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E. Greediness Reprimanded

When a rich man becomes greedy, his greediness is a curse to him. It is like good food being placed before him and he does not feel like eating it. Whem Mow1a has graced him with all the NIYAMAT (wealth), he should enjoy it and spend in charity in accordance with the Holy Firman Mubarak of Mowla. By the same token, if a rich man does not enjoy or spend in charity, and leaves his wealth after death, he faces hard times in this world and in the next. The wealth of such a greedy person becomes as useless as stones. He neither uses it nor enjoys it, and because of his greediness, his path in the next world i.e.Life after Death, becomes difficult and deteriorates. And what happens then? The greedy man's wealth goes to deceivers and thus proves to be as useless as the stones. Eventually, on the Day of Judgement, a greedy person has to answer to Allah for his disgraceful attitude.

Anyone who has a narrow heart is unhappy. One cannot be happy if one's heart and hands are not open and generous. It is better to make others happy than to please one's own heart.

Amir-u1 Mominin Mowla A1i (A.S.) says:

Have a Big and Generous heart because the Almighty Allah is graciously seated in the hearts of all. Anyone who does not give charity, no doub-t, has a hard and narrow heart. There is always anger in him and that person is constantly quarrelsome. A greedy man, therefore, shall not achieve anything but the curse of Allah. This is because he does not spend in the path of Allah During his life. A greedy person shall not recognize Allah and after death, his soul shall suffer.

Amir-u1 Mominin Mow1a A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: 0 Momins, always give Charity, and to give Charity is NEK-KAAM which means Good action of life.

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