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Dublin Jamatkhana, Republic of Ireland


2 Lansdowne Terrace
Ballsbridge Dublin 4
Republic of Ireland

Dua time : Fri 7.30pm Sun 6.45pm


dubling jamat khana te no and e mail address

Hy halo ya ali madad ok this is Shabudin Minsariya from hyderabad india ok can you send me e mail address and te no at fubling jamat khana please ok i give my email address is madhvajishabudin [at] gmail.com ok thank you

Ismailis in Ireland

I am a researcher based at University College Cork. I am currently writing a book on Muslims in Ireland and would like to include some information on the Ismaili community in the country. Any help would be greatly appreciated! See my profile on the UCC website: http://research.ucc.ie/profiles/A040/oscharbrodt/Publications.

searching for PG near jamat khana

yaa ali madad ,

I am an Indian citizen staying in mumbai. I'll be visiting Dublin inshallah in the last week of december or first week of january for my further studies . I would be very grateful if anyone gives me details about any available pg and its monthly or annual rent. Anyone who has any information about pg can mail me on mo_nath18@yahoo.co.in.

Hoping for a positive reply....yaa ali madad

Visitng Northern Ireland

Can you please share with me if there is any JK in Northern Ireland or the most nearest JK to londonderry, northern Ireland. I'll be there attending a course at University of Ulster from Sep to Dec 2012.


Contact Info for Jamati Mukhi & Kamadia Saheb's

Ya Ali Madad,
My son will be moving to Dublin Ireland this September. We would like to introduce ourselves and our son to Jamati MK's and make the transition to moving from Canada to Dublin a little more smoother.
Thanking you.
Aliya Panjwani

Jk phone number

Hi there are two different address for Dublin jamat khana can u plz tell me which one is current and also if u have a phone number for jamat khana or Mukhi shab. My email is nadiyababar7 @ yahoo.com I m only here for a weekend would like to attend jk

Dublin Jamatkhana address

South Lotts Road,
Dublin 4.

Time: 7pm Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Jk address

Could you please update the address on the site to say when it was last updated - because there are a number of comments saying that it is an old address- thank you. Could someone let me know kushali time and location.

gmiocevich [at] gmail.com

Visiting from Perth Western Australia

kushali july 2012

please let me know time and where JK is for kushali today

Where is Dublin Jamat Khana

I am in Dublin, can you please tell me where is Jamat Khana here and the contact info for Mukhi Kamadia Saheb, thanks.


Hi Shazia, if you get a response, please forward to me as i am also trying to find time and location for July Kushali 2012.

gmiocevich [at] gmail.com

Dublin Jamatkhana

I would appreciate, if you can give me the current address of Jamatkha, phone # and name of Mukhisaheb.


jamatkhana address and number

Can you please forward informations about phone number and address..

Thank you.

my daughter is studying is Dublin

Yaa ali madad.Plis contact +91 9998880678. mukhisaeb and kamadiyasaeb arjant from india

JKs in Ireland

Is there any other Jamat Khana in Ireland? Is Ireland a good place for Ismailis to live?

J.Khana in Dublin

Please can you please specify the exact address and days and the times of J.K as someone visiting there this week would like to attend. Will be most thankful for an answer today if possible. Thankyou and YaAlyMadat. Laila

Dublin Jamat Khana is now

Dublin Jamat Khana is now held at another place. The address on this site is the old address where it used to be held.

Can you please let me know

Can you please let me know the address for Dublin JK. Also, do you know if there is a special majlis for Lailatul Qadr and what date and time it will be observed. I am visiting and would like to attend.


Where is khane in dublin

azharjinnah [at] gmail.com

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