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G. The Mind

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, do not follow what your mind says. You will find immense peace and happiness if you will not obey your mind. Anyone who will follow these teachings shall eradicate all misfortunes and hardships in life. The mind looks for quarrels and disputes. If it is ignored, one can rest at peace, which is a great advantage. Moreover, one can then direct the mind towards Allah. Your mind is very arrogant and follows Satan. Both are most undesirable, and make your mind move fast.

O momins, if you wish to be kind to yourself, discard arrogance from your life. Have fear of Allah. Do not act wrongly. If you will follow these teachings, then you will positively achieve Jannat, that is Paradise. When your mind overrides you and drags you out of your ways, it proves that it has overpowered you. One should, therefore, threaten the mind and tell it to have fear of Allah. Tell your mind, that no doubt at present, it is your Kingdom in this material world and shall remain so till you will be severely punished. Over and above, you shall be deprived of Paradise, (Jannat).

O Momins, anyone who surrenders to the mind is an enemy of Allah. The Spiritual Life, the Akhirat, of such persons shall be ruined. Therefore, do not follow the Napak, Impure mind. Your Impure mind shall lead you to destruction. Remember, O Momins, your mind is your enemy. Do not follow what your enemy says. Follow the Holy Firmans of Allah, so that life in this world and the next, shall be prosperous and secured. All your misfortunes will disappear if you will follow the Holy Firmans of Allah.

O Momins, do you know that a sensible and intelligent enemy is better than an ignorant friend. This is because an ignorant friend brings immense unhappiness in life. You should not forget that your mind is the most ignorant, and if you will follow your mind, you will be defeated. If you will delay in pushing out your enemy, i.e.your mind, you will be defeated. If you will continue to tolerate your enemy's acts against you without counter acting, then your enemy, i.e. your mind, will have a complete victory and control over you. Anyone who runs away from his lower self, can eliminate vices such as greediness and temptations. Such a person can live a peaceful life. A fortunate person of this category shall never be unhappy in this life.

O Momins, discard greediness and temptations in life. Do not follow your enemy. Do not follow what your mind says. The Almighty Allah says: If you will act in a right way, then you will achieve jannat, Paradise.

O Momins, keep away from your mind and you shall be greatly benefited. If you will protect your self from your mind, you will never get hurt. If you come across a wild ferocious tiger, you run away. Thus, you have saved your material body and you are safe in this material life. Similarly, anyone who keeps away from one's Self, his ship shall safely reach across from all the troubled waters. He will reach his Spiritual destination. Anyone who shall follow ILM', Knowledge, shall be benefited Eternally. If you will follow the ignorant enemy, i.e. your mind, you shall not benefit at all. If you will keep yourself blind by ignoring 'ILM', the Knowledge, then your fate is fatal and disastrous because you are led by the ignorant mind. The ignorant mind takes you to a dangerous ditch, which is disastrous. So, do not listen to your enemy, i.e. your mind, and keep away from it. When your enemy, that is your mind, tells you anything, think wisely and seriously. Do not accept what it says. Be wise and control your Mind and on the Day of Akhirat you shall achieve Eternal Peace and Happiness - that is a Haqiqati Khushiali.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: Wage a war against Kaffir. Your Mind is a great Kaffir. Take this important teaching in your life. Any Momin who shall control his own Mind shall achieve a great victory of both the worlds. Anyone who surrenders to his own Mind will positively suffer miserably in this and the next world.

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