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N. Significance of Ibadat and Good Actions - Aamal

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, those who ignore prayers are not perfect in their IMAN (FAITH). Apparently they are hypnotized with this material world and as a result of this they cannot think of their AKUBAT -The Eternal Life.

O Momins, wake up every morning (PARODIE) and you will be immensely benefited. Those who wake up early morning (Parodie) for IBADAT BANDAGI they benefit themselves in their life.

O Momins, do not miss the time of ZIKAR'- IBADAT BANDAGI. By IBADAT BANDAGI the heart is purified and is enlightened with the ROSHANI -'THE NOOR.'

O Momins, with the Spiritual light and the power all difficult tasks of the life becomes smooth-clear and easy. The Almighty ALLAH bestows His Divine Grace upon those who perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly.

O Momins, IBADAT BANDAGI performed in Private -BAIT-UL­ KHAYAL is the most advanced IBADAT.

O Momins, IBADAT should be performed purely for the sake of the LOVE OF ALLAH. IBADAT should never be performed for material glorification.

O Momins, IBADAT is accepted by the Almighty ALLAH if it is performed with the Spiritual Love and it is the most superior IBADAT.

O Momins, those who are fortunate of having a long life and have regularly performed IBADAT BANDAGI, their life from the beginning to the end is considered an angelic life. It is the most graceful life and of the divine qualities.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH through His boundless mercies has showered His Divine Grace on NABIS (Prophets) and appointed them as the heads of masses. In the same manner those who will follow the paths of Nabis, they will be fortunate enough of achieving the DIVINE GRACE.

O Momins, perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and you will be highly honoured and loved by the Almighty ALLAH in both the worlds and for any reason if you have not performed IBADAT BANDAGI in the past life, AWAKEN NOW and wake up always early morning (PARODIE). It is incumbant upon you to perform IBADAT. BANDAGI daily and regularly.

O Momins, this material life is passing away very fast and the time of life which is left over will also pass away fast as well .

O Momins, AWAKEN NOW. You are in a slumber. Your life is ending in ignorance.

O Momins, your life is a dream and this dream will not stay long. Scrutinize your life - the way it is passing. It is passing away incredibly fast.

O Momins, be ALERT and perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly and do good actions in life.

O Momins, there are people in this world who are positively fortunate beings. They are the people who are earning a Spiritual wealth to great extent. Unfortunately there are also people who waste their most precious time of life and they lose their own Spiritual assets already earned.

O Momims, enlighten your GRAVE with the' ROSHANI'-the power of IBADAT BANDAGI. These are the Holy Qalams of Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A. S.) .

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, AWAKEN! AWAKE and perform IBADAT BANDAGI. Say your prayers regularly. By the power of IBADAT your Grave will be highly enlightened. O Momins, the night is so quiet, serene and dark. If you will perform IBADAT BANDAGI at night, your grave will be enlightened with the' DIVINE LIGHT.'

O Momins, awake and perform PRIVATE BANDAGI of BAIT-UL- KHAYAL. Do not show your IBADAT to people. It is the BATIN - PRIVATE BANDAGI.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, BATIN BANDAGI is highly commendable. It brings ROSHANI-Light in QABAR-the GRAVE.

O Momins, those who are performing IBADAT BANDAGI, they are the TRUE LOVERS, TRUE MOMINS of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. The Momins who are performing IBADAT BANDAGI regularly, as a result of this THE LIGHT -ROSHANI is visible on their faces. IBADAT BANDAGI performed during the nights imparts ROSHANI next day on the faces of the Momins.

O Momins, on the Day of Judgement some faces will be found black (DARK) and also there will be faces enlightened with the NOOR -DIVINE LIGHT'. Later the group who had performed IBADAT BANDAGI with love and devotion and with the purity of the heart during their life on earth the ALMIGHTY ALLAH will fulfill all their NEK-UMEDS -their noble desires of Life. They will be highly rewarded with all the Spiritual benefits by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, night follows day. During the day you should look after your worldly affairs and at night you should remember the Almighty ALLAH -the most Beloved. He is the Creator and you are His Humble servant. People say we have to earn our living and where to find time for IBADAT?

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Firmans-Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, you should remember your Beloved Creator ALLAH at MID-NIGHT-(PARODIE). This is an important time for BANDAGI-you are not doing worldly business at this time.

O Momins, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.) achieved Holy "ME'RAJ". It was due to IBADAT BANDAGI performed regularly by the Prophet (S.A.S.) at night..

O Momins, you could also achieve "ME'RAJ" of the same category if you will discard filth and malice of this world from your heart and perform IBADAT BANDAGI with the purity of heart.

O Momins, wake up all nights regularly and perform IBADAT BANDAGI with the proper concentration just as Prophet Muhanmad (S.A.S.) performed IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, you can also achieve ME' RAJ-SHARIFF of the same category and the Holy Noorani Didar of your Beloved Creator-the Almighty ALLAH, if you perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly every night.

O Momins, there is a great significance of the NIGHT. The whole world is asleep during the night but Pirs, PAYGAMBARS and the SAINTS all have been glorified Spiritually for they performed IBADAT BANDAGI during the nights.


O Momins, if you also wish your name to be recorded on the listing of ASHIQS -THE LOVERS OF ALLAH -you should perform IBADAT BANDAGI every night regularly.


O Momins, all people have Love in their hearts but where the Love shines of the Mashooq Khudawind- the Almighty ALLAH is the Love of the superb category. It is the great heart where the LOVE of ALLAH shines and those who have LOVE for the transient material world their hearts are disturbed like a sunk ship in the stormy ocean.

O Momins, LOVE for ALLAH will take your Life-Ship to its destination -a safe place to the abode of Peace and Happiness - which means to an ETERNAL PEACE.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, LOVE flows in all hearts. Without LOVE the heart becomes sad; but O Momins, if you wish to become a TRUE LOVER of MASHOOQ-ALLAH there is a sure way for it -it is the IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, IBADAT BANDAGI has to be performed by breathing. It is the BATUNI BANDAGI of BAIT-UL-KHAYAL.

O Momins, if you wish to have the DIVINE GRACE of ALLAH you should say ZIKAR1 -BANDAGI every moment you breath.

O Momins, if you will fail to perform IBADAT BANDAGI even for a moment what will happen then? Your mind and your heart will be sad and frustrated.

O Momins, when you are performing ZIKAR-IBADAT BANDAGI­ always be assured that you are presenting yourself before the Almighty ALLAH and when you are missing to perform IBADAT BANDAGI you are expelled from the Holy Huzur of the Almighty ALLAH. To be expelled from the' DIVINE SHELTER' is disastrous.

O Momins, if you wish to achieve Paradise keep away absolutely from committing sins. Paradise (JANNAT) is meant for those who are PURE-SINCERE and clean at heart.

O Momins, there is an absolute purity in Paradise. Paradise is well perfumed and its Fragrance of AMBAR is exceptionaly sweet. It is the unique Spiritual fragrance.

O Momins, if any person who desires to enter the Palace of a King, he has to be very clean. But if he is unclean and his feet are dirty with mud and the filth he will not be allowed to enter. the Palace. In the same manner no one can enter the Paradise if he is unclean at heart.

O Momins, Paradise is studded of Rubbies and Pearls and also it is highly perfumed Spiritually and its fragrance is extremely sweet.

O Momins, anyone who commits sins and has a filthy heart apparently he will not be entitled to enter the Paradise.

O Momins, refrain from committing sins. Follow sincerely the Holy Qalam Mubarak- the Holy Firmans of the Be1oved Mashooq - ALLAH and perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly.

O Momins, those who have performed IBADAT BANDAGI with Love and Iman and also believe in Oneness of the Almighty ALLAH with understanding and with the pure Iman in the Hearts, they will be dignified in the ETERNAL world by the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, keep away from 'HARRAM' -dishonest earnings. Always eat HALLAL ROJI and follow the Holy Qalam Mubarak.

O Momins, take care while you are in this world. Even the HALAL ROJI-Honest Earnings has to be spent with courtesy and consideration.

O Momins, on the Day of Judgement all these matters will be accounted including how HALLAL ROJI was utilized in the life.

O Momins, ensure therefore that your HALLAL ROJI is also spent wisely.

O momins, do not misuse at all your HALLAL ROJI.

O Momins, tears shed in LOVE of ALLAH are great and glorified. Your tears, shed in LOVE of ALLAH will impart you immense peace and happiness, and eventually all your good desires and ambitions will be fulfilled by the Almighty ALLAH,

O Momins, if you will have a cravings of ALLAH'S LOVE, your heart will be enlightened with the "NOOR"-ROSHANI. It is a great fortune to have a desire of the Holy Noorani Didar in the heart,

O Momins, your heart is like a mirror and if you will keep your heart clean and pure you will be the most fortunate in your 1ife.

O Momins, AWAKE! AWAKE! Do not have a slumber of ignorance; keep the love of ALLAH in your heart perpetually evergreen and everliving. It will bring prosperity for you.

O Momins, ALLAH will protect you against your enemies and also against the inconsiderate people. ALLAH will protect you from persecutors (zalims). ALLAH will always protect you and He alone will be your PROTECTOR.

0 Momins, it is because of ALLAH’S LOVE in your heart you will not dare to become disobedient of the Holy Firmans. You will not drink SHARAB -ALCOHOL -because you LOVE ALLAH. You will also not charge high rates of interest to people.

O Momins, those who are Firman Bardari -Obedient of Holy Firmans -their faces will be found shining with the 'NOOR'- DIVINE LIGHT and there will be peace and happiness in their hearts. They will be contented by heart because they followed the Holy Firmans.

O Momins, Firman Bardar -Obedients -are the fortunates in their life. They will not do any wrongs. All their actions will be noble and of good nature.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH most Graciously keeps His Divine Seat in the hearts of the Momins. The heart of the Momin is a temple of ALLAH.

O Momins, there is a lamp in the hearts of Momins. ALLAH'S DIVINE NOOR shines in this lamp and the rays of the "NOOR" becomes visible outwordly on the face of the MOMINS. These Momins are the true obedients and Firman Bardari of the Khudavind Pak Parwardigar -the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, beware of doing wrong actions. Wrong actions are like thieves.Wrong actions steal all the Spiritual treasures. But these thieves dare not to come near the true Momins. These nasty thieves run far away from the true Momins because the Great King of all the Kings -the Almighty ALLAH has His DIVINE seat in the hearts of the Momins. Heart of the Momin is an abode Of Peace. Heart of a Momin ever lives AABAD -prospered -safe, peaceful and contented. Heart of a Momins remains day and night happy and cheerful. Momins of this catagory achieve Holy Noorani Didar of ALLAH in their own hearts. (SUBHAN-ALLAH).

O Momins, there are many religious obligations which have to be fulfilled in life but there is one which is greater and very important, which must be fulfilled any how and it is to one's debt.

O Momins, payout your debts. Do not keep the burden on you.

O Momins, these are the Holy Firmans -Qalam Mubarak of the Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) SHAH-E-AWLIYA-the Lord of all the Angels.

O Momins, pay Dasond with Love and Faith.

O Momins, if you will pay Dasond you will find immense BARAQAT (Prosperity and Progress) in your life.

O Momins, while you offer Dasond-Tithe-offer with absolute faith, love and sincerity of heart, consequently all your possessions and assets will become HALLAL -PURIFIED.

O Momins, have faith on ALLAH and all your ambitions will be well secured. To remember ALLAH is the best of all.

O Momins always rely on ALLAH. Leave all your problems to ALLAH and say your prayers regularly.

O Momins, pray to ALLAH and say with humble heart: O My Beloved Lord, do according to thy will. O My Lord you will do everything what is good for me. O My Lord I trust thee immense1y.

O Momins, if you will say prayers in this manner, be assured all your good ambitions-NEK-UMEDS-will be positively fulfilled.

O Momins, by good wholesome and healthy food the body gets sufficient nourishment and becomes healthy.

O Momins, your mind needs the sound, sweet and beautiful Spiritual music.

O Momins, the Holy name of Mashooq Mowla is the best nourishment for your mind. It is the best weapon to kill your EGO -Arrogance is your greatest enemy. Remember the Holy name of ALLAH and recite the Holy Ginans and with these weapons your enemies -EGO -Arrogance will be killed..

O momins, your good friend is the DEEN-DHARAM. Religion is your most admirable friend. It is your religion by which your soul achieves Salvation. O Momins, say your prayers regularly. Perform IBADAT BANDAGI as directed by your Beloved Lord. Do not drink SHARAB -ALCOHOL. Do not take high interest. By your good deeds you will be graced with Salvation.

O Momins, if you wish to experience the beauty of Religion then follow the Holy Firman of Mowla Khudavind and also attend all religious ceremonies with Love, Devotion and Faith. It is like a ship in the ocean. Religion is like the most peaceful and calm sea and one can cross it to attain their destination. But, O Momins, there is one great obstacle on your way and that is TEMPTATION. If you keep temptation in your life, you will miss the benefits of your religion.

O Momins, do not deceive any person. It is due to temptation that one tends to deceive others and as a result of this bad vice the deceiver turns to ignorance. He becomes ignorant of the true DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.Those who have followed Religion sincerely and truly, they have no doubt fulfilled their sacred duties and achieved a great deal in their lives. They are good friends of Religion. They have realized the futility of this material world. Only those people will know the TRUTH and experience the beauty of Religion; they are Blessed by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Blessed people have in their life picked the Rubies -benefits of Religion. Blessed people have discarded stones and the dust which is the perishable material world.

O Momins,it is through the religion that one can have the true recognition of the NOOR-THE DIVINE LIGHT OF ALLAH.

O Momins, love for this material world is nothing but love for the dust and the perishable matters.

O Momins, the whole creation and everything else within the creation, including the NIYAMATS and also the achievements of the CHAWD-BRAHMANDS - Great Fourteen Universes, all shall eventually perish. They are all but- perishables. The ALMIGHTY ALLAH is the MOST HIGH and the MOST UNIQUE. He is OMNIPRESENT.


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