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Sydney Jamatkhana, Australia


Unit 8, 10 Boden Road,Seven Hills New South Wales 2150



hi.Ya ali madad.i want to migrate to Australlia ,Sydney wanted to know about what would be best way n if a person has a dependant child what r the education opportunities n job opportunities if anyone can guide pls


hi.Yaali madad.
i want to migrate to Australlia ,Sydney wanted to know about what would be best way n if a person has a dependant child what r the education opportunities.

Sharif alizada please

Sharif alizada please contact your local ismaili council for help. Apni local ismaili council se rabta karo woh zaroor tumhari madad kareinge inshallah.

jamatkhana in wollongong

Ya Ali Madad..
My name is Barkat..im coming for a holiday visit to wollongong australia in nov...I need information about jamatkhana in wollongong if there is any...tqsm in advance..here I attach my email address. .

i have not a lot of English

May 17/5/2013 help nedeed
On May 17th, 2013 SHARIF (not verified) says:

YAA ALI MADAD two all of you,,,,,,,,

i am from Afghanistan. Nationality is hazara shaia Ismila and we are living in karachi citi of pakistan near gardan jamatkhana from 1998 upto 2013 and we are also Afghan refugees so that there are a lot of pakhton are living in karachi they hate hazara names! they force hazara shaia ismaili pleas order on SHARP&UNHCR;of PAKISTAN to register hazara shaia ismaila pleas they only register hazara quita of pakistan .so iam hazara ismaila and i have enemy in Aghanistan they killed my employees i want to save my family and my fathers fimily.plaese accept my message,this is my email address
sharif_alizada [at] yahoo.com my son's photo on my facebook,

and wish to have a good contact with the ismaili muslim in australia .

ya ali madadi want to come

ya ali madad

i want to come in australia with my husband and my 1 kid to do my further studies in montessori training could u please guide me that which city is better for living in low cost and for my studies.If u have any information please reply me on my email id that is salma_shahzad [at] ymail.com


President Saheb,

Ya Ali Madad i am married & have been blessed with 2 kids. We would like to migrate to Australia inshallah & need your advise.

We have been running a catering business & my wife is the chef in indian food.

We are based in Voi , Kenya.

May Mowla Bless you & your entire family.

We thank you for all your assistance.

My email address is madha.rahim [at] yahoo.com

Ya ali madad

Contact Number. Sidney

Ya Ali Madad.

I need of contact number of Mukhi Saheb of Sydney Jamatkhana.
Please if anyone has email me at yusuftejani [at] yahoo.com




Ya Ali Madad
My daughter is a doctor and will be doing her part 2 foundation year this year. She is interested in coming to Australia preferably Sydney to be able to do some work for approx 1 year before she decides to do her specialisation.
could you or anybody advise as to the best way to do this? If there are any doctors who would be willing to help her or even to give her addresses of the various hospitals that might be worth applying to.
My email address is naidrahim at btinternet.com. I can then put her in touch with the relevant people.
Many thanks

to give information in mezbeen jaffer

Res sir ,i help you me please give me information mehzbeen jaffer in lawyers of sydeny I very inportant thise lawyers information please send me
email add and mehzbeen jaffer of father are very serious ans mehzbeen jaffer father is admited to hospital as well as send me nehzbeen mobil no and my mobil
no +919850019131 email add k.taskar @ yahoo.com please send me information india in mumbai

How to get to JK ?

Hello !

I'm new in Sydney, and I would like to know how to get to JK.
I leave in Central. So maybe someone can tell me which bus should I take ?

Thx in advance !

Sydney JK

Ya Ali Madad bro.
U need to catch train Central to Parramatta, while you get parramatta just come off from station, and there is bus station touch to Rail. U will need to go there and catch T-way yellow buses. its T60,T61,T62,T63,T64,T-65,and T-66 buses are stop just next to the Jamatkhana. Bus stop name POWERS. When U get in bus ask to driver for POWERS station. and from Powers walk to the Boden Roead. U will find Jamatkhana here.


Ya Ali madad,

I'm an Indian student. At present, I'm in Hyderabad. I'll be coming to New South wales to study at the University of Wollongong. I wish to be able to be in touch with Ismailies there. Are there any Ismailies residing near the university? How much far is the Jamatkhana from there? Please provide me some contact details of Ismailies who dwell around that area. My contact no. is +919052407434.

My e-mail id is akbar_surani98 [at] yahoo.com.


Thx u Shahid. Maybe we'll

Thx u Shahid.
Maybe we'll see each other on friday ;)

JK in sydney's contact telephone &times

I am visiting sydney in Dec. Would like to have contact number to allow me to go to JK for Kushyali and mejlises
Thanks YAM

Confirmation of Sydney JK location and JK services


I am planning on visiting Sydney early next month and would like to confirm Sydney JK's address to be:

Unit 8, 10 Boden Road,Seven Hills New South Wales 2150

Also, can someone please tell me whether the JK services are held everyday or not? If yes, what time does the evening Du'a start?

Thank you


How to get in austriala

Yah ali Madad to all jamahat in Autriala in sadny, now i live in pakistan i would like to come in Austraila, if the jamahat in sidny help us .

Need MK Contact!


my daughter is hoping to come and study in sydney this february, and i was hoping to get in touch with mukhisaheb for some pointers. Can you pls email me his contact information at geminic@shaw.ca

Thank you!

URGENT- need an contact # or email address for Miran Karim

Yam... I am trying to find a contact # or email address for a sydney jamati member whose name is Miran Karim.... If anyone knows her could you please get that information for me or have her email me at rdamani@hotmail.com. Thanks so much

Miran Karim

YAM Salima

My sister Salma lives in New York. She lived in Sydney for 22 years and is heading back to Sydney with her family within next couple of months. I will call her in the morning and forward your request to her.


miran karim

Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

Jamatkhana is cool

I am 9 years old and I absolutely adore going to Jamatkhana. I love it when I am cleaned of my sins and i love it when i get to meet my friends. We had illuminate on the 10th and the 9th which was absolutely fun but i really think we need to stop watching lion king for reflection videos.

jk phone#

if it is possible i need jamatkhanas phone number for sydney NSW.

Sydney, jamatkhana (timing)

Please advice the timing of the Sydney Jamatkhana (weekdays and weekends) that would be greatly appreciated.

jk timing

Ya ali madad Noureen
on weekday Dua time 07:30pm and weekends Dua timing is 06:30pm.

Mukhi Saheb Contact Number

Yaa Ali Madad, i am in urgent need of contact number of Mukhi Saheb of Sydney Jamatkhana Please if anyone has email me at karimnassar@hotmail.com.



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