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F. Temptation

Amir-u1-Mominin Mow1a Murtaza A1i (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalams: Those who are tempted by wealth are never satisfied in their hearts, even if the wealth of the whole world is given to them. Their eyes remain thirsty of seeing more and more wealth. A remedy for this situation, that is, a remedy for tempted eyes is the graveyard. When the sand of the grave yard goes into the eyes of the person having temptation, then and only then, does his temptation subside. A tempted person ruins himself. The heart of a tempted person remains as that of a beggar's. As a result, a tempted person loses his reputation. A tempted person is totally untrustworthy and therefore no one listens to him. He discredits his own next seven generations. The life of a tempted person is totally disgraceful. A person having temptations ruins both lives, that is, the life of this world and the eternal life. A person who lends money with the temptation of gaining high interest, feels miserable, in case the principle and the interest is unpaid. Even if he decides to sue the debtor, he remains disturbed. The mind of a tempted person always remains at unrest. He has no peace of mind and lacks happiness in life. Even the great physician, Luqman, attempted to cure a greedy and tempted person’s fire of the heart but could not extinguish it. This is because the love of a tempted and greedy person for this material world is extreme. The remedy for such persons is with MURSHID QAMIL, the SHAH AND PIR. If such persons surrender to Him completely, then the MURSHID QAMIL can cure their hearts. A tempted person is always humiliated but he is unaware of the fact. He is degraded and loses his spiritual dignity. His greediness and temptations keep him away from doing good deeds in life. As a result, a tempted person sinks day by day. It is the most deplorable state of his 1ife.

Amir-u1 Mominin Mow1a Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Beware of persons praising someone for the sake of gaining material benefits. Such persons have temptations in their hearts. One should say SHUKRAN LILLAH (THANKS) to Allah when anything is received. Never praise anyone except Allah. Never keep temptations in your hearts.

People who are tempted with this world are unhappy. The only remedy for them is to avoid temptation.

0 Momins, when you find your life-boat involved in a storm, better direct it towards the shore. Anyone who directs his life- boat towards the right direction, that means avoids temptation, will never be unhappy. He will be every time gay and cheerful.

0 Momins, avoid temptation and greediness. Perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and do a charity. Bad actions discredits the name and the reputation. By good reputation becomes good.

By good actions one can know ALLAH. ALLAH-SUBHAN is in the hearts of all.

0 Momins, understand this most important factor and respect all people. If you will act in this way, ALLAH-RAHEMAN will be pleased with you and shower His DIVINE GRACE upon you.

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