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Hetesu(n) Meelo Maaraa Munivaro - Translation B

Sayyed Imamshah
With affection assemble, O my momins (Munivars i.e. the best of
ascetics) and from your mouths utter only truth.
Everybody see the deedar of God and O brother relinquish all
impurities and sins. ...1

Lave in the Ganges (formed by the assembly) of the followers of the
Lord (which is) the sanctuary and make your minds pure.
We attain to five matters (Panch padarath comprising of Verity,
Endurance, Forgiveness, Faith and Zikar i.e. repeating the name of
the Lord) if previously we possess on our credit the deeds of
religious merits. ...2

In the absence of previous deeds of religious merits how can we
procure, the true satpanth, the essence? Satpanth we procure
O brother! If the heart is pure. ...3

Holy is the name of the Lord, we should repeat it with every
inhalation and exhalation. Away search him not (He is) in the very
heart. He dwelleth as in the Champa flower there is the fragrance....4

In every hair on the body my Lord abideth and (between Him and us)
there is not a gap of but a hairbreadth (til.)
Comprehending this adore Hm that the Lord is manifestly sitting in
the heart. ...5

Utter truth and behave truthfully. Like truth there is no essence.
All the Vedas are based upon truth.
O momins! Land shall you across (this world) i.e. achieve
salvation. ...6

Relinquish not truth O my munivars! And parting with truth
partheth. There is the faith-like lamp with whose light
the Lord can be perceived. ...7

The night is brightened by the moon and the day is brightened by
the sun; likewise the body is brightened (enlightened) by the
faith. O brother its light falleth in all the four directions,
(Chawdishey: it is thus: the East, the West, the North, the South,
i.e. all around). ...8

The light of God abideth there at in which body is (filled) true
faith; him (i.e. one with firm faith) the Devlok (the denizen of
Paradise) bow down and eventually his abode is in Paradise. ...9

Says Sayyed Imamshah: Listen O munivars behold with all
astonishment this essence that last is the boat of Kaljoog,
O brother, only a believing person shall get across i.e. achieve redemption. ...10

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