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K. The Unjust - Zaalim

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, injustice is darkness of Life. By injustice, the IMAN, which is a spiritual Light, turns Dark and as a result of injustice darkness will prevail in life.

O Momins, do not be unjust. If you will always be JUST to your fellow beings you will find the spiritual Light, the IMAN, will shine in your heart.

If a person is unjust his sins in daily life are increased. As a result of this adverse situation the most valuable spiritual asset, the IMAN, becomes dull and consequently downfall comes in the life of the UNJUST PERSON.

O Momins, downfall comes to such an extent that it becomes unbearable for him and also it becomes difficult for him to rise again in 1ife .

O Momins, it is better to be injured with the sword than to be injured and punished by one own's wrong actions because the wound of sword may heal any time but the loss done by one's bad actions is unrecoverable.

O Momins, if anyone is burned by fire-burn or mauled by the tiger or even injured by an elephant then such injuries can be redressed but the damage done to oneself by one's own bad actions is unrecoverable.

O Momins, the life of an unjust person become's short and his death occurs immaturely because of the sigh of the victimised persons. And then what happens. Lo! the victims laugh on the unjust person. The unjust dies miserably in this world.

O Momins, injustice takes an unjust person towards destruction and he is eventually destroyed. Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says: O Momins, the unjust shall die miserably for sure. Do not be unjust to your fellow brothers and sisters. Be just and good to them. If you will be unjust to them take for granted that all the pains of miseries will come to you and you will suffer great deal. O Momins, these are the Holy Firman Mubarak of "SHAH DULDUL ASWAR" THE DIVINE RIDER OF THE HORSE "DUL DUL."

0 Momins, ALLAH knows everthing. ALLAH hears the cries of the victims and the Almighty ALLAH protects the rights of the oppressed and innocent victimized people.

O Momins, have a fear of ALLAH. The unjust person will not achieve any good in his life because of the curse of ALMIGHTY ALLAH on him. ALLAH will not send His Grace and Divine Blessings upon the unjust person.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak:

O Momins, it is true that one reaps what he sows. If one has planted mango he shall reap mangoes and anyone who has planted AMLI (sour seeds) shall reap sour fruits. It is therefore clear and natural that every action of life whether good or bad has its effect. Bad shall reap bad and good shall reap good rewards.

O Momins, an unjust person shall positively be punished in his life. An unjust person leaves this world immaturely. An unjust person labours for the material benefits but Lo! He carries sorrows in his heart. The sorrow is of such a nature that it cannot be redressed and, then it becomes TOO LATE for him to rectify his blunders.

O Momins, an unjust person regrets in his life and even after death he will blame no one but himself and will constantly say to himself regretfully “AH WHAT A PITY.” Why have I acted so wrongly. ALAS, I am leaving behind all the wealth which I cannot carry with me and now I shall have to suffer and bear the eternal punishments for misdeeds committed in my life".

O Momins, those who are bad are frightening. Unjust are bad people because they have no fear of ALLAH in their hearts. Do not become unjust or undesireable, or a bad person in your life.

O Momins, keep away from unjust people. The hearts of unjust people are hard like stones. Their hearts have become hard like stones because of their misdeeds. They are harmful so do not go near them.

O Momins, always look for a good neighbour. Good people do not commit wrongs. Adversity befalls on sinful and wrong doers, therefore keep away from bad neighbours.

O Momins, those who are hard by nature and talk bitter, they are unclean by heart from their birth. They shall be eventually ruined.

O Momins, listen to this advice and always remember it in your life.DO NOT HURT ANYONE'S HEART by harsh talk, always speak gently, sweet and pleasant words.

Those who are pleasant and good are fortunate in this world. Allah's Blessings are showered upon good people.

O Momins, no one likes to eat sour or bitter fruits because they are sour and bitter. O Momins, bitter fruits however are much better than bitter and harsh words. O Momins, do not hurt your fellow Brothers and Sisters hearts. Those people who are blesses are on the right path and they speak good words and are pleasant to their Brothers and Sisters.

O Momins, never be harsh. Harsh people are on the path of destruction and they eventually destroy themselves.

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