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P. Patience and Thanksgiving - Shukranas

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, convey Happy Tidings to yourself if you have had patience in your life.

O Momins, anyone who keeps patience in life verily, he is graced by the Almighty ALLAH. The one who has patience he will achieve success in his life.

O Momins, keep patience in your life. Even if someone harms you, do not take revenge but keep patience. By the real virtue of patience you will eventually succeed over the person who has done harm to you.

O Momins, whenever you are in an unfavourable circumstances or you are involved in any difficulty at that particular time keep absolute patience. By the good virtue of patience you will be able to overcome your difficulties very soon.

O Momins,the Almighty ALLAH helps His friends. Those who keep patience are the friends and the lovers of Almighty ALLAH and ALLAH loves most those who have patience in their hearts. The Almighty ALLAH helps them at the time of their difficulty Because of the patience in their hearts. Be associated with the TRUE Momins and learn from them to offer sincere thanks (SHUKRANAS) to the Almighty ALLAH. TRUE Momins keep patience at all times and during all circumtances in life.

O Momins, whether there is favourable or whether there is a difficult time of life, both are the NIYAMATS -A GRACE OF ALLAH TO YOU.

O Momins, do not talk to anybody about the hard times of your life. This is a sign of a MOMIN. Momins are able to act in this manner by their good virtue of PATIENCE.

O Momins, those who will keep patience in life, they will be highly rewarded by the Almighty ALLAH. O Momins,it is likely that series of difficulties may surround you in your life but even at such critical times keep patience and be assured that favourable time will soon follow after the hardships. After the hard times follows the good times which gives great comforts.

O Momins, anyone who has suffered and experienced hard times in this world, they will be entitled to achieve Paradise in AKUBAT.

O Momins, if anyone wishes to have a remedy of the frustrated and disturbed heart, he should be regularly saying his Prayers. During the prayers one should pray to Almighty ALLAH: O My Beloved Lord, I am offering to THEE my most humble and sincere thanks (SHUKRANAS) for all that THOU ART doing for me. I say SHUKRANAS for THY DIVINE GRACE and BLESSINGS.

O Momins, say SHUKRANAS -thanks regularly to The Almighty ALLAH in all circumstances-whether it is favourable or Unfavourable time of Life. Continue to offer sincere thanks (SHUKRANAS) to ALLAH.

O Momins, immense wealth and assets, sons and daughters in one's life, the more closer, the more it is experienced as burden on the heart and it is the wish and the absolute will of ALLAH to whom to give life and when to take away the life of a man in this world.

O Momins, those who are suffering in this world they are not necessarily bad people. Such people may be of high dignity before the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins, those who are able to control themselves, they are the people in whose heart rememberance of ALLAH constantly continues. These people are far better than those who are wearing expensive dresses and adorn themselves with precious stones and ornaments and yet they do not have LOVE for ALLAH in their hearts.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH does not look at the dresses whether one wears silk dress or a dress made of jute.The Almighty ALLAH likes purity and sincerity of the heart.

O Momins, if you will control your SELF and your mind you will experience immense happiness. Avoid doing wrongs. Do not commit sins. Eat HALAL ROJI earned with honesty. By honesty your food and your clothings will be purified and when pure food and clothing are utilized in life, they impart a great satisfaction.

O Momins,by eating pure food (HALAL ROJI), the volume of good actions in your life will increase which will give you an added PEACE and SATISFACTION in your heart.

O Momins, your ROJI -will surely come to you. Have boundless faith in ALLAH.

O Momins, rest assured, that on each grain of food there is a mark of your name, which is meant for your ROJI. It is already destined for you and you are positively going to eat that food (ROJI) without fail.

O Momins, the millions that you are hoarding become a burden to you rather than blessing, if that wealth is not used for a good cause in the life. ALLAH gives ROJI to all in this world.

ALLAH gives ROJI without fail. So why should one be dishonest? Why should one look for the HARRAM- ROJI (DISHONEST EARNINGS)? Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, have boundless faith in ALLAH. ALLAH provides ROJI to all in this world and He will provide for you as well-ALLAH is your CREATOR. If you will keep an absolute faith in ALLAH your HOME will be full of 'BARAQATS'-with an abundance of fortunes and to such an extent that you will be in a position to entertain guests everyday at your home. You will be prosperous and you will gain so many other achievements in your life.

O Momins, say thanks -SHUKRANAS -for what you have already received in your life from the Almighty ALLAH. Do not beg for anything from others. Maintain your prestige and self-respect. The Almighty ALLAH is the Master of the Universes. ALLAH is the Merciful and the Compassionate. He alone will provide you with ROJI and all your necessities.

O Momins, if you remain satisfied with what you have received from the Almighty ALLAH your name will be dignified and the Almighty ALLAH by His Divine Grace will respect you- and He will reward you.

Amir-ul Mominin Mow'la Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, keep a King-like heart. Whatever you have received from the Almighty ALLAH consider everything as ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE. They are all NIYAMATS fortunes and Blessings from HIM. They are all for your good. But contrary to this, if you continue to complain your life will become miserable.

O Momins,in this material world there is happiness and unhappiness as well.Why should anybody take unhappiness in life? Since you are already receiving what is destined for you then why are you demanding above your destiny?

O Momins, ALLAH gives you ROJI (food). ALLAH by His Divine Grace also gives you Life. You are, no doubt, the most fortunate being. You should therefore, from the depth of your heart thank and say SHUKRANAS DAY AND NIGHT to the Almighty ALLAH for what you have received from Him. If anybody pays you and also provides you food regularly, he expects you to labour for it. The Almighty ALLAH provides you ROJI regularly -He gives you Life and also protects you in your daily Life day and night and what does ALLAH expect from you? SHUKRANAS- THANKS -JUST THANKS from the depth of your heart.

O Momins, the Almighty ALLAH with His most DIVINE Grace showers His Blessings upon those who say SHUKRANAS -offer sincere thanks to HIM.

O Momins, offer sincere SHUKRANAS, day and night deep from your heart to ALLAH; but if you will fail to do this you might be deprived of the NIYAMATS -'GRACE OF ALLAH'. Why are you not satisfied with what ALLAH gives you? You ask for more and more daily. You want every thing- all the wealth of the world.You worry day and night and you do not enjoy your food. You do not dress well due to your unnecessary worries and your life eventually ends miresably. ALLAH has graced you with NIYAMATS - all the NIYAMATS -gifts -and bounties. Inspite of ALLAH'S DIVINE GRACE upon you, if you will not offer SHUKRANAS to Him, your unthankfulness -undesirable attitude will take away all your BARAQATS from your life. While you have opportunities to say SHUKRANAS -Thanks to ALLAH -if you did not care to do so; eventually you will have nothing but regrets in your life, when all your NIYAMATS -BARAQATS fortunes will be taken away because of this unthankfulness which is an undesirable attitude of Life. In this life you will be graced by the Almighty ALLAH -and at the same time also you should perform IBADAT BANDAGI regularly. And if you will fail to fulfill your sacred duties then what Will happen? ALLAH-The Almighty who has showered His Grace upon you and gave you the most valuable and worthy LIFE -ALLAH will take away your life. As a result of this you will obviously be deprived of good fruits-good results of your life.

O Momins, always bear in mind that after sorrows there will be happiness (KHUSHALI). There is a remedy for all difficulties and unfavourab1e circumstances. There is comfort and happiness after hardships. Explain this to your mind and to yourself. This material world is a Paradise for KAFFIRS. But for the Momins, this world is like a prison. However many comforts one may have in life, it is like a drop in the ocean when it is compared with the HAQIQATI -KHUSHIALI OF AKUBAT.

O Momins, at times one may have to face hardships in this world but, eventually Momins will positively be highly rewarded with immense happiness of Paradise in the next world. Momins will achieve Haqiqati Khushiali and the HOLY NOORANI DIDAR in the Eternal Life.

O Momins, when you happen to see a religious and pious person in difficulties, take it for granted that his difficulties are due to the DIVINE GRACE OF ALLAH. But, when you find a hypocrite in adversities, assume that his difficulties are as a result of the wrath of ALLAH because of the misdeeds he has done in his life.

O Momins, NABI AYUB suffered immensely in his life. His wholebody became diseased due to terrible worms which accumulated in his body.

O Momins, be assured that this was a DIVINE GRACE ­ "RAHEMAT" for AYUB NABI. FIRON opposed Hazarat MOSES therefore FIRON sunk into serious and grave difficulties. His major difficulties arose because FIRON was cursed by the Almighty ALLAH.

O Momins,if any person harms you -KEEP SILENCE. A person who acts in a wrong manner will eventually be ashamed of his bad actions. By your silence and patience you will not lose anything but wrong doers will be disgraced and ashamed badly.

O Momins,keep this Holy Qalam Mubarak as a great treasure in your heart and remember it constantly.

O Momins, avoid anger. Do not be angry on anybody. Extinguish the fire of anger in your heart and be afraid of the wrath of ALLAH.

O Momins, on one occassion a maid servant by her negligence dropped a bowl of hot porridge on the MUBARAK FACE of Hazarat Imam Hussein (A.S.). O Momins, do you know what Imam Hussein (A.S.) did? Hazarat Imam Hussein (A.S.) instantly controlled his anger and offered a most beautiful gift to his maid -the gift he offered her was FREEDOM -she was made AZAD - FREE from slavery.

O Momins,under any circumstances do not be angry. Always keep calm, cool and patience. Have tolerance and you will have satisfaction in your heart. Offer SHUKRANAS- Thanks to Almighty ALLAH. Be assured Almighty ALLAH will remove all your difficulties in your life.

O Momins, bear in mind that your body and mind will experience an immense peace and happiness if you offer SHUKRANAS. Offer thanks to your creator -the Almighty ALLAH. Say SHUKRANAS with each and every breath you take in your life.

O Momins, once your good habit of saying SHUKRANAS to ALLAH is formed -as a result of this all your IBADAT BANDAGI, will be positively accepted by the DIVINE Grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

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