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D. Charity

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, give Charity as much as you can. To give Charity is a thanksgiving to Allah.

O Momins, do not hoard your wealth. The wealth you possess is by the wish and grace of ALLAH. Therefore, give Charity from what you have.

O Momins, do not worry about the future. Whatever you will spend in Charity, will be spent in the path of ALLAH, and it shall be your savings for the Eternal life.

O Momins, do not ever say I will give Charity tomorrow. To think that way is meaningless.

O Momins, when you give Charity, give with Love and Devotion. Always give cheerfully and with an open heart. If you will give Charity whole-heartedly and with a smile, you shall benefit immensely. The one to whom you will offer help with a smile, he shall be happy with your good gesture.

O Momins, give Charity in good spirit so that the people of the world will feel delighted, and will admire and appreciate your good actions. If, on the other hand, Charity is given half­ heartedly,all the benefits are jeopardized and sometimes even lost.

O Momins, anything spent in the path of Allah is the best action in life. Having immense wealth proves unworthy in life if not spent.Wealth spent in the path of Allah as Charity is worthy.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, if you spend your wealth extravagantly in material enjoyment of life, or even if you build a big house, in the end the result is, that all these material possessions will eventually turn into dust. Charity spent in the right path of Allah is for your betterment in both worlds.

O Momins, the wealth you possess is no doubt earned by the grace of Allah.

O Momins, you should therefore spend generously in charity. Keep what is necessary for your own use. Remember, you have to give an account of your possessions to Allah.

O Momins, Allah has graced you with all the NIYAMATS (GRACE OF ALLAH) and remember that you are the servant of Allah. You should therefore spend your wealth in the path of Allah. As a result of your good actions, you shall be pardoned of your sins and faults on the Day of Judgement.

O Momins, everyone desires the protection of ALLAH-KARIM. All are praying for His Divine Shelter. It shall always be better for a Charitable minded person on whom Allah constantly showers His choicest Blessings. AL-KARIM keeps minimum for Himself. He gives maximum to all. A Charitable person is glorified and his name remains immortal. A Charitable person is much closer to Allah and is loved by Allah. Everyone calls the Charitable person "THE GENEROUS" The destiny of a Charitable Person shines brightly. By giving Charity, "BARAQAT" , that is prosperity, increases. The house of a Charitable person becomes more and more prosperous. Just as a touchstone turns metal into gold, in the same way by giving Charity, Baraqat (grace of ALLAH) increases.

O Momins, give in Charity from what you have. Spend in the name of Allah. If you do so, you shall be admired by the people and Allah will be pleased with you.

O Momins, whatever you love, what ever is dear to you, spend it in the path of Allah. Allah shall reward you manyfold and your name in the world shall remain green and everlasting.


O Momins, anyone who, in the name of Allah,will feed and take care of orphans,will as a result, receive more ROJI (food). Orphans as well as the one who feeds the orphans are merely instruments. The RAZAQ, The Bestower of Roji, is Allah. Allah is The One who gives ROJI to all in this world. Anyone who spends after orphans and bears the expense, will become prosperous and the Roji of such person will increase to a great extent.


An elderly person's weapon is nothing but a"CRY". An elderly person complains to others for any disturbances. Elderly persons are weak; if anyone disturbs them, what can they do? They are obviously helpless. Therefore, if you are able to help them, offer all possible help. Always be very polite and humble to them. If you will be kind and good to them, Allah will bestow His mercy on you. Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i(A.S.) says in His Holy

Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins,give charity and help to people with love and affection in your hearts. By giving Charity, you delight hearts of others. Remember, O Momins, this Holy Qalam Mubarak, that by the love and affection in your hearts, you can delight the hearts of all.

O Momins, Charity in its best form should be Purely in the name of Allah. Charity without obligation is ideal. Charity given with an obligation is not only unbeneficia1 but it is sinful. Give Charity in the name of Allah, for the sake of love of Allah.

O Momins, never think that you are obliging the person to whom you offer Charity or assistance.If you will keep this teaching in your heart, your AKUBAT, that is Life after Death will be glorified .

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: O Momins, by more people joining together for a meal, the Baraqat of food shall increase. Even if the quantity of food is small, you shall experience an immense Baraqat and Satisfaction by having food together. Qaffir does Charity with the aim of Paradise whereas Momin does Charity with the Ishq and Iman (love and faith) for Allah. Such Charity done with a noble heart Benefits the Momin immensely. A greedy Muslim has temptations of this world and eventually loses Faith in Allah. If one loses Faith, how can one achieve JANNAT (PARADISE)? A Muslim without Faith in Allah becomes a non-Muslim.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says:

O Momins, a charitable hearted Faqeer is better than a greedy, rich man, because a Faqeer who has a big heart and courageous mind is "rich", whereas a greedy person's wealth is as good as dust.

O Momins, be courageous, earn good wealth and have a big heart. These are the Holy Qa1am Mubarak of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza A1i (A. S.)

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