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London : Northwest Jamatkhana, United Kingdom


7 Cumberland Road
Queensbury Stanmore, Middx HA7 1EJ

Dua time : Mon - Fri 7.30pm Sat-Sun 6.30pm Daily 4.00am


Planning to visit London

Is this Jamatkhana in Northwest still there? I saw some threads on refurbishment of this JK. Can someone help ?

Any other JK's in northwest area..Edgeware


This JK has been fully

This JK has been fully rebuilt and is very beautiful. The other JK is called North London JK, same distance from Edgware. When you are in London you can call 0207 581 2071 for more details.

London Northwest Jamathhana -London , Lowther Road

I wish to discuss the new refurbish centre at Lowther Road.
Do the new building have a building services manager,who is responsible for the manangement of the centre.

I can be reached on derekabrown [at] hotmail.com

Many thanks

Management of JK

Yes, we have this committee who do look after the interest of this newly refurbished JK and are doing a fine job.

Good Morning I would like

Good Morning

I would like to send an email regarding north west Jamatkhana centre - please can you provide an email address to which i can send an attachment for important information

Temporary move

London Northwest Jamatkhana has moved to temporary premises near Wembley stadium whilst the JK undergoes major renovations. Address of the premises:
Sattavis Patidar Centre
Forty Avenue
Wembley Park


Is queensbury and Bradford BD13 2AJ address, very far from Northwest Jamatkhana? How many minutes by bus or walking distance?


I wanted to come by tube, is Queensbury the closest station? Is it easy to find? Thanks

wembley park station and 20

wembley park station and 20 mins walk

is queensbury the closest tube station?

queensbury is the closest tube station to NWJK

The Jamatkhana is just near the Tube stn Queensbury

The Jamatkhana is just near the Tube stn Queensbury, in fact on the website the post code is wrong, the correct one is HA7 1EJ



Are there any parking facilities if one would like to attend the NW JK?
One would expect information on parking, nearest tube station, map as well as further particulars as to who are M/S and K/S, etc. I wonder who is responsible for the website on NW JK? Don't you think it is time one upgraded the information or are we still living in the bygone days of secrecy?

Jamati information

Surely one expect to much molly coddling you can check this kind of information when you arrnge to attend /not for parking but for the sake of your soul and to lighten ones haert/to send salam upon the Imams /and pray for your Brothers and sisters.

Northwest JK, London

Dua time Saturday and Sunday 6.30pm

Jamatkhana contact number

Can anyone please tell me contact number for any jamatkhana in london?
Will be grateful to you.
Thanks and regards,

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