Thank you and YAM

Chaandraat majlis

Dua time on Chaandraat day...January 12 2013

Good Apartments and neighbourhood

Ya Ali Madad,

Me and my family are moving to Austin at the first week of April, 2011 and I would really appreciate if some one could suggest nice and clean single family 2 Bed apartments which may be near to our Jamat Khana location and other aminities.

Should you have any iformation, please email me at hyderalik@yahoo.com or call at (575) 725-4071

I thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards and YAM,

Dr. Hyder A khoja and Family.


Dr. Saheb,


Welcome in Austin Dr. Saheb, indeed Austin is great place to live I am living here since 1989, great place.
I already posted my answer of your question, but let me post it again in detail for you and for Shahzad Akram,
About apartment complex the details are as follows:-

Most of Ismailis are living surrounding North Lamar Blvd, there are many apartments surrounding this neighborhood and grocery shops and Indian restaurants also located nearby of North Lamar area. I guess JK is around 5-7 miles from there. Neighborhood in this area is OK but lot better than downtown area only one thing imissing is schools are not good, if you don't have children then this is perfect area to live since all amenities are nearby
Since you are doctor and I guess you may have children, therefore I would suggest you to find apartment complex on highway 183 and highway 620 area because the schools in this neighborhood is great my two kids graduated there and now they both are studding in one of top 10 University in USA. Jamat Khana distance may be 10-15 miles depends which apartment you choose Many Ismailis just started to move in this neighborhood because of affordable rent and good

3, BEST,
If you prefer to choose best school, good neighborhood and good scenery then you have to find your apartment in south side of Austin, it is little bit far from JK but you wouldn't be disappointed because of good scenery, good neighborhood and nice sceneries. Many well settled Ismailis are living there, rent may be little expensive but I think you can afford it since you are doctor however the grocery and other amenities will be little far.
Here is my e-mail address, agakhani_786@yahoo.com please let me know if you need further information.
Please meet me in JK when you come in Austin, Good Luck in advance for you and for Mr. Shahzad.




Dear Ashraf Bhai,

Ya Ali Madad,

Just read your detailed reply and email. I appreciate your explanatory reply. can you suggest names of some Apartments. I have been looking on internet for apartments and their information they all look fine in website...but need to find out more information. Like apartments (Excellent, OK, good or standard etc.)

Perhaps if you could write names of some of the apartments you know where other ismailies are resided, that will help me decide with ease.

Please suggest names individually at all three locations (Good, Better and best) area if you could:! email me your phone number where I can reach you for any further queries if I have. My email address is hyderalik@yahoo.com

Once again I appreciate your help in this regards,

With lots of regards and YAM,
Brotherly your's,


looking for Jamat khana

happy new year to all Ismailies around the world i am the first Afghan's Ismaili person that i am in San Antonio, Texas for English training and than I'll go to Alabama for Pilot training 21th of January so be for going there i want to join pray and i don't know where to find Jamat khana so i found this address by google so if it is posible give me and adress to come

moving to Austin

My wife and I are moving to Austin at the end of January. What are some good neighborhoods that are close to the Jamatkhana and also possibly the downtown area?

Shahzad Akram

good neighbour


Austin has JK and around 3000 JAMAT if you prefer to stay nearby to Austin down town area, then let me tell you that JK
is not very far from downtown, however the neighborhood in down town area is not good. You can find good apartments complex near North Lamar Blvd, where most of Ismailis are living and many grocery shops and restaurant located nearby.
please e-mail me if you have more question and do not forget to meet me when you arrive in Austin. GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME IN AUSTIN.

Location and number

Hello, I am new to Austin and would like to confirm the address and does anyone have a phone number for JK? Thank you and YAM.

Phone No.

Austin Jamatkhana Phone No. 512 459 6477

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