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R. Good Company and Good Friendship Both Praiseworthy

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, if by chance you come across a reliable and good friend and you have had his good company even for a moment you should consider yourself as the most fortunate being. Company of a good friend brings good luck. The company of a good friend achieved even for a moment that moment is a gracious moment. It is the most worthy moment of life.The moment when PAK Qalima is said from the depth of the heart even Kaffir turns as Momin. This moment is the greatest moment. The moment when 'TAWBA" (Repentance) is offered to the Almighty ALLAH from the bottom of the heart, all sins of the lifetime are pardoned by the Merciful Master -the Almighty ALLAH. One of the most unique and the greatest of all moments is the moment when the most sincere love of ALLAH flows from the heart of a Momin. At this unique moment a Momin becomes one with the "DIVINE NOOR" of ALLAH and the Momin achieves emancipation from the Shackles of millions of rebirths (SUBHANALLAH). This is the greatest of all moments.

O Momins, it is of the utmost importance to have a good and trustworthy friend and his good company. If you can have a good friend and his good company you will apparently be saved from bad people and their bad company.

O Momins, if you have achieved the good company of a good friend, you will positively get BARAQATS (FORTUNES) through his friendship and consequently you will not be victimised by the influence of the bad people.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, keep a good friend and His good company. As a result of this, bad influence from your enemies will not affect your life. Bad people and the evils will disappear from you. Devote every moment and dedicate your heart to Almighty ALLAH. The Almighty ALLAH is seated within your heart.

O Momins, an attack by a friend is much more painful. It is unbearable. A friend throwing even a flower on his friend is much more painful than the attack of stones from an enemy. Because a person who throws a flower on his friend is deeply concerned of his friend who threw flowers on him. He seriously thinks that why being a close friend attacked me even with a flower. In the same manner being a Momin if he commits sins (NAFIRMANI OF MOWLA), it is intolerable. It is against the wish of ALLAH. In spite of undesirable actions by the devotee, the Almighty ALLAH -The Merciful, and the Compassionate gives "ROJI" -food even to sinners.

O Momins, associate with your friend in accordance with his spirit of good feelings and LOVE. If he loves you most visit him often and if he does not love you much do not go to him very often.

O Momins, The Almighty ALLAH is the merciful, he is the Compassionate. A devotee performs prayers, but even if he is unable to say his prayers in a perfect manner as desired by the Almighty ALLAH, ALLAH with His Most DIVINE Grace, accepts his prayers generously. So why should you not LOVE the Almighty ALLAH -the Great. He is the Merciful. By chance if you have a good and trustworthy friend give your heart to him. Because your friend will prefer and appreciate it. If he is remembered by you in your heart, your Beloved friend considers your heart as good as his sweet home.

O Momins, your most Beloved and trustworthy friend is the Almighty ALLAH. Keep your heart a sweet Home for your Beloved and trustworthy friend -the Almighty ALLAH. The heart where PAK PARWARDIGAR"ALLAH exists it becomes PURE, DIVINE and GLORIFIED.

O Momins, a heart without the existence of the Almighty ALLAH is nothing but EARTHLY CLAY -which has no significant values.

O Momins, separation is painful. If a brother separates from his brother, it hurts both brothers. Due to the separation their hearts become impaired. uneasiness enters their lives. Feelings of ageing are experienced by them.

O Momins, do not make friendship with a person who breaks or discontinues friendship in a while. Be a good friend of the Almighty ALLAH. ALLAH is always and at all times with you. He is the DIVINE and PURE. He is the RABBAL JALLIL -THE ENLIGHTENER - THE "NOOR" -THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, if you wish your Religious Society to be stronger, then you should be more friendly with your fellow Brothers and Sisters -who are the Lovers of Religion. Do not associate with those who do not have a Love for Religion. Do not keep friendhsip with those who have no "IMAN" -FAITH in Religion. Keep a good friendship with Momins, and associate with them because Momins are like sweet flowers. You will enjoy their association: you will also be greatly benefited in life by their association. Momins will impart you with the Sweet fragrance of Spiritual Flowers -that is the LOVE OF ALLAH AND LOVE OF HIS BELOVED PROPHET RASOOL KARIM (S.A.S.) (ALLAHUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADAN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD). If you will associate with those who have no faith in ALLAH you will not gain Spiritual benefits in Life, on the contrary you will feel bad, and smell undesirable odours of disbeliefs -lack of faith and no love for ALLAH in their lives. It is better for you to associate with Momins -Brothers and Sisters and be on good terms with them. Be friendly and communicate with them to strengthen your Faith. Follow your Religion -join with your fellow brothers and sisters in Religious ceremonies. Advise your fellow Brothers and Sisters to follow up Religion in the same high Spirit. All fellow Brothers and Sisters will watch each others performance of prayers and IBADAT BANDAGI. By such discipline and practices, Religion will flourish day by day.

O Momins, be more friendly with those who are by heart closer to you, you will find increased BARAQATS in your life.

O Momins, always be very very kind to your FATHER, MOTHER, SISTERS AND BROTHERS. Be kind also to your relatives. Help them whenever they need your help. These are the Holy Firman Mubarak of the Almighty ALLAH. The Almighty ALLAH says anything spent for this good cause will be considered as 'NEKI'-act of kindness.

O Momins, also help orphans, needy people and those who seek help from you. Help them with deep feelings and with a generous heart. All your good services in these directions will be considered by the Almighty ALLAH as an act of kindness and ALLAH will reward you immensely. Whatever act of kindness and good services are offered by you to your FATHER and MOTHER will serve as a great asset for you in AKUBAT -The Eternal Life. There are boundless obligations of your Father and Mother on you. You should never forget their obligations. Keep these Holy Qalams in your heart. If you look after your Father and Mother, if you serve them from the bottom of your heart, you will be highly rewarded by the Almighty ALLAH in this world and also you will be glorified in the next world. Your good services to your Father and Mother is an act of kindness. It is your earnings for 'AKUBAT'. It is an Eternal treasure for yourself. Be very very kind to your Father and Mother. Respect them highly. Tomorrow, your son will follow in the same manner. Your good manners and good behaviour will positively reap good fruits for you. Your son will give you love and affection in the same Spirit you have been offering to your Father and Mother. If you will follow whole-heartedly these Holy Qalam Mubarak of "SHAH-E-KAWTHAR" Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) you will gain similar spirited Love, affection and kindness in future from your son. Anyone who gives you good advice is your good friend and a good companion. He is indeed your well wisher. Because you were unaware of the good things of your life and your well wisher showed you the Right Path, he gave you good advice and good teachings, he is indeed your true friend and companion.

O Momins, when anybody shows you a Right Path, it is proof that you have a good companion.

O Momins, if you wish to have the most admirable and the best company in life associate wholeheartedly with the Holy House of AA'LE NABI Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) (ALLAHUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADAN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD).

O Momins, be associated wholeheartedly with the Holy House of AA'LE NABI Rasul Karim (S.A.S.) and you will find the “SIRAT AL MUSTAQEEM".

O Momins, if you have a good friend -an intelligent friend, by your association with him you will also become good and intelligent. An intelligent person likes to associate with an intelligent friend and thereby both can learn and gain knowledge from each other.

O Momins, ALLAH is the most intelligent. ALLAH is the most knowlegable than all the creation. He is the Perfect. If you will LOVE ALLAH and become His true Lover, ALLAH will grace you with his DIVINE BLESSINGS, you will know the mysteries and gain tremendous knowledge.

O Momins, if you wish to have PEACE and HAPPINESS of the heart, if you wish to have cheerfulness in your life meet your fellow Brothersand Sisters.Your heart and soul are with theirs and their hearts and souls are with yours -you are all one and united. When you meet each other be proud, feel happy, feel joy and love them. Love them to such an extent that just as Lovers meet their beloved one's. When a friend meets a friend there is a glowing Light of Love and affection in their eyes. There is a current of happiness in their hearts. There is a smile on their faces. Their hearts broaden. If you become a friend of a good person, maintain this friendship. Keep a lasting friendship for the sake of pleasing Almighty ALLAH. The Almighty ALLAH likes your accepting the friendship of good devoted friends. Look at the good friendship between milk and water. Milk accepts water as a good friend. They are friendly to such an extent that when milk warmed up -milk burns itself up to protect the water. Milk evaporates and extinguishes the fire to save the water from burning. In the same manner a real friend should help his friend at all times. Look at the good Spirit in which water and milk meet. Milk and water mix so well. Love your fellow Brothers and Sisters in a similar Spirit. Help each other at the time of adversity- and behave like TRUE MOMINS. When you are united ALLAH is pleased with you. ALLAH showers His Choicest Blessings upon you. ALLAH also protects you. Therefore strive to achieve this dignity of such fine Spiritual standards. A Pure and Clean Heart is a remedy for curing all inner diseases. Meet your fellow Brothers and Sisters daily and you will experience benefits from the Garden of LOVE, which will be evergreen in your heart. These are the fruits of Brotherly and Sisterly LOVE in your life. This garden will flourish and stay green if it is watered regularly. This would mean you should meet your Brothers and Sisters regularly.

O Momins, if you will say ZIKAR regularly your body, mind and Soul will become highly enlightened with the DIVINE Light of the NOOR of ALLAH.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, intelligence and ability shines in one's life if one whose origin is of a higher category. A crow cannot learn to speak but a parrot can; this is because of the Grace of Almighty ALLAH has been showered upon the parrot. In birds also whose origin and the influences of the past is of high category such birds have intelligence and the ability in their lives. In the same way, the Prophet (S.A.S.) and the Prophet's (S.A.S.) Holy Progeny are the most superior to all human beings.

O Momins, attend all Religous Majalises and listen to the 'ILM' (Knowledge). If you will do so, ignorance and the darkness from your heart will disappear; by your attendance of Religous Majilises, your heart will become PURE and Clean like a mirror. As a result of this purity and cleanliness of heart you will be in a position to visualize the Holy "DIDAR-E-HAQ" -HolyDidar of ALLAH. Consequently your RUHANI will achieve 'ASAL VATAN'. ASAL VATAN is your original Spiritual Destination. O Momins, these are the Holy Qalam Mubarak -Holy Firman of SHAH-E-ISARAR Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) -the Omniscient and the Knowledgable of all the DIVINE MYSTERIES -Please say a Holy Salwaat (ALLAHUMA SALLI ALLAH MUHAMMADAN WA AA'LE MUHAMMAD).

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