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I. Ignorants and Fools

Ignorant people and fools do wrong things in their lives. They are apparently misguided. The one who misguides others SINKS and the one who follows wrong advice also sinks. Ignorant people and fools call wrong to right and pure to impure. In this manner ignorant people and fools waste their precious time of life and they waste the benefits of the religion. Those who do not have ILM (knowledge) and do not understand MARIFAT-E-ALLAH are ignorant. For certain they cannot talk on the matter of MARIFAT-E-ALLAH since they know not the TRUTH. The angels do not write their names on the list of MARAFATIS. An intelligent and pious young boy is far better than an ignorant elder person. An intelligent young boy will bring other fellow beings towards the right path whereas an ignorant elderly person will sink anyone who will come across him. Anyone who understands MARIFAT-E-ALLAH is intelligent. To Almighty ALLAH age and or wealth are insignificant, he who has knowledge is dignified and respected.

A king who rules his country with ignorance may ruin his country. In the same manner, you are the king of your own heart. The one who listens to his notorious mind is ignorant and foolish. Anyone who does wrong and thinks wrong as being good should bear in mind that the life he lives is a dead life. When a well wisher gives good advice which he thinks is bad, then it would mean that he is deceiving himself. If an ignorant person gets wealth, it becomes a sign of danger to other people. If a king rules ignorantly, it is better if a burden of heavy rock is placed on him. His ignorance shall give troubles to all. If a ruler of a country is ignorant, he will surpass a drunkard. A drunkard drinks alcohol and does wrong. He loses his senses. He also loses his dignity and respect. A bad ruler of the country sinks and his guide is the SATAN.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Beware of the people who endeavour to please you with their empty talks. They fool you.There was an ignorant person who offered sacrifices and said prayers. Once Satan came to him and told him that he has a message from Allah for him. Satan had brought a donkey with him and said to the ignorant. Here is a ride for you to reach to MAIRAJ. He rode on the donkey but he was taken to the bazaar. The ignorant was humiliated since he was misled and fooled by the sweet talk of Satan.

Amir-ul-Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: Do not be ignorant. Ignorance does not pay. Ignorant people are not respected in this world. Ignorant people are not dignified in the next world. No one would prefer to associate with ignorant people in AKUBAT. Therefore, O Mornins, if you wish to be benefited in both the worlds - the material and the AKUBAT­ Listen to "ILM"- the Holy Firmans and the Holy Ginans most attentively and consciously. Attend MAJLISES of ILM GINANS. Attend the Prayer House daily and you shall positively achieve a true ILM -Knowledge of the NOOR -THE LIGHT OF ALLAH.

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