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Cape Town Jamatkhana, South Africa


Section 1 Hyde Park,
4 Jetty Street,
Cape Town.

The Jamatkhana is opposite the Virgin Active Gymnasium and the brown door next to the shop called Waterama.

Mukhi Salim Charania:

Mobile number: +27 79 495 4786

Kamdiani Saima Jiwan

Mobile number: +27 72 633 8248

Email: saima@jiwan.org


moving back to SA

YAM. i live in canada. i am leaving my wife. she is not ismaili. i want to shift to SA. is the jamat big and will it be dificult to remarry????

I wanted inquire about a Ismaili friend

Ya Ali Madad

I am Pinky Patel from India Mumbai I wanted to inquire about a lady I met at Darkhana Jamatkhana Mumbai her name is Yasmeen Nanjee she said she was from cape town.

As I m planning to come down to South Africa, I just wanted to know her contact details.

Ya Ali Madad.Please inbox

Ya Ali Madad.
Please inbox me at imran.khakoo [at] gmail.com for her details.

Soon i am gona visit south africa for vecation.

Ya ali Madad

This is manzoor from saudi arebia basically from pakistan darkhana jamat khana pakistan. I'm gona visit south africa ( cape town) in the first week of january 2013 with mine hospital friends. I am excited to attend jk in cape town at least once. If any one can guide me to get jk i would be very happy :-))).

settle your country

yam.i have readymade garment shop in Hyderabad india.i want to settle In s.a. my mo.no.is 08885304948

Dua Time on Friday


I will be in Cape Town for the weekend and was wondering what time Dua is at?



Ya Ali Madad. Dua time is at

Ya Ali Madad. Dua time is at 7PM local time Fridays-Sundays.

i am a registered nurse (bscn)

ya ali madad
i am a registered nurse by profession. i have passion to work in a country where the people have a right to live freely.


I believe the best place for you to work is in the United States. The demand for nurses is eneromous. You get paid the top $'s. I hope you are a Registered Nurse. Best of Luck and Ya Ali Madad.

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