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O. Significance of Good Deeds

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, those who are doing good deeds their lives are worth livng and also their life-span expands and those who are doing wrong deeds their lives shortens.

O Momins, in order to reap the best fruits in life one should do good deeds and if anyone is not doing good deeds his life becomes a waste.

O Momins, always do good. Do good even to those who have harmed you. Pray for them and also help them.

O Momins, if you will act in this manner you will create an excellent impression upon them and to many other fellow beings and consequently you will be upgraded Spritually and you will be considered as an exalted and superior to those who are wrong- doers. If you tend to do any wrong postpone it. If you postpone doing wrong actions it will be in your interest and you will be safeguarded from disasters. Your safety is an asset of your 1ife.

O Momins, to delay and or postpone doing wrong actions is as good as doing right and good deeds. So when your mind tends to do any wrong actions postpone it and you will be saved from calamities.

O Momins, by the Grace of ALLAH those who are fortunate to be wealthy and are using their wealth for the welfare of their fellow beings, verily those people have earned great benefits in their lives. They are the most fortunate because they have diverted their minds and hearts towards the right path.

O Momins, when you find anyone has done wrong to you do not take revenge against him. Do not take his wrong actions on your mind and by your such ideals and good attitude you will be dignified in this world and also in the next world. Contrary to this if you will talk about this to others you will be considered differently by the people.

O Momins, give good advice to those who are in need of it. A person who gets good advice -will be benefited and you will be rewarded by the Almighty ALLAH for your good actions. Anyone who will act in a right manner, he will reap the best fruits in this world and also in the next world.

O Momins, always have a craving for ALLAH'S BLESSINGS. Pray to Almighty ALLAH for what is best for this life and for the eternal life. By prayers and good actions ALLAH-the Almighty-the Merciful and the Compassionate will shower His Divine Blessings and His Divine Grace upon you. He alone will make your life bright and prosperous.

O Momins, those who are doing good deeds, their hearts become enlightened with the' NOOR-E-RABBANI' (the DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD) and every breath of such noble persons becomes "NOORANI". A breathing of these noble persons has a touch of the DIVINE NOOR OF ALLAH. Noble persons of such a catagory are constantly protected in their lives by the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, remember ALLAH every time you breath. The Almighty ALLAH is the DIVINE and the Merciful.

O Momins pray regularly with LOVE in your heart. Pray with absolute faith-IMAN in the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, if you will offer sacrifices in the name of ALLAH, out of sheer LOVE for Him, your heart will become Spiritually more powerful and your IMAN-FAITH will be unshaken.

O Momins, by your offerings and sacrifices, for the sake of the LOVE of ALLAH, your IMAN-will be absolutely purified. Your LOVE and IMAN on Hazarat Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) and on His DIVINE successors AA'LE NABI- AWLADE ALI will be considerably increased and it will also become unshaken.

O Momins, you will be showered indeed with the DIVINE GRACE and also HAZARAT BIBI FATIMA TI ZOHORA JANNATE KHATUN will grace you in AKUBAT.

O Momins, separation is painful. It is like a fire. Fire of the separation is much more painful than the fire of Hell. Those who have a craving for ALLAH'S Holy Noorani Didar, they will dare not commit sins. They always have a fear in their hearts lest they will be separated from the DIVINE NOOR of the Almighty ALLAH. For the true ASHEEQ of ALLAH, separation from the MASHOOQ (the Almighty ALLAH) is extremally painful.

O Momins, those who have a love for the Almighty ALLAH, they are the most fortunate beings.

O Momins, leave all your problems of this world and the problems of life of the next world to the Almighty ALLAH with your deep faith and devotion on Him. It is the sign of a true Momin to surrender absolutely to Him.

O Momins, your life, your body, your children and your IMAN are all priceless gifts to you from your Beloved Lord-the Almighty Allah. Therefore, O Momins, leave all your problems with an open heart to your Beloved Khudavind -the Creator.

O Momins, surrender yourselves absolutely to your Beloved Lord. He is the Master of the Creation. He is the Lord of the Universes. He graced you the life. He gives you ROJI-DAILY LIVING.

O Momins, do not say your prayers for the achievements of the Material World. Say prayers purely out of LOVE for the Beloved Mashooq-the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, if you offer prayers for the sake of the material world, ALLAH will fulfill your ambitions but all such achievements are the temptations of this material world.

O Momins, even if one has achieved Paradise, so what? Without the Beloved Mashooq -ALLAH, a True Momin -ASHEEQ, is lonely. Without the Beloved Mowla, the ASHEEQ's life is miserable.

O Momins, constantly pray for the LOVE OF ALLAH.
O Momins, pray intensely for ALLAH'S HOLY NOORANI DIDAR.

O Momins, KHALAS-BANDAGI -pure, innocent and sincere Bandagi is great; a Bandagi without any selfish motive is the most excellent and the greatest of all prayers. The Dignity of Momins is high and exalted and the Momins achieve Holy Noorani Didar of Allah.

O Momins, you will obtain anything from ALLAH you ask from Him, but your such ambitions (umeds) will be all your temptations. Even you have achieved Paradise, so what! It is just like a Lady without her Beloved husband is miserable. The Life of a Momin -his wealth are all of a high catagory because Momins, have achieved the DIVINE GRACE OF ALLAH. Because of the most high DIVINE Grace, from the lower stage the Momins became most fortunate to attain the true Religion -ISLAM. Momins have been upgraded to the higher Spiritual grade through ALLAH'S religion-ISLAM. If anyone has earned tremendous wealth in life- so what? It is an insignificant achievement compared to ALLAH'S Grace that the Momins have been accepted in ALLAH'S religion - ISLAM. In the life of Momins an acceptance in ISLAM is of the highest dignity and it is all due to ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE. People accumulate Gold and Silver and tremendous wealth in this life and then they forget the Almighty ALLAH-the Creator- LO! when the DIVINE GRACE of Mowla Shah Murtaza Ali (A.S.) showers upon the misled people they become Momins; they become true friends of ALLAH.

O Momins, follow the path of the Prophet (S.A.S.) and you will be showered with the Blessings of ALLAH.

O Momins, the Prophet (S.A.S.) destroyed “KUFRA"-THE UNTRUE ENTITIES and enlightened a Religion -ISLAM. The Prophet Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) is the Crown and the Head of all the Prophets.The Prophet (S.A.S.) is the DIVINE and the PURE through the NOOR-E-PANJTAN PAK (say Holy Salwaat, O Momins, ALLAH HUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADIN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD).

O Momins, remember ALLAH and His Rasul-Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.), and achieve The DIVINE Grace of ALLAH. O Momins, IMAN can be perfect by the purity of heart. Momins will not speak lies because they have the Pure and the perfect IMAN in their hearts. Momins will not do wrong and they will not be jealous because there is a "NOOR"-“IMAN" in their hearts. A Momin’s heart is pure, clean and sincere. Momins tend to perform IBADAT and all their NEK-UMEDS (good wishes) are fulfilled by the Almighty ALLAH. If you wish your heart to be pure, clean and sincere do not be dishonest. Do not speak lies and as a result of your NEK-KAMAI-good actions and the best virtues darkness of the heart will disappear and the' NOOR' -DIVINE LIGHT OF ALLAH will shine in your heart.

O Momins, by good deeds your prayer is accepted as the BEST­ prayers.

O Momins, always be KIND, HELP the orphans and the needy people and your name will be dignified. Through good actions one's heart is cheered and delighted. Discard ignorance and retardness and you will experience that-Beloved Mashooq-Mowla is everpresent in your heart and He enlightens His DIVINE NOOR ROSHANI within your Heart.

O Momins, Friday nights and Saturday morning are the BARAQATIS. These are the better times for travelling.You may perform ceremonies on these BARAQATI days. These are the Holy Qalams of Shah Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

O Momins, it is the sacred duty of all Momins to perform IBADAT BANDAGI, regularly.

O Momins, please everyone as far as possible and make their hearts happy. Be kind to all.

O Momins, do not talk much as it is very harmful for IBADAT BANDAGI.

O Momins, keep your temparament cool, calm and peaceful. Keep yourself happy and also endeavour to make others happy.

O Momins, never hurt anyone at all -this is a part of IBADAT.

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