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I. Dastaan Jaahelu(n)kaa or Bevkufeeka - Ignoramus and Fools

jaahelu(n) keereeyaa so adakee kare, unaku(n) gumaraahee;
vae aap bee ddubaa or saathee ddubaave, jeenaku(n) une keereeyaa sheekhaaee;
jaahel halaalku(n) haraam kaheve, or paak-ku(n) kaheve naapaak;
esee reet keereeyaa kare, aapkaa deen meelaave khaak.............76

The ignoramus are involved in a lot of (wrongful)activities, being misguided. They have sunk themselves and have sunk others whom they have misguided, along with them. The ignoramus regard the lawful as unlawful and regard the pure as impure. In this manner they carry out their activities and render their religion worthless as dust.

jaahel vae jeese eelam naahee, usakaa hae paradaa chup rahen maa(n)hee;
jo bole nahee to hae jaahel, pann usakee jaahelee koee jaanne naahi;
jaahel vae jeese nahee ma-aarafat, been peechhaanekee vae kaheve baat;
tab leekhanevaale feeraste leekhe, ke ma-aarafat nahee eesakee zhaat;.........77

The ignoramus are the ones who do not have any (divine)knowledge, for them it is a veil in remaining silent. If they do not speak(about divine knowledge), it is because they are ignorant. But no one knows their ignorance. The ignoramus are those who do not have gnostic knowledge(maarifah, gnaan) and talk about matters unknown to them. Then the judging angels take account of the fact that they do not have gnostic knowledge.

akalma(n)d laddakaa bhalaa usathee, ke jo jaahel hove buhuddaa;
ke akalma(n)d laddakaa dareeyaa paar jaave, jaaher buhuddaa so sahee ddubaa;
akalma(n)d vae jeese ma-aarafat hove, jaahel vae jeese nahee pahechhaan;
rab daragaahme(n) baddaa nahee maal or umaro ho, vaahaa(n) baddaa vae jo hove sujaan.........78

An intelligent(wise) young boy is better than an ignorant elder, for the young wise one will get across the ocean whereas the ignorant elder has in truth sunk. The intelligent one is the one who has gnostic knowledge(maarifah, gnaan) whereas the ignorant one has no awareness of it. In the house of the Lord, age and wealth do not matter; there the status depends upon the level of intelligence one has.

jees mulak-kaa baadshaah ahamak hove, vae mulak sheetaabee jaae;
koee chheen leve yaa ujaadd hove, har tarehase badee deekhaa-e;
tuj ghattame(n) tu(n) hae baadshaah, ahamak jo maane manakaa kahyaa;
to paap lobh aav tuj ghatt baetthe, to e mulak tere haathse gayaa..79

A kingdom which has a greedy and lusty king is doomed. There is mass deprivation and devastation and everywhere evil is seen. You are the king within your bodily kingdom. A greedy and lusty one is he who follows the (lower) mind. If sin and greed take seat in your body, then you will lose this kingdom.

saachee baat naseehat sunate, jo tu(n) aap man gus-saa khaave;
to teraa gus-saa tu(n) jaann, ke tuj upar buraaee laave;
saachaa sudhaa jo koee kaheve, to gus-saa na karee-e apane man;
saachee baat sunate jo tu(n) gus-saa khaave, to tu(n) hae apane jeevkaa dushman..........80

When upon listening to a good advice, you become angry, then your anger will bring evil upon you. When someone tells you about purity and truth, then do not become angry. When upon listening to truthful discourse, you become angry, then you have become the enemy of your own soul.

jo u(n)dhaa samaje ne u(n)dhaa beechaare, jo kuchh une sunee-aa;
to motkee kaddavaaee bhar umar saakhee, sahee beech ees duneeyaa;
jo koee baat use bhalee kaheve, to vae jaanee ke ye hae buree baat;
bhaleeku(n) bee buree jaanne, aap deel kudde yu(n) deen raat.....81

When upon listening about anything(worthwhile), you understand it and think about it in an opposite manner, then the sourness of death will be your friend at old age, and it will be in this world. If anyone gives you good advice, you regard it as bad. If you regard good as bad, then your heart will remain evil day and night.

rejaalukee dolat jaanno, ke hae aafat loku(n) upar;
ke rejaalaa seer par haakem hove, usathee bhalaa sheer par ddu(n)gar;
ke ddu(n)garku(n) to boj ghanneraa, us neeche maree-e koee na jaanne;
ke rejaaleku(n) to boj nahee, sab aagal fazheehat kare rajaanne..82

If an ignorant person gets wealth, it becomes a danger upon others. If rulership is placed upon an ignorant one, it is better that a burden of a hill is placed upon his head instead. For a hill is very heavy and if one dies beneath it, no one knows. A stupid person cannot bear the burden of responsibility. He slanders others and inflicts hardship on them.

haakem honnekee mastee baddee, sharaab pee-ese hae adakee;
sharaab pee-e buraa kaam suje, te-esee budh bee hove usakee;
magh pee-e matavaalaa hove, na peechhaane aap gun or jee-aan;
neech haakam huaa aap jee-aan ddhu(n)ddhe, usakaa agu-aa huaa shaytaan...........83

An ignorant person is very mischievous and the mischief surpasses that of a drunkard. A person drinks alcohol and does wrong. He loses his senses. An alcoholic becomes intoxicated and is unaware of virtue or vice. A bad ruler seeks vices, for his guide is the devil.

jo baatu(n)se tuje raajee kare, une tujase baddaa dagaa keeyaa;
ek jaahel kasannee karataa thaa, shaytaan aav salaam rabakaa deeaa;
saath gadh-dhaa laayaa thaa ke chalo maeraaj, ye bhejee hae savaaree;
vo raajee ho chaddaa saaraa shaher feeraayaa, baatu(n)se raajee honekee ye khuvaaree..............84

The one who pleases you by kind words(hypocritically), is indeed being very deceitful to you. There was an ignorant who offered sacrifices and said prayers. The devil came to him and offered greetings from the Lord. He brought along with him a donkey and told him to go along with him for Meraaj as the ride was sent for the purpose. Gladly he got on the donkey and was taken all over the city. Such is the humiliation one experiences by listening to the sweet talk of the devil.

jaahel tu(n) mat honaa bhaaee, jaahelku(n) kuchh nahee nafaa bhalaaee;
vae naa duneeyaame(n) eej-jat paave, na aakabatme(n) koee usakaa sakhaaee;
jo chaaho khubee donu(n) jahaankee to suno eelam ek dhyaan;
neet neet meelo jaa, eelam majalasme(n), jeesathee paao eelam eerfaan..........85

Do not be an ignorant, o brother. Ignorance does not pay. Such people are neither dignified in this world nor have any companions in the hereafter. If you desire to benefit from both the worlds, then listen to ilm(knowledge) attentively. Daily go and attend gatherings of knowledge, thereby you will attain knowledge and inner understanding.

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